Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Got Balls?

Tis' the season... for sunflower seeds, hot dogs, sports chairs, freezing games, sweltering games, and homeruns! Yes, it is true is baseball season once again at our house! Last year was crazy because Jacks was playing rec league ( 2 games a week) and Mitch was playing rec league ( 2 games a week) as well as comp ball (1 game during the weekdays and 2 games on Saturdays) . Some weeks we had 7 games! YIKES. It will be better this year- Mitch is only playing comp ball. With a schedule like that no wonder Meg hasn't quite joined any sports teams yet. After two brothers I am okay with her not being an athlete...we'll let her dance. As a baby she didn't wear overalls either or a whole lot of blue. She gets used to taking her blanket and coloring books and barbies to the ball parks around the valley. Last year she said, "Mom, when are we going to have a real dinner- with vegetables?" Baseball season= Spring Cuisine... the value meal at the dog, soda, and a bag of chips. SO HEALTY! I sound like I am complaining... no! I really do like to watch the boys play. Big Daddy is great during baseball seson- he takes them early, sets up camp at the Saturday double headers and tournys, and is their biggest fan. I also love that Caylor's dad is a huge fan too! Sometimes he will travel from St. George just to catch a few of the boy's games. Last year Caylor, Mitch , and Papa went to Cooperstown, N.Y. for MItch to play in a tourny. Those three had a ball and the momories are priceless! So needless to say...we do love it- we'd better because here it is until late July!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2 minutes of your life you will never get back...

I am totally stealing this post idea from Mindi- so all of you that came over from her blog...It's her idea, but I am taking it and making it my own. She got me into this blog thing so she is also helping out in the idea area. I am going to post 5 things you might not know about me... Why am I doing this? Because it is my blog, and I really have some funny things about me that many of you might not know.

#1- My dad is a mortician... I would like to say this is me standing next to the family vacay wagon, but it isn't. My hair isn't red. The fact that my first home was a mortuary, I've ridden in cars with dead bodies, and the first thing my family checks in the newspaper is the obituaries will answer alot of questions about me. It isn't like My Girl or Six Feet Under... It was an normal abnormal part of my life. Someday I'll write a book... there is too much for one little paragraph!

#2- I am not a very good car traveler. I only have about a 6 hour radius of places I'll go in a car. I don't know if it is because I get car sick or just a little keyed up and antsy...Who knows. I was about divorced once over Thanksgiving in Reno. I am worse than most kids in the car and really don't like to take long distance trips in the automobile. When I moved 12 hours from home it widened a bit because I knew it was an awful means to an end.

#3- I taught High School for 10 years. I broke up fights, had drunk students, chaperoned the Jr. Prom...sometimes at the same time. When I started teaching I was only 5 years older than my aide...strange! I taught English and History to 9th and 10th graders. I loved it and sometimes miss is. Now I can't get anyone to listen to me talk about the Russsian Revolution or Shakespeare's sonnets... My students had to pretend to listen- I was giving the grades. I couldn't have taught Elementary School...snot and shoes? NO WAY! Maybe I never really left High School so I had to go back and live the dream some more. Yeah Right! Going back as a teacher is crazy... maybe all of my teachers knew more than I gave them credit for...YIKES!

#4- I love to pick things. When I grow up I want to be an aesthecian- get paid to pick people's zits. I will admit that I have even looked up zit picking on You Tube. My family thinks I am sick and wrong. I have told my middle school aged son that the only reason I had him was to pick his zits when he went through puberty. He still won't let me at them. I know there are some of you that think this is gross, and then there are some of you that are right in my boat- forever looking at people's zits and wondering how you could acidentally bump into their face so you could get the zit on their chin.

#5- I am an adrenaline junkie! I procrastinate and then scramble to get things done. For instance... I am hosting a bridal shower at my house in two days and haven't really thought about what I am doing. I have a few random thoughts and have made a few assignments to those that are helping me, but I will wait until Wednesday night to really think about it and then have to bust a move all day on Thursday to get everything done. I love that I am flaky...hopefully it will turn out and be a smashing success. It is a crap shoot every time- We'll see!

Friday, April 25, 2008

For the Whipped Cream lover in us all...

