Friday, May 30, 2008

School is out for the Summer...

No more homework, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks...YEAH! The kids countdown is over...SCHOOL IS OUT! I can remember the last day of school being the BEST! In grade school the teachers would use slave labor and make us clean their rooms...then in middle school we would think we were so cool going over to Dixie Frozen Yogurt for the end of school celebration. High school was the ultimate...signing yearbooks and checkin out and scheming the summer "scam"! AHHHH... those were the days. Even as a teacher I loved the last day of school...FREEDOM! Now days... I am having a plethora of emotion...glad that there will be no more homework or projects, the kids won't have to be rushed in the morning, and no big schedule. On the other hand there will be no schedule and routine and approx. 80 days of bliss. BLISS? YIKES! I am off to the pharmacy to get a party pack of those "mother's little helpers" that this state is so famous for...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A nasty little apron...

Last month my friend had a birthday and I made her an apron... It is an inside joke that these aprons are best worn alone... so I wrote a little rhyme to get that point across. Aprons are such fun gifts to give and to get. A few people read it and wanted a copy so... here it is. Feel free to borrow it for a girlfriend's birthday or an upcoming bridal shower.

Here is a little birthday gift...
to help you in your life.
It is sometimes really hard-
being a fabulous wife!

The house, the kids, the choas-
you try to be a winner!
Somedays you're just too busy...
Who has the time for dinner?

This is a little helper.
It will work with your man!
Just wear this and nothing else-
Don't touch a pot or pan!

He'll come home wanting-
something really good to eat.'ll have all dished up-
His very favorite treat!

Happy Day to my Sis...Jody

Happy Birthday to my little sis...Jody! She is 34...ouch and what is more painful than her age is that I am the older sister. Jody is the perfect little sister... growing up I owned her... wasnt' the nicest big sister, but as I have grown up we have become great friends. I am lucky she is my sister. I was looking for photos of her for the birthday mosaic, and had a hard time finding one of just her... that is how she rolls...always giving to others. She has a great husband and three darling boys. They race motorcycles most weekends and she is their #1 fan. Looking at the photos above you can tell that she used to be a total exhibitionist...she should take up her old hobby because she is tiny and still a total hottie... at 34 I would dare say she is knockin' on cougar. Gotta love her and I am so excited because she is coming to town tomorrow and we are going to party like rockstars. Just kidding we're going shopping and to lunch before she has to join the pit crew at the motorcycle races. I am lucky she is my sister!


I am going to engage in some shameless self promotion and post some photos of my newest aprons. I love making them... mixing the fabrics. I think it is a creative outlet and one more thing I can do besides laundry. There really is no pattern and I really don't know how to I just kind of flog along and try to get it done... The pink one is for my darling friend, Whitley, the cupcake baking extraordinaire and the zebra one is for...ummmm- well me. Sorry there are no snappy fashion models and you can't see the fabric very well... The green one is cherries, zebra, and swirly black. The pink one is tulle, pink cheetch, polka dots and a little stripe. So here they are the reason for the bags under my eyes. ( I didn't go to bed until 2 a.m.)

Thankful Thursday

These are a few things I am thankful for today...
1. My sewing maching- sounds so lame, but I just finished my favorite apron I have ever made. I like doing this... I guess it is my creative outlet and a fun gift to give! If I really knew how to sew it would be even better...but until I do I will just bumble and stumble my way through the process.

2. Good Friends- Our friends, Steve & Kamari Kemp, came up this weekend... Steve went home early and Kamari and her kids stayed a few extra days. We had such a great time... we cooked, and made aprons, and laughed, and shopped a little. Great time had by me at least...thanks for staying, Kam!

3. Group Weed Pull Session- Yeah! Kamari and her kids all joined in the fun and helped us pull weeds. I hate to pull weeds and I was so happy that they were such great little helpers. Isn't it fun to come to my house and stay. Maybe next time we can clean out the garage or inventory foodstorage...(well that wouldn't take too long)

4. My last few days of school- A busy week, but I am kindof hoarding as much time as possiblbefore school is out. I went to lunch with some friends yesterday and we all laughed that it was our "last lunch". IT will be nice to have a little relaxation going on... but sometimes it is great when the kiddos are in school and not fighting over important things like who ate the last of the "favorite" cold cereal and what show to watch... Gotta love summer!

