Monday, January 26, 2009

Brought to you by the letter...

Tanja played a new game on her blog... I decided I wanted to play along, and she assigned me the letter M. Now, this is going to sound so dumb, but M is one of my favorite letters in the alphabet. I love the way it looks... So here is a little bit about Moi... according to the letter M.

1. My first home was a Mortuary...yes, you heard me right. As a new baby I was taken from the hospital to the mortuary because that is where we lived. My dad is a Mortician... it answers a lot of questions!

2. My Man- Caylor is the best ever... I love him Madly! Calling him "my man" is something a crazy little friend of mine started and we all followed suit. That crazy little friend is mentioned below.

3. Mitch- My oldest son. Loved the name Mitchell when I read the book, "The Firm". He is a great boy... smart, funny, handsome, athletic, and just an all around good kid!

4. my Middle boy, Jacks- I couldn't go on and on about my other M kids without mentioning Jackson. He is such a sweet boy!He is my little giant...TALL and skinny. He is a huge help and just a funny, great kid!

5. Meg- Meggie is the little princess that runs this house! She is independant, smart, darling, and always a little sassafrass! I was so excited to have a girl and she was worth the wait.

6. I love being a MoM- I am lucky to be able to stay home with my kids. Somedays are challenging, but I've got the best job in the world!! ( Cheezy... I know!)

7. my MoM- I know I talk alot about Viv, but you've just got to know that she is the absolute BEST! I am headed to St. George this week for a little bit of PARTYtime... I just can't wait, my mom rocks!

8. Money- Not so much earning it, more interested in spending it! I really love to shop! In my next life I am going to come back filthy rich!

9. Milk Chocolate- I am a lover of milk chocolate...none of that bittersweet or semi sweet junk. I also like mocha... basically I like anything that is really sweet, has lots of calories, and not good for you!

10. Memories- One of the basic needs and highest priorities in my life is having fun. It can be a huge personality flaw or just a good time, depending upon the time, place, and who is involved! Making fun memories is something I think should be mandatory each day!

** Here are a few other things I love that start with the letter M... Mac Make-up, MOVIES, Mindi, Monica, More of something great!

This is a M pillow on Meg's bed...LOVE IT, It was the what inspired me to do her room in black,cream, cheetah, and sassafrass.

Have a MARVELOUS day!
If you want to play along...just fill in the info below and I will leave "your"letter as a comment on your blog!

Great Mail from a Creative Genius!

I get by with a little help & a really cute valentine pin cusion from my friends.
Blogging is such a great thing! Sherry from Creations from My Heart sent me the cutest little valentine thank-you gift today. It made my whole week! Before Christmas I sent her part of an apron pattern she had lost and she sent it back with a cute little prize. She is so talented and SOOOO creative. What a gem, what a pearl! Thanks, Sherry- I LOVED IT!
The pin cusion is so dang cute, but Sherry is the queen of presentation... It came all wrapped in pink tissue paper and in a matching gift bag! I love this girl!
Anyone who says blogging doesn't pay doesn't know the great people I 've met in the blogosphere... My blogging Buddies are the best!

Friday, January 23, 2009

This is How I feel most days... The Mom song!

The Mom Song!
I know this has been around the blog a time or two, but I thought it was so dang funny. I especially loved it when my sister, Jody, called singing it. Her version might have been rated PG-13. This is how I feel most days...enjoy it and have a great weekend! Thanks to Tammy for the hook-up on the mad video skills...she's a keeper!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Is this something to celebrate or what? I totally lucked out today and scored lunch with Kami! I had met her one other time, but have been a huge fan of her blog... her cute little kids... her magazine star quality, but most importantly...HER! We had a great time just laughing and chatting... She is so dang cute and such a sweet, fun person to talk to!
Blogging has allowed me to meet so many new friends... some I have met in real life and others that are really old ,weird men that are preying on the young, hot, innocent mothers that are longing for friendship and comments from Mindi -just in the computer or maybe just in my own mind. Whatever... I am glad I blog and I am glad to have met some amazing people...
Thanks Kami for the great lunch date... let's do it again!
p.s. did you notice my striking? Again... thanks to blogging friends to show me the cool things available in the blogosphere.
p.s.s if that doesn't make sense...sorry- I have taken a tylenol PM so I should be going to bed instead of trying to type.