Here it is... the greatest thing since sliced bread! It is a whipped cream maker/ dispenser! You add whipping cream, powdered sugar, and a little vanilla... put the lid on...slide in the co2 cartridge and Voila... fresh whipped cream at the squeeze of a handle! LOVE IT! VIv got one a few years ago and couldn't figure it out for a while, but when she did...she was a fan! LOVED IT! Mine was a Christmas Gift ( TO: Amy Love: Amy) and I got one for my neighbors, Dean and Paul. They love it too! How great is it to have fresh strawberry shortcake at a moment's notice. It lasts as long as it lasts...meaning you can keepit in the fridge until it's gone! It is as handy as cans of whipped cream, but tastes like real whipped cream ( duh... it is real). I got them at Williams Sonoma and think it is such a fabulous little gadget. You never know when you're going to need a little whipped cream! Hmmmmm? But be careful, because too much whipped cream has the same effect as chocolate...seen here.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for this week:

1. Public School- This week I have had a vacation hangover as well as sick kids. Today is the day all three of my kids go to school for the whole time. I am actually going to unpack my suitcases and start some laundry. Sounds like a lot of fun...but the time has come.

2. My Cousin, Teisha- Yesterday I had the best phone chat with my crazy cousin, Teisha. At one time we were joined at the hip and then life took us different ways...but no matter how long it has been I can still laugh my butt of when I talk to her. She has the most wicked sense of humor and I laughed until my stomach hurt. It was the best little lift in my day!

3. My Nail Babe, Chal- Today I get to be entertained and solve all the problems of the world! I have a nail appointment. I drive to the ends of the Earth ( not so good for Earth Day week), but it is much cheaper than therapy. Chal is a rockstar nail tech, but more importantly she is such a great friend. She cracks me up! She'll be happy because I don't have any broken either...what a good day!

4. A week of vacation with my man- We had such a great time. I have such a fun time when we go anywhere...let alone to a sunny, tropical paradise. It was a fabulous week to just be together...sounds cheezy, but I think it is important to just be together. He is so funny, and charming and just a great time. I was sad when he had to go back to work... I missed him, but daddy's got to bring home the bacon!

5. Fake eyelashes- I know I sound like Shallow Hal, but I love wearing fake eyelashes. Most of the time I just wear the MAC ones, but when I go on vacay and want to look glamorous even in the pool I get the eyelash extensions and they rock. I love not having to wear any other make-up. Who knows maybe I will become a granola...yeah right, like that is going to happen! I love glitter, and glam, and fake too much for that!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Sisters... What on Earth would I do without them? I have the cutest sisters in the whole world- Jody and Brandy! I am the oldest and Jody is 3 1/2 years younger and Brandy is 8 1/2 years younger... so growing up I fought with Jody and tended Brandy. Now... we are all such great friends. They live in the sun and only 3 houses apart...while I love in the snow- ALONE! They call me on speaker phone most mornings while they are on their daily "coke run". When I head south I love just hanging out. We all have quite strong needless to say there is never a dull moment! They have the cutest kids and families. I am so lucky to have such fabulous friends as sisters. I know that sounds so cheezy... but they really are the best!
I love the relationships sisters have...we can kindof disagree or say anything to each other, but if anyone else said ANYTHING we would rip their faces off. I love it! The greatest thing about our family is... not only do we have fun as sisters, but we have a sister-in- law that we love just as much. Mindy is a total babe and I love that we love her! It would be pretty scary marrying the youngest boy in a family of crazy girls, but she holds her own just fine! Sometimes I am sad that Meg only has brothers because she'll never have the sister relationship... I am not sad enough to provide a sister for her, but whatever.

Jody is such a good sport- her boys race quads and she is their #1 fan. She loads up the motorhome and travels to the outer-most reaches of the western United States for races. She is the best room mother, valentine box maker, project thinker in the whole world. Plus she has a killer bod...hate her! Just kidding- I am lucky to have her for my sis!

Brandy is a DOER! She doesn't sit still for long. Ambitious, hardworking, and on the go...that is good because her 2 year old keeps her hoppin'. She is so creative and talented! She is kind and patient and such a good mom- I want to be like her when I grow up!

Mindy is the kindest mom I know! She has brought so much to our family. We have often said that she was our sister...just had to find Brock first! She is tiny, and darling, and so much fun to have around. She is the first to offer to help and always a good time. We are so lucky we had Brock so we could get Mindy!

Kindof a goofy post... but I love my sisters!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am going back...

I wanted to post this really great picture of Caylor and I and our new found Mexican boy. We're going to start dressing in old time Mexican outfits. The funny thing is that it does look a little like Caylor and Jacks. I have been home for 36 hours and I really want to head back south of the border! I got home and Meggie started throwing up and Mitch is home sick today! Calgon...take me away. I am going to meditate (or medicate) myself back to the turqoise water and white beaches... to where Jose would come poolside and serve Pina Coladas and chips. Why...oh why does vacation have to end?