5. School Being out- The last item sounded pretty harsh...but it will be great not to have to study spelling words or worry about projects. We will have a lot of fun!

6. My kids- I wasn't going to start getting cheezy again...but the events of the last few weeks have really made me think about how much I love my kids. They are kids and sometimes make me crazy...but I would be really crazy without them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Please stop and say hi!...

I know that blurking is a fun thing to do... I did it for a long time before I came out into the light. I also know that it feels weird to make a comment on someone's blog that you do not know... I still feel it. But I want to know who you are. I have had 3500+ hits on my blog and only 314 comments. I know that some of you are a little comment nervous...but please if you are stopping by say hi...don't just look in the windows. My goal is to flush out 5-10 people that have blurked at least 2-3 times and haven't left comments. My mom ran into someone the other day that I kindof know and they told her that they liked to read my blog... that was fun to hear ( in fact it made my day) but I would like to know who and when they are reading. Help a girl out! LEAVE A COMMENT!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Nectur of the Gods...

Playing along with Tiburon... I will post my favorite drink! In doing so I am afraid I will be asked to move fro this Diet Coke drinking state. My name is Amy and I drink Diet PEPSI! is the nectur of the Gods! I used to be a straight up Pepsi drinker and then used Vanilla Diet Pepsi to take me to the diet side...BTW- My mom has been a diet soda drinker since before I was born (TAB- Diet Coke) and I said I would NEVER drink diet! In my 30's I proved never say never...I began drinking diet soda AND I got a mini-van. I now have an SUV, but am fully enslaved to Diet Pepsi as long as it is extra cold in the can or fountain with lots of ice.

Friday, May 23, 2008


My Friend Tonia, remember the sparkly cup, has the funniest husband ever! He has started a blog...Confessions of a Shopaholic's Hunsband! It is pretty darn funny...check it out here.

Dizzy Lizzys

Last Friday we had the girls day out to Dear Lizzy... We took the 3 little friends and had such a fun time. We bought necklaces, and fun things and had a fabulous lunch. Meg, Olivia, and Alexa all ordered Dizzy Lizzys and thought they looked so glam! It is so funny that we moved from Boise when Meg was only 3 and yet she still loves Olivia- they have such a fun bond. We ate, shopped, laughed, and had a great time. Girlfriends are so matter what age.

My Baby is growing up...

Well... it happened! Meggie lost her first tooth and we were visited by the tooth fairy, my boys call "HIM" the molenator. My baby is losing her teeth. She was so excited to get the goods from the Tooth Fairy...She can't figure out why we say she got 2 bucks...when it was 1 dollar bill and 4 quarters. What a cutie...she already has a space between her front top her bottom matches.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


What an emotional day! Yesterday was Ty's funeral...what a surreal experience. His mom, Rebekah, spoke and did a fantastic job. She is amazing and has been so strong. I know she has crazy, sad days ahead for a long time...but her message was that instead of dwell on what she is going to miss...she is going to cherish and be thankful for all that she had. She also said that we all needed to learn from the way Ty lived not by the way he died. Everyone truly believes it was an accident and that he really didn't understand what he was doing. His mom said that she KNOWS that he was just as surprised to end up on the other side as she was that he was there. I did the display for the mortuary and he was such a darling boy, larger than life! I am putting some photos of him and a photo of the display. So many people have reached out, e-mailed, and I know thought about his constantly since they heard. This was a terrible thing, but I believe the healing will begin!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back by popular demand...

Mindi has done it again! I don't really know why I am posting this because I don't think I have any readers who don't go to her blog to get their daily laugh fix, but maybe my grandma doesn't know about her yet... International Male III has made it's way to Mindi's blog. It my most favorite of all her hilarity ( I think I just made that word up). I am linking it here so you can have a good laugh. LOVE IT!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The saddest day of our lives...