Thankful Thursday...

This week this is what I am thankful for...
1. Tammy has a cute "Thankful Thursday" thing that I stole... being thankful is a good thing, and being thankful while looking cute is a great thing... thanks, Tammy!
2. I am thankful to live in a country where the position of President is transferred with pomp and circumstance, not bullets and blood shed.
3. I am thankful that I was born with really thick hair, because I am loosing it at an alarming rate... It is good I had three heads full to begin with... I am down to just one.
4. I am thankful for friends, both real live ones, and blogging ones that help me get by with both my real life & my blogging blunders.
5. I am thankful for Caylor and how hard he works... I know I am so lucky to be able to stay home...
6. I am thankful for MAC make-up...going to Nordstrom today... YAHOO!
7. I am thankful for all the great things in my life... I have many reasons to

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday...WOW! What a day. Now, remember a few things... * I am a history major (aka major history nerd) * I don't want to get all political on my blog * I am a media junkie!
Add those things together and it makes yesterday a GREAT day.
There are a few things I know for sure...
I was a witness to history...
I couldn't turn the TV off... even watching and hearing the same things over and over again.
George W. Bush slept better last night than he has in 8 years!
President and Laura Bush were very regal...left proud.
The crowd sucked towards Pres. Bush!
Barack and Michelle Obama were amazing!
I can't help but wonder why anyone would really want this job...

Loved watching them at the Inaugural Balls... I think they are perfect for each other!

Can these two be any cuter? I loved the matching coats and scarves...
It cracked me up how everyone was so impressed that they were very affordable from J. Crew... Part of me wanted them to be totally decked out... their dad is being sworn in as the leader of the free world for heaven's sake! I wanted fur and diamonds...yeah- right!
My friend Kamari's little boy Max heard their ages and said, " Mom, I could date the President's daughters!" If there is one thing that Barack Obama has shown... it is
Good Luck, Max!
Meg and I were talking about how little Sasha Obama is her same age... Meg said, " Wow, She is my age and she lives in the White House! Her dad is the President of the United States! I think my dad should try-out for that job!"
No Thanks, Meg!
We like to live the quiet normal little life we live!
I can tell from the last Obama post I did there aren't many fans... ( 5 comments that day), but history was made, change can be good, and Michelle Obama's clothes were great!
That is political as I will get for a long long time...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends!

My total blesbian stalkee friend Tanja just showed me how to do the what I really think, but am a little nervous to actually say it out loud strike-out trick. She is a babe! Thanks... now if someone would tell me how to get something off U-tube and be able to put it right in a post that would be greatly appreciated. Remember... to talk slow and give lots of directions because I am a freakin' idiot little bit challenged in the computer smarts department. Also, I am wandering how to be so cute and add the little hearts, as in shapes, to my post...

P.S. If there are any other cool tips and secrets you can reveal about the wonderful world of blog... hook me up! oh...yeah...where do you get all those really great ways to change pictures and stuff. I am so clueless!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I can't wait to watch this week's festivities...

I can't wait to watch the festivities surrounding the inauguration of Barack Obama
It is going to be Kennedy-like glam... Hollywood meets Washington!
Yesterday, I watched the We Are One Inauguration Celebration from the Lincoln Memorial... AMAZING. I think Sundance is taking a huge hit on star power this year because anyone who's anyone is in Washington DC. I think this is going to be a good thing... I haven't wanted to get political on my blog and I don't really want to now.. I just think this week is going to be history in the making... and remember I am a history nerd!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I love it... but I hate it!