Monday, April 21, 2008


I had to come home...why? What an amazing week! I think I need to teach Meg how to weave bracelets and we're moving to Mexico! All I can say is that we had such a great time! I am sorry to scar some of you with photos of me in a bathing suit...but here are some of the highlights! We toured Chichen great! Remember... I am a history nerd so I loved this! I am amazed at how advanced this Mayan Civilization was! Also... went snorkling- chummed the fish- not so good. The ocean is was so beautiful and the sand so white and soft...but I must say I spent most of my time at the pools ( they were only 30 feet from the water so it was still the same). The resort was fantastick, the food so-so ( it's Mexico and I am a freak), the spa and the 3 hours worth of massages I had were so relaxing, I even worked out because the view from the treadmill was so great! All in all it was a perfect week and I am sad to be back in the real world. We woke up Sunday morning and thought we should have just had the sitters send the kids on the next flight and stayed a little longer. It was a great retreat and I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Doing nothing at all is HARD WORK!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

All I Have To Say Is...

Adios... It is time for mama to shake her maracas!
For all those creepy people... there is a huge bodybuilder, pro-wrestler, bouncer, bodyguard watching my house and kids! For everyone else.. have a great spring where ever you are! I am going to white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters! Yeah!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Everyone Needs To Know Becky!

I was stalking my blogging buddy, Holly's blog and she was asking for suggestions for a great read. I love to read so I wanted to help her out with a few ideas... I got to thinking about what I could recommend and let me tell you- I remembered the greatest book series ever! (Sorry Twilight lovers) The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella is the best. There are five hilarious books and I am sad that I have already read them all twice, because I wish I could just be meeting Becky now for the first time! Sophie Kinsella is British and so they all have a little "Bridget Jones humor" to them...but better! I tend to be somewhat of a spender myself and also a I understood Becky's predicaments. This isn't some deep, problem solving read...NO WAY! It is one step away from watching Friends or Will & Grace on TV- Not a heavy read, but very very very entertaining. I have actually been driving down the road and thought about one of Becky's adventures or problems and laughed out loud. I have a spending friend that said she read several in a weekend and found it to be quite theraputic for her own shopping problem. It is such a funny series and something perfect for vacation or summer or whatever! I am looking for something great to read... anymore ideas out there in the blogosphere?

Dream On...

It's true... I had the most awesome dream that my house was spotlessly clean and ready for the weekend rush! I woke to find a nightmare! So... I need to get off the computer and get with the cleaning. I wish I had something really pressing that would take me away from all of this... TOO bad!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

* I am so glad that The Office is back by popular demand! I have really missed Michael Scott and his lawsuit waiting to happen comments and antics. This is seriously the greatest show ever! I always want CJD to try some of the things at his office. It is good that his brother works there too... I don't think he would sue!

* I am so thankful for my grandma Connie... She came to my house with my sister for the first time in a year and a half ( because my grandpa had been so sick) It was so good to have her here! I just love her- she is such a young fun grandma! She has quilting friends that call themselves " The ladies of the Evening" because they quilt all night. She is the BEST!

* I am so thankful for books. I know this sounds like a total nerd alert, but I LOVE TO READ! I am trying to compile my list of all time favorite many titles!

* I am so glad I have a little friend, Meggie! I will be so sad when she goes to school all day! We just hang out and laugh and have a good time. She is getting social so now she would rather play with friends than hang with me, but I do enjoy my little shadow. We have laughed and said that she is the best little shopper, lunch goer, and mini- adult in town.

* I likey Self-tanner and shimmer lotion- As I think about taking this big white body to Mexico I am glad to know that I will have a little bit of CAMO in self tanner and shimmer lotion. I know that fat looks better tan... so with a few tanning bed sessions and a little bronzing lotion I should be good to go!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mindi's Free Stuff!

This too can be yours if.... she picks your name!

Because I don't know if she'll like my essay or if my $20.00 check will clear, I am promoting my pal Mindi's give away. So.... go here and leave a comment and maybe...just maybe you'll win. I guess this is kindof messed up, because if you add your name to the pot then my chances of winning go down- but oh well! Leave a comment, plus just read her will crack you up!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I am just warning about the terrible side effects of the thing we all love the most... CHOCOLATE. There has been a new study out and it talks about what can happento you if you eat too much chocolate.... It is not the same old warning. It is new and says...
You'll Get...