Wednesday night will go down in our history as one of the saddest ever! Jackson's little friend, Ty, sadly took his own life. I know that I 10 year old probably didn't really think that it would end... that he would really die. I got a call at 10:30 saying that he was at the hospital and that it didn't look good. Sadly at 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning he died. His mom called me at 6:15 and that is a phone call I never want to have again and I hope you never have it either. Telling Jackson his very best friend was dead was the worst thing I have ever done. Explaining how and trying to talk about why was horrific. Jacks is taking it okay, but I am sure we will have more emotion as time goes on. Ty was the most darling, happy, polite, responsible, kind, sweet little boy on Earth and he will totally be missed! Jackson was so lucky to have 3 of his 10 years- what a darling friend and what a darling family. This is something that has rocked our family and I am sure we will feel this pain for a long time. I am so sad for his mom... she is the cutest- spunky little lady! She is a good mom and a great person. I know this is a sad and terrible post- a huge reason I haven't written anything for the past few days. A weekend that was suppossed to be such a blast was just crushed by this sad news. Pray for the Kammeyer/Smith family. My darling friend, Tonia, didn't even know this family and she has given them a "The Quilter Girl" lap quilt...she just thought Rebekah ( Ty's mom) would need to be wrapped in love. SO DARLING...People are so good.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Meg & Olivia...A girls weekend for little girls!

Watch out there is going to be an explosion of pink, glitter, and everything girl! Our dear friends, Crystal and Olivia, are leaving their baseball playin' boys home in Idaho and flying down for an all out girls weekend! Our families were neighbors in Boise... she had 3 boys and I had 2...perfect! Great Friends! We both got pregnant and were due 2 days apart... we both wanted a girl sooooo bad...I went 4 weeks early and she went 2... so our girls are two weeks apart and have loved each other since birth. They are the best little lunch dates in history...they've been going since they were born! Now we moved when they were just three, but we've kept in touch and they still love to play together and have such a good time. Livi is in a dance competition on Saturday, but until then we are going to party! We are hooking up with Tonia and her little girl Alexa for a little glitter fest, going shopping, eating fun lunches and just going to laugh and love each other! Crystal and I have felt sad that our girls don't have sisters, so we have made a pact that Meg and Livi will always remain friends and be a sister to each other. Can't wait for the fun to start!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ticked- Off Tuesday

Now... I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but as I read my past posts... it seems to be a little cheezy and really unrealistic. I am totally sifting everything in my life and blogging only the happy- June Cleaver stuff. My friend, Collette, and I were laughing about how we couldn't post a Thankful Thursday last week because we were both having nervous breakdowns. Don't get me wrong- I am for the most part a happy person with a pretty good life, but sometimes... I just gotta vent! Here it is...Ticked-Off Tuesday! As Tiburon would say, " feel free to play along"...I am going to vent for a minute, and I am going ot limit myself to 5 things...Here we go!

1- #$%#&^@- I am pretty darn mad that I have been working my "A" off at Boot Camp and not much "A" has been worked off. I went to a party the other night and there was this TWIG that was snarfing eveything she could see- love that she's still wearing a size 2-NOT!!! I kept watching to see if she went to the bathroom to barf it back up, but no dice...she stayed in the room way longer than it takes to digest food. I want to be one of those people that can eat ANYTHING and be little. Crap!

2- !#%**#@- I hate laundry! Why do my little lovelies bring up a full hamper JUST when I get the laundry done? THey change clothes faster than those tricksters that impressed the heck out of "The Hoff" on America's gpt Talent. I am going to start making my little piggies do their own laundry so they know how bad I hate it! My laundry room is the pit of my life! I want one that looks like the homeshow...all perfect and clean and tons of storage...Oh yeah... I could have a prinstine laundry room if it wasn't for all that laundry!

3- &#%$*- Let's now talk about the weather. Any of you living in the South end of this state need not listen ( and it warms my heart that you all are going to be jealous of our weather soon enough) I am so sick of this warm/ cold thing that is going on... I don't have enough closet space to house all four seasons at once! To think that it 3 weeks it will be summer vacation- I'm still waiting for Spring Break.

4- %%#!*@- I just met with one of Mitch's teachers and she was soooooo weird! I have pretty high expectations for Middle /High school teachers...I was one for 10 years. She didn't even look me in the eye and she babbled on in Greek...well that is what it sounded like to me. I left her room not knowing one thing more than I did when I arrived. I don't know how to help Mitch succeed in that class and I am going to be more understanding when he comes home and says he doesn't know what is going on in that class. I don't think the teacher even does!

