Monday, October 18, 2010

MorE WTtcHy GOoDneSs...

When I tell you that I come from a family full of witches... you have NO idea!
Thursday night we all donned our witchiest ware...
and headed to a Witches Night Out sale at a St. George boutique.
Krumpets Home Decor was the place...
and witches was what we found. The store had a costume contest and had hired the next door neighbor photography studio to take pics of all the contestants.
We put a spell on the photographer to take a few group shots as well.
Top row: Viv, Me, Carmen Snow, Neva Demille
bottom row: Jody, Meg, Brandy
Carmen is my sister Jody's mother in law and Neva is her friend.
We had room for all!
We had such a great time... shopping and shopping and cackling and cackling...
Here are our individual shots!

Me... I had the same old costume as last week.

Meg- She decided at the last minute to join in the witchy tradition so we threw together a Halloween shirt and a mini-skirt. She had a darling hat and Halloween ribbon helped out as well... INSTANT COSTUME!

Here is the MOTHER of all WITCHES... Viv!
She is the Queen of Halloween!

Brandy was the costume winner in the "Bad Witch" category.
She won a $50.00 gift certificate.
She looked awesome in a little black skirt and a red and black corset...
I think she really won for "Naughty Witch"... there was nothing evil about her...
Just a little nasty!
Jody and her Hocus Pocus witches costume...
She was the true costumer that night... She found most everyone's costumes for them.
She is also the Queen of Halloween costumes...
She has been Wonder Woman, A flapper, a Witch, etc. etc..
The amazing thing about her is that she makes fabulous coordinating costumes for her entire family... all theme related and matchy.
She is amazing!

This is Carmen Snow, Jody's mother in law.
She is one of the most glamorous women I know.. even as a witch...
She was the "Most Glamorous Witch" winner.
After shopping around at Krumpets... we took our witchfest on the road...
We ended up at Olive Garden for little bite to eat.
People were amazed at our costumes and all sorts of people
(from Senior Games athletes from Brazil to little kids)
wanted to have a picture taken with us.
I now know what it feels like to be Cinderella at Disneyland... JUST KIDDING!
It was such a fun night...
I am so lucky to have such an amazing mother and sisters...
I have never cackled so much!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Witches' Brew... on TV?

At the end of the witches' brew the other night we got a special warlock visitor...
Darrin Adams, host of KSL's Studio 5, dropped in for some Halloween fun.
He came in, hung out and visited with some of the witches...
I thought he just came over because a friend of his was invited and told him to swing by.
He had his camera and took pictures, but I didn't know he would talk about it on his show.
Imagine my surprise when I heard my little witches' brew made the local TV.

It was a fun little surprise... Hope you enjoy a little glimpse of the brew...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Witchapalooza 2010...

Saturday Night was my
Witches' Brew!
It was so great!
I was thrilled with all the effort my witchy little friends put forth!
We had pink witches, warty witches, school girl witches,
good ones, bad ones, and just plain old fabulous witches!
I stole some photos off of Kami's blog...
( where I am a guest today... hip hip hooray)
and I will post longer later...
Here are just a few little snaps of the festivities...
Here I am at my witchy best...
My entryway... welcoming all witches... dressed like witches, that is.
What's a witches' brew without some witches' brew?
We had yucky straws... and cute cups!
Drinks always taste better out of a cute cup!
Even if there is a spider on the straw... witches like that!

Lots of fun food was served... thanks again to all the witches for their fabulous potions!
It was such a "spooktacular" night!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October... Bring it ON!

OCtoBeR is here...
October is my very most favorite month of the year...
Yes, even more than December!
The weather is FABULOUS!
The fall scenery is AMAZING!
The fall tasting good is DELICIOUS!
Halloween is so FUN!
What is there not to love?
With the crazy in my life ... I was a little slow getting up my fall decor...
It is done- FINALLY!
It is pretty much like it was last year,
with a few little changes and additions here and there.
When I was little my mom had some Halloween pictures we would hang on our big front window.
We also had the gauzey ghost and some freaky jack-o-lanterns.
But the excitement was when Viv would say, "If we wash the window then we can hang the Halloween pictures".
I don't know if it was proclaiming to the world that we were decorated or just the excitement of the time of year, but it was something that I still think of every year as I put my own Halloween decor up.
Viv has moved on from the Pictures... IN fact, my sister Brandy was the
Halloween putter-upper this year and she told Vivian she was not allowed to but one more witch or pumpkin.
She wasn't decorating a 10,000 sq foot house for Halloween... but she could.

I did get a new witch! She is the sister to last years addition.
I think I am naming her Penievia.

October means planning my witches' brew...
thinking up Meg's costume...
& just enjoying this magical month!

I am making homemade applesauce and soup today!
It is a perfect lazy Sunday.
This week the weather is supposed to feel more like fall!
Bring it on!
I love October...
Happy Fall!