I am involved in a love hate relationship: My laundry room... I love it, but I hate it! Last week Tammy posted the question about laundry rooms, front load washer and dryers, etc. My laundry room is one of my favorite in my house... yet the one I hate the most! When I was building my house I was certain I needed a big laundry/work station/etc... Now it isn't Mindi's gigantic laundry room/craftroom/20X20 masterpiece... but it is more than a closet. The problem with having it bigger than a closet can become a mess that is much larger than a closet. In fact, Tammy inspired me to clean it up and blog about it. Caylor came home from work yesterday and walked in the laundry room and then walked out with a dazed look on his face...he said, "Amy, did you know there were two counter-tops in the laundry room?" VERY FUNNY! Let's just say I just cleaned up the explosion called Christmas.
I love my Costco clothes bins... I actually had my cabinets built around them. I have two sets, one on each side of my washer & dryer... The cabinet builder thought I was a crack-head when I brought them to his shop to be measured so they would for sure fit UNDER the counter-top.
When I decided to do a blog I was wondering what to call it... I was doing laundry and BAM- inspiration struck! I have the vinyl lettering "A little of this & a little of that" above my washer and dryer... TADA- My blog is named! It is a good thing there is some inspiration happening in there because laundry has a hard time happening.

Here is one of my favorite things about my laundry room... anyone who is a ribbon whore, I mean someone who likes ribbon, needs one of these little babies! It is the ribbon holder from ROD WORKS. Best money I have ever spent... I have just taken all my Christmas ribbon off and added my everyday ribbon. It can hold like 45 spools of ribbon. AMAZING! This was a crazy little tour around the room I love, yet hate in my house. When it is clean and laundry free...LOVE IT! When it is "loaded" I hate it...but the good things is- there is a door and I can just walk out, turn off the light and shut it out from the rest of the world. The bad things is... this happens too often.
Here is my question to you... Do you have a love/hate realtionship going on with something in your house... if so... do share! Let it out!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today I wanted to celebrate friendship!
Yesterday was a day filled with friendship! Collette and I snuck out during the middle of the day and went to the matinee of Bride Wars....medium show...great company!
Then last night Tonia threw a late birthday party for ME!
We started at Rooster's...a yummy place to eat!
Bobbie, Collette, Tonia, & Lori were there.
This time it was great food & great company!
Tonia made all of us beautiful cupcakes... she gave me a glitterific cake plate and dome & a fabulous zebra high heel cake server!
Oh.. yeah and everything had my "word" on it...CELEBRATE
We went to Tonia's house and watched The Women, ate Cutler's cookies, and partied into the late late hours.
Everyone needs a friend like Tonia in their life!
She is one of the most beautiful people I know... INSIDE & OUT!
Thanks to everyone that came and helped celebrate my birthday...AGAIN!
You really are the best and add so much to my life.
for all you bloggin' buddies...
Thanks for welcoming me back to the blogoshere with open arm...but more importantly comments and emails.
Let's all get together and meet in real life... or see each other again!
You have been such a great thing in my life this year!
Thanks... I celebrate YOU!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am on the road again...

A million errands...
Even a list from Caylor.
I am on the road again...
I guess it is my office.
Thank goodness for XM!
I was driving down the road today
Thinking about a million different things...
The things I needed to accomplish,
What to make for dinner,
My project 365-
and then suddenly...
I remembered a picture I saw on someone's blog
that was of them in their car
showing the road and them in the rear view mirror...
Grabbed the camera
And took the shot.
Now I look a little mean in the photo-
I wasn't!
I was just trying to get the picture taken without
killing myself or someone else.
It is a good thing my office phone wasn't ringing at the time.
( Really I was stopped for a second...)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just to keep me on task...

