Monday, January 26, 2009

Brought to you by the letter...

Tanja played a new game on her blog... I decided I wanted to play along, and she assigned me the letter M. Now, this is going to sound so dumb, but M is one of my favorite letters in the alphabet. I love the way it looks... So here is a little bit about Moi... according to the letter M.

1. My first home was a Mortuary...yes, you heard me right. As a new baby I was taken from the hospital to the mortuary because that is where we lived. My dad is a Mortician... it answers a lot of questions!

2. My Man- Caylor is the best ever... I love him Madly! Calling him "my man" is something a crazy little friend of mine started and we all followed suit. That crazy little friend is mentioned below.

3. Mitch- My oldest son. Loved the name Mitchell when I read the book, "The Firm". He is a great boy... smart, funny, handsome, athletic, and just an all around good kid!

4. my Middle boy, Jacks- I couldn't go on and on about my other M kids without mentioning Jackson. He is such a sweet boy!He is my little giant...TALL and skinny. He is a huge help and just a funny, great kid!

5. Meg- Meggie is the little princess that runs this house! She is independant, smart, darling, and always a little sassafrass! I was so excited to have a girl and she was worth the wait.

6. I love being a MoM- I am lucky to be able to stay home with my kids. Somedays are challenging, but I've got the best job in the world!! ( Cheezy... I know!)

7. my MoM- I know I talk alot about Viv, but you've just got to know that she is the absolute BEST! I am headed to St. George this week for a little bit of PARTYtime... I just can't wait, my mom rocks!

8. Money- Not so much earning it, more interested in spending it! I really love to shop! In my next life I am going to come back filthy rich!

9. Milk Chocolate- I am a lover of milk chocolate...none of that bittersweet or semi sweet junk. I also like mocha... basically I like anything that is really sweet, has lots of calories, and not good for you!

10. Memories- One of the basic needs and highest priorities in my life is having fun. It can be a huge personality flaw or just a good time, depending upon the time, place, and who is involved! Making fun memories is something I think should be mandatory each day!

** Here are a few other things I love that start with the letter M... Mac Make-up, MOVIES, Mindi, Monica, More of something great!

This is a M pillow on Meg's bed...LOVE IT, It was the what inspired me to do her room in black,cream, cheetah, and sassafrass.

Have a MARVELOUS day!
If you want to play along...just fill in the info below and I will leave "your"letter as a comment on your blog!


da Bergs said...

LOVE your M's... and it was almost like cheating that you got M's... M's for all your sweet children... for MoM... etc... and love the animal printed M's!

Mindi said...

I LOVE YOU MORE than the letter m. but glad to see that i was on the list. i was starting to get worried.....

party in 2 days!!

Mandi said...

M would be easy for me to do, especially since my name is Mandi. I agreed with a lot on your list, especially the shopping, mocha, milk chocolate, and memories! I need that animal print pillow off your daughter's bed! Did you make it? It is a good thing I didn't have a girl. I would be completely broke from buying her "pretties" I am bad enough with 2 boys!

tammy said...

That was a little too easy for you. I demand you get a harder letter. Love Meggie's bed.

Tanja said...

That's was magnificicent and I am so ready to make some memories and celebrate with you and Mindi! Mmuuaaawwhh.

tiburon said...

I played along on a tag from Tanja - I still linkied though because you were linked in my post.

Is that confusing?

Vanessa said...

And I look forward to the release of your book: "My life as a Mortician's daughter." It will be the #1 on the Best Sellers list.

queenbee4 said...

I agree with Tammy... did ya see my letter?

Totally not fair.

Kelle said...

I love looking at your blog. You have so many cute things on there. This is where I first started keeping up with you and also now on facebook. It is so great and your kids are dang cute.

Over The Tipsy Top Design said...

Hey, I heard that I am hosting a BLOGGER party at my house!!!! I ran into Veronica last night at the Miss Syracuse committee meeting. She informed me I was hosting the gig!! Can't wait let me know the day and maybe it will inspire me to blog again!!!

Oh, what shall I serve......?

Love ya, Tipsy Girl Tonia

P.S. Love your blog, so cute!!

Michelle said...

Love your M's list. Fun idea. I'm liking your new blog background. I haven't been on your blog in weeks since I'm working around the clock doing taxes. Take care!

The Patrona said...

Where is the "M" for Chalyce-Marchae, my legal name? No love.

Cole said...

Marvelous, absolutely marvelous! Of course I'll play along, I'm easy......shh don't tell.