Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Meg's first time in the ocean!
She is now hooked and wants to be a roxy surfer girl or a mermaid!
We like to just call her Mer-Meg!
I think part of her wanted to grow a tail upon entering the ocean...
only, she doesn't call it the ocean, she calls it the sea.
Hang Loose!

Monday, June 29, 2009


For the past week this has been the view from my balcony...
I am home now...sob, sob!
Good-bye... Aloha and hello reality!
I am trying to organize my photos and my sleep deprived, red-eye flight brain.
I will post more about my fabulous week in Maui...soon!
More to come... I have missed you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paws...not claws!

For those of you that don't know me... I am somewhat of a neurotic picker.
When I was little I was a total nail biter... I never had pretty nails...always hurting ones.
I started getting my nails done when I was 15 years old.
That is 23 years ago...
I have acrylic nails longer...
than I have really needed a bra...
than I have been able to drive...
than I have known Caylor...
than I was in school (from pre-school to my bachelor's degree...)
Even right after I was married and we were poor white trash...
I had fake fingernails.
I would clean my sister's house and mop her floor so she would do my nails... I was a creative bargaining- bartering - fake nail addict.
I hold my pen like a complete idiot because of my nails...
violin? No...had fingernails.
Piano? No.. I had fingernails. ( although, I did take for years and years, but never learned the bottom hand)
Every once and a while I would achieve great satisfaction by biting them all off.(Usually during church or a long car drive.)
If there was any amount of lifting I would pry those little suckers off!
My fingers throbbing and my cuticles thrashed... I would head to my nail girl for my fix.
Last week on the way home from St. George, Caylor heard me cracking away at my hands and just rolled his eyes... he knew what was happening.
I was taking off the nails. It was okay because I was going to see Chalyce the next day.
A strange thing happened... I felt liberated! I cancelled my appointment, postponing it for a week. I was torn, because Chalyce is one of my most favorite people on Earth and she is cheap therapy... how am I going to see her? What will become of my life?
I cancelled the next appointment and am kind of freed from acrylic. My hands have stopped throbbing somewhat and the cuticles are kind of healing.
Maybe I don't need nails for medicinal purposes!
I don't know how long this will last... but I have paws instead of claws.
I can type, text, & play my izits game on my itouch.
I can't pick real zits, scrub my hair or tickle .
I was usually a white tip french manicure type girl...
but right now I am sporting black, short, Adam Lambert type nails...and
I love them!
Meg thinks I am a goth because I wear black every day and have black nails.
Maybe I will experiment with white foundation, lots of black liner, and a wardrobe from Hot Topic.... first the hair, then the 20 year high school reunion, and now no nails...
I must be having a mid-life crisis!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new nickname...

As a kid growing up in the 70's I loved watching the re-runs of BEWITCHED!
Samantha and Darrin were the best! I wanted to be Tabitha or at least be named Tabitha! Endora and all the rest of the kooky witches and warlocks made my summer days.
I tend to talk in allusions... brief references to known things.
When I taught school this was a problem, because the kids didn't know the "things" I was referencing... they would look at me like I had 14 heads and then I would have to explain myself.
I have a new nickname... compliments of Margie, Megan, & Brooke Aslett...
I can see my neighbor Margie's house from my front window so I can keep tabs on her.
I would say things like... "I was being Mrs. Kravitz and waited for you to be home before I called"... "or... I saw Brooke and Megan doing blah blah blah"
Not really checking up on them, but as I sit at my computer I look right at their house.
There aren't strange things going on like at the Steven's house...
I have earned the nickname of Gladys.
Even a friend that I met through Margie and her girls calls me Gladys.- in fact, she called me Glitterific Gladys.
It kind of cracks me up.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Peace On Out!

Peace on Out!
I am headed on a mini vacay with my main man!
We are headed to Arizona for his business conference!
He will be in business meetings and I will be here...
My kids are not out of school so Viv has so graciously come to tend!
She has brought an entourage of sisters and cousins...
so... I think a good time will be had by all!
I am jazzed!
The Arizona sun, no kids, an adult pool, a little bit of shopping= HEAVEN!
I am even going to try to hookup with the darling TAMMY while I am in her neck of the woods....
I know I am not a huge daily blogger...but I will be outta here this week!
Peace on Out~!