I am a little flighty! I like the idea of doing something and then I get bored when that "thing" looses it's luster... I really want to do the project I am posting my weeks for a minute or two until it becomes a habit. Here is week #2. I have followed through for 11 days now and a habit is supposedly made in 15. ( I think it is a record..yes, I am that dingy)

Some of the highlights of my week were: Having lunch with two friends for my birthday, seeing the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and just hanging out with my real agenda. I think this project is going to be a good way to stop, notice, and celebrate. Similar to stop, drop, and roll...but without the fire. I am sure you could probably care less about my silly little week, but you're keeping me on the straight and narrow... I will stick with it!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Now I can be organized...

This was my Merry Christmas to Amy.
Just before Thanksgiving I saw the greatest magnet/dry erase/calender and I wanted one so bad. The girl that had it said she got it from Ala' Board... & I was on a quest to have one. I found the website... but was a little dismayed that it was $189.00. I don't know if I could embezzle that kind of money right before Christmas for a calender. I set off trying to figure it out. I have to say right here that I hate it when people try to Relief Society everything ( ya know, make it themselves instead of just couging up the money for the real one that is cute)... I know the creators of Ala Board are the masters and creators of this...but, I just didn't have the mulah to buy one of theirs and I was interested in instant graitification.
This is my finished product. The month and dates are magnets...and it is a dry erase board. It probably isn't as great as the one from Ala' Board, but heck it was a lot cheaper and a little more I added a little bit of glitter. Everything is better/cuter/fancier with glitter. Mine is 18 X 24 plus the frame and fits perfectly in my pantry. My sister, Brandy, and I made some for Christmas gifts and they were a hit! I gave one to my friend, Collette, for her birthday/Christmas and she loved it too. I guess it was a successful project.
Now.. there is no excuse for me to be unorganized... oh yeah, except for the fact that I am a dingbat and don't look at the calender... or forget to write it down...or just forget altogether.
But, at least the calender is cute!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


For about a month now I have been pondering 2009...
A bit ago my idol, Tanja, explained how her word for 2008 was "Be" and how she was trying to think of a new word for 2009.
I Love Words and so I was intrigued... I am usually not a New Years Resolution kind of girl...well because, I don't keep them...or I say something silly like " My New Years Resolution is to be as fat as possible next year at this time !" or I say something I already do so I can mark it off.
I began thinking what word I could adopt and make part of bettering my world for 2009.
Here it is:
It is not something that is a stretch...
I am interpreting it to fit my life...
It is a major importance in my happiness...
It could make my life easier...or just a lot more fun!
it is:

Part of Speech:
1. To mark (a day or an event or even person) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing.
commemorate, keep, observe, solemnize
2. To show joyful satisfaction in an event, especially by merrymaking.
rejoice, revel
3. To pay tribute or homage to.
acclaim, eulogize, exalt, extol, glorify, hail, laud, magnify, praise
This year I want to celebrate...
My Life
Husband, Kids, Family, Duties, Blessings,
Friends, Relationships, Hobbies, Talents...
My World!
Thanks Tanja for the inspiration to choose a direction. I usually try to have Fun in my life..but this is different. I want it to be even more than just fun... I love all the synonyms...
I think I love this word!
p.s. Laurie over at Tip Junkie is having a really great give-away associated with 2009 words... there are many fun words to read and think about...check it out here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Own Project 365...well kindof

I need it stated for the record that I am not a scrapbooker!
But... when I read about this on Tammy's blog something clicked in my head. I though this would be a great way to practice taking better pictures, document my family for a year, be creative, and be able to look back on 2009 and appreciate all I have.
I was pumped and committed...
They sold out in the first 35 seconds!
But... I was still pumped and I decided to do it myself.
Now it probably won't be as cute... or as easy... and I won't get the darling storage boxes to use for other things later.... But I did it for the first 4 days in January.
I only have 11 more before it is a habit, right?