5- $%&*@- Manic Morning... I have got to be to the zoo... a nail appointment...a special luncheon for my marathon running friends ( no... I AM SOOOO NOT A RUNNER, I am their athletic supporter) and baseball games all before 4:30...Not to mention that they are on one end of the valley to the other end of the next valley! Calgon...take me away! Gotta I'll stop griping until next time...ADIOS

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Day...Mitch!

Happy Birthday to Mitch! Holy Cow...times flies! I can't believe he is getting so old...and cool! Here are some photos of him throughout his life. We have laughed because his looks have never changed- he's just gotten taller. We love him so much and are so happy at what a good kid he is! Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Over the top...Only Tonia!

Do any of you have a friend that is just soooooo over the top? Well, I do and her name is TONIA! She is the most creative, talented, glamorous, beautiful & flamboyant person I know...heck in the world! This morning she called and said she was going to come over to visit...she had something to bring me. She showed up with this lovely creation... a diet pepsi in a refillable cup- Tonia style! Can you even grasp how darling and creative and thoughtful this is? She has taken a regular old Sonic cup and absolutely beDAZZELED it! It even has my initial on it and lots of glitter and even some cheetah ribbon. It is even I can cruise down to the Chevron drive-thru and get a Diet Pepsi in style. She is so amazing! Her house is as fabulous as her disposible cups. She is just sooooo over the top! And she is even nice to boot- Hate her! Just Kidding...really love her!

Happy Mothers Day...

This is a little pretty that I happened to -um...maybe buy myself for Mother's Day! I bought it at Dear Lizzie in Alpine, Utah... worth the trip! So many darling & unique things. They have just the cutest charms... have all sorts of funny sayings and clever things. This one is the Good Mother Fairy... I need all the help I can get at being a mom. For all of you moms out there...job well done! It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding. Enough of the Cheese for one week...Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Three Reasons I like being a mom...

1. Mitch- My first little baby! He is so handsome and smart. Mitch has a great sense of humor! He is funny, and friendly and kind. All of his little cousins love him and he is especially sweet to Meg ( when he is not teasing). He is such a leader and his social life is ever increasing... he is now a teenager and so cool. I can't believe he is getting so big!

2. Jackson- Jacks is my little love! He has such a tender and kind heart. He is so smart in school and tries to do him best! He is a total hottie... and a great friend to all. Jacks is very persistant... he won't give up ( sometimes a good thing...sometimes not). Jacks loves to play baseball and is going to be my giant boy... He is the best babysitter in the world. He is so good when he has to babysit Meg. He has a great personality and I just love him!

3. Meg- My little princess! She is everything a mom could want in a girl. She is sassy, and confident, likes to shop, and loves clothes. These things are cute now..hopefully they will stay cute. She loves to play with friends...very social! THis is her first year in dancing and she LOVES it. She is the boss of our house- she owns the boys and especially her daddy! She is everything I dreampt about in a daughter and more!

I am so lucky to be the mom to three amazing kids. All of my kids are unique and different and have special qualities and talents. I am glad that this week is Mothers Day...I am going to try to reflect on how great my job and life really are. I know that every crow thinks hers are the blackest...but this is my blog and so my kids ROCK!!!

I am tagging anyone who wants to play along ...come on brag on your kids...What makes your kids the cutest inthe whole world?

Here is to you Tiburon...Crazy High School Picture

Tib- This one is for you! I didn't have blue hair, but I too used a bottle of hairspray a week. This is a drill team photo-...go Jetettes and Dixie High School! It looks like I've got a wonkey eye...I don't think I do. Gotta love the big permed hair! and the nasty sun-in brassy color! I am waiting for big hair to make its comback so I can be super cool- I've got a lot of hair and a need to rat!

Monday, May 5, 2008

My favorite photo of my mom...