Small Feet!

I love wearing a size 6!

( o.k. sorry if I offended any of you in the blogosphere...but I had to post this because I have laughed my butt off for two days)

Nim's Island...

Everyone is giving a re-cap on their fabulous I am going to share a little about mine. Saturday morning my boys went skiing and Meg and I went to Nim's Island. What a cute movie. As I read the reviews I wondered if I saw the same movie they did. Abigail Breslin is so cute and I loved Jodie Foster as well...the bonus being Gerard Butler as two characters. Anyway... I don't think it will win the Academy Award, but it was a cute family movie. I liked it, Meggie liked it and all was well. After we got out of the movie Meggie turned to me and said, "That movie was FANTASTIC!" Don't read the reviews, just go! It is one I will probably buy.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I like...

I like it when we laugh so hard... for no reason at all

I like the way you call my name in the morning before you'll get out of your bed.

I like it when you want to go to Chevron for a treat...just us.

I like it when you say, " I just love you so much."

I like it when you've got a great sense of humor!

I like it when you read to me!

I like it how you all look alike, but all look different at the same time.

I like it when you hug so hard it is going to "stweeze my duts out"

I like it when we work together!

I like it when you are kind to each other!

I like it when we watch a movie and eat popcorn and M&Ms

I like it when we hold hands.

I like it when you all get dressed for church and look so nice!

I like it when we all remember how much we love each other!

I like you!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

I have only got 10 minutes left, but I wanted to post all the things I am thankful for today!
* My Boot-Camp buddies- we had such a fun b-day lunch yesterday... I love the friendships that have developed over blood, sweat, and tears- but mostly sweat! These babes really have made "the hardest thing I have ever done" fun! Thanks for all your motivation!

* A hard working husband... I am glad "Big Daddy" loves his job, is good at his job, and makes it so I don't have to have a job. His hard work makes all our dreams a possibility!

* I am thankful for my three good kids. They are like most siblings that fight and torment each other most of the time... but last night Mitch sat down and read with Meg for 1/2 hour. They were so cute with each other!

* XM Radio- Today I had a million errands to run... it felt like I was in my car forever. I love listening to XM radio! I am actually on top of music that my oldest son likes... I haven't listened to a CD in ages and I know all the words to the 20 on 20- "It's all good"

* My Neighobrs- I love my neighbors- Dean and Paul. They are the best! They take care of me when my man is out of town, they invite us to fun parties, they loan me sugar or eggs if I need them, they recommend great books to read, they sent flowers when my grandpa died, they are fun and I am glad they moved in next door!

* I am especially thankful that the writer's strike is over and TV is going to be back on! Sorry kids, no homework help... mommy is watching the boob-tube! ( just kidding... but my DVR is going to be running wild)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Today is the day I have been waiting for...well, one of them anyways! I got my new bedroom furniture! I am so excited about it! The headboard is 6'3"... I LOVE it! I was a little sad, because the armoire was damamged and I have to wait for another one to arrive. It is about time! I have had the total early marriage bedroom set for about 13 years now... yes, you guessed it the Broyhill Fontana. If you are wondering what that is... either watch " Everybody loves Raymond" or better yet, call one of your friends that got married 1991-1995 and at least three of them will have it. It was a good thing while it lasted... but I am so happy with this new one! I even like my bedding again! My man wasn't so happy about buying new furniture, but I can happily say we don't need any other furniture for our house ( well, that is until we finish the rest of the basement). He is sooo good to put up with me! Anyway...HIP HIP HOORAY!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools...

There are so many reasons why I love my middle son, Jacks! Today's reason is because he has a goofy little personality that loves jokes and to have a good time. April Fool's Day is the perfect holiday for him. He woke up totally excited to do pranks and practical jokes all day long! The only problems is... he didn't think about it until about 8:15 this morning. We scrambled and gathered and came up with the "Dancing Dollar"( a dollar bill taped to a string), and the trusty old "Fart Machine". I sure wish he put as much effort into getting his homework done, or cleaning his room. I guess all that was important today was "all the great things to do with a fart machine" I am sure his teacher was ready to choke him by the end of the day, but as he got in the car after school he said, "It was the best day ever!" I am sure Jim Carey was quite a handful in school too- maybe Jacks can use his comedic energy to make Gazillions one day! Let's just hope.