Here is my little version. I am going to change up the layout each month...
It was pretty fun to do, although my man laughed at me for wanting to take a photo everyday...but he did take the one of he and Mitch at the ski resort. Maybe this will a family thing. Hopefully I can keep it up. If I do... I will post next weeks pages to show how a full week will look.
Wish me Luck!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Eve 2008-

New Years Eve 2008...
Steve & Kamari Kemp are the amazing New Years Eve party throwers of all time. Steve always gets the creative juices flowing and rocks in the New Year. Some of his creations have been discos, Survivor, Fear Factor, The Amazing Race, etc...etc...
It used to be just the adults rockin in the New Year...basically because we've hung out forever or all had little kids that we could ditch. Then there were a few years taken off because the kiddos were getting bigger and didn't want to go to Grandmas again for New Years Eve.
( Or the Grandmas didn't want them for New Years Eve)
2008 was the year of the Reunion New Years Eve tour...
Last week we all got Ticketmaster envelopes containing our "tickets" to party.
( We were even told... "No Ticket...No Party!" )
When we entered the venue... the first stop was the t-shirt counter. Since we were all VIP's we got a complementary T-Shirt. It said the B & P Reunion Tour 2008. We were all reuniting for New Years Eve...hence Reunion Tour! Here is Mitch posing for the paparazzi wearing the new look of the tour! I though this was a party, not a gun show!
The other attractions were:
Metallica Try-outs in the downstairs arena
(Rock-band on the big screen)
The Rave ( minus the "E") out in the blue light special room
( The garage with with blue lights, loud music, & glow sticks...truly a kid pleaser)
( The hot-tub outside)
Plus we played a friendly game of Family Feud and had a ton of yummy eats!

This is a pic of all of the groupies! What started out as a few friends rockin' in the New Year turned into a whole lot of kids and those same friends that will never grow up!
You've never partied until you have partied with this bunch...
Until Next Year!
Meggie and some of the other kids chillaxin in REHAB!
Jackson and Russ showin' off some rockin' bling!
Thanks Kemps for the best New Years Eve ever...
well since we all got responsible!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Why it is good to know people that know people... RBC ROCKS!

This is the man of the hour... RBC! He is the ultimate hook-up for a Las Vegas birthday. ( My birthday just happened to fall on the date that this little adventure was planned...he didn't do it all for my birthday...just a coincidence)
Our first stop was at the Mac counter so all the gals could get all hooched up for a night in Vegas... everyone had fake eyelashes and were looking great!
We started the party off at Tony & Tina's Wedding... a show at the Rio. It was like we were all guests at this big Italian wedding... Russ even hooked us up with a VIP table so we got bubbles and champagne... we traded it up for diet coke and all was well. The cast got wind of that and couldn't get enough of the fact that we were Mormons. By the end of the night Tina's mom said she was now a Mormon. I think Jared converted her...those pics will have to come later.

As we walked out of the wedding... Russ told us our ride was here... He hooked up a stretch Escolade Limo for our riding pleasure for the rest of the night. We were so excited... really a bunch of dorks on Prom Night!

Lots of flashes going inside the Limo... not so many outside. The paparazzi must have been riding with us.

We were even drinking the hard stuff... it was fully stocked with Diet Coke and Cider... Jared wondered if the Cider came from the Dicken's Festival... Mindi posing with the drink of choice.

We were checking out the sunroof...

Caylor even had an i-pod cord and he and Mindi were trying to get the i-pod jammin... no luck. Mindi had made a play list of inside joke songs and favorite sing-alongs. The only part of the night that didn't pan out perfectly!

Kamari and Steve Kemp... Colby and Kristen Cowan- always a good time!

Caylor had his party on face!

The Limo even had roses for the girls...
The one and only limo pose... once in a lifetime!

My man and I at the Wynn
After the Wynn we went to New York, New York to the dueling piano bar. We rocked out there for over an hour ...the people we saw...WOW!
It was such a fun night... good friends, good entertainment, good times!
Thanks to all of our St. George Pals for letting us join in on the party!
You guys really are the best!