Tiburon has thrown a fun idea out into the blogosphere and I decided to play along... In honor of mother's day I am joining in on showing a favorite photo of my mom. I have two... the first one is at my mom and dad's wedding reception. I love the beehive on her and the buzz on him. They both look about 12. The next one was just taken last November... LOVE IT! It shows that a lot of years and hairstyles have gone by, but they are still so cute!

Happy Day...Tasha

Happy Birthday to my darling friend, Tasha! She is not only my friend...she was my kid's awesome babysitter while I was in Mexico. She is the big 2-7 and we had so much fun celebrating her day! One thing I love about Tasha is that she loves everyone to know it is her birthday and all the celebration is about her! This might make her sound bossy and bratty...but the greatest thing is- She is SO not bossy and bratty...just loves her birthday! I love it because I love my birthday too! The party was at the cutest place...Dear Lizzie! We shopped, and laughed, and ate , and had such a great girlfriend day. I was first friends with her mom and I am so glad that she and her sister are my friends too. Tasha is such a sweetheart! She has the best husband and the cutest baby, Ruby. She is a great mom! She is so funny, and kind, and fun, and responsible... and the list goes on and on! Happy Birthday Tash!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Just when I think you couldn't be any dumber.." go and do somthing like this and TOTALLY redeem yourself!"
- Harry from Dumb and Dumber
Here is a photo of my man, Meg, and my brand new HOG! This is the scooter that I won...yes you heard me right- WON! We were out shopping for a new car and they had a drawing to win this sweet ride... My man was laughing at me because I was hell bent on entering. It was destiny- for a few months later they called and told me I was the lucky winner! When I was 16 I had a convertible Cabriolet, but all I really wanted was a scooter. All my dreams have been fulfilled! When I told my family that I had won my brother kept calling my cell phone and leaving moped monologues from Dumb and Dumber on my voicemail. Wea re planning on going to Sturgis this next summer and for Father's day Caylor is getting a pair of leather chaps and a T-shirt that says "If you can read this... my Biotch fell off" I can wait to join the Hell's Angels and get a fire tattoo and a leather halter. This Bad-A bike is going to be a turning point in my life!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Pulled It Off...

Miracles do happen! I actaully pulled off the shower. Hip Hip Hooray! It is over and it was a fabulous time. We had good friends, good food, and lots of fun! I need to be better about taking photos, because as you can see... I only took 3 and 2 of them look almost the same. I need to go to photo 101...or just have my blogging buddy Kami give me a few pointers. Kylee is a darling girl and will be a beautiul bride. Meggie had a blast opening the door and playing hostess with the mostess. I love to throw a party, but I am tired and ready for bed. Good night!

Thankful Thursday...

It is that time of the week again... so here it goes!THis is what I am thankful for:1. Tasha and Luke- I was so overcome with gratitude for them last week that I forgot to mention how thankful I am for my great babysitters. Luke and Tasha and their little baby, Ruby tended my kids and house while Caylor and I were in Mexico. The kids had so much fun... movies, bowling, a constant party! They took good care of them, and it was so great to come home because my house was SPOTLESS! Thanks! You guys are the BEST!
2. Funny Things... I love to laugh! I am thankful for funny things in my life that take the boring out of each day. That is a reason I think I love blogging... people write funny things. I am very Thankful my dear friend Mindi is so dang funny and posts such hilarious things.
3. Brock- I know I get a little sentimental often...just bare with me for a minute. I am thanksful for my little brother- he and his darling wife came up for a Dr. appt. and they stayed over night. My friends were all meeting for lunch and he ended up coming with... 11 girls and him. Cracks me up. He charmed them all... he is one of the funniest guys ever.
4. Diet Pepsi- It is my own little bit of heaven- the necter of the gods! I am fully addicted and totally devoted to getting my daily fix from the Chevron Drive Thru.
5. I am a yellow- I am so thankful that I am a fun-loving yellow! It is a personality color thing... I love to have fun! Life is a party and I am hosting... so it says. Sometimes it gets me in a little bit of trouble because there is an element of flakiness, but it will all come toget her in the end. Oh... that reminds me I need to get off this stupid computer and get my crap ready... I am hosting a bridal shower in just 9 hours that I am not really ready for. YIKES! I'll report tomorrow ( I know you 6 people that read this are not going to be able to sleep in anticipation, but try)