Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Day Brandy!

Today my little baby sister, Brandy, turns the big 3 0
I am so lucky to have such amazing sisters!
She is a scrapbooker champion....
I think she takes the photo and has it in a scrapbook within 24 hours... unlike me who has is in the book... oh yeah...never!
She is the best mom to her two boys... Jace and Briggs!
She is married to a real hottie... Ryan!
Their wedding was a wedding on a soap opera.
She is beautiful and talented! My other sister Jody and I donated our singing talent to Brandy. It is better for one sister to sing REALLY well than for three sisters to kindof sing.
Happy Birthday!
30... wow you're old!


Melissa said...

You three are gorgeous!

Mandi said...

You all look so much alike, you're all beautiful! Happy bday to Brandy. I turned 30 this year too, it's a big one.

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how much you all resemble eachother either, all beautiful!

Happy birthday Brandy!

Mindi said...

yo! VIP!! brandi is THIRTY?

that freaks me out a bit.

oh, brandella you hoochie/hooker/hooch!!!!!!!! hb to my favorite carpetmaster (NOT muncher..) in st. george. you look fabulous as usual!

Brandy said...

Amy thanks so much for the little shrine...You are the best I love ya!!