Thursday, April 30, 2009

Faster Clocks!

The days are getting longer...
The clocks are getting faster!
The last two weeks have been crazy!
Spring is springing...
and baseball has started!
5-6 games a week...
hotdogs for dinner ( aka- spring cuisine)
Play Ball!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Lazy Daisy Cottage...

The Lazy Daisy Cottage!
This is the cutest quilt shop EVER!
My cousin, Dana is the owner... and quilter extraordinaire!
It is in St. George and has just the cutest fabric and gifts.
I just helped them start a blog...
Go check it out!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A great day!

Last week I got a Viv, Grandma Connie, & Dear Lizzie fix all at once.
Viv and Connie came up for a few hours to get Viv's hair cut, and attend some sort of meeting.
They were here only about 18 hours, but we still managed to have a lot of fun.
We met my cousin, Diane, at Dear Lizzie for lunch.
It was a great lunch date.
Viv+Connie+Dear Lizzie+fun cousins= A GREAT DAY!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I can't talk right now...
no blogging...
no laundry...
no inside business...
The sun is out.
I feel like Margot in Ray Bradbury's story "All summer in a day"...
if I go inside I will miss out on the sun for years.
I am in love!

Friday, April 17, 2009


I see somthing in the sky that I really don't recognize...
I think it is called the sun.
I have got to find some wonderful glasses and go outside.
It is supposed to be sunny and great weather...
I can hardly contain myself!
Have a great weekend...soak up some rays and have some fun!
Celebrate Spring!

An Amazing Movie...

I watched THE most amazing movie this week!
It needs to be stated that I am a full -fledged
I love anything historical and especially German World War II...
This movie is so good...I have thought of it for two days now and cried several times while thinking about it.
My neighbors, Dean and Paul, suggested it and I had to call after I watched it to ask,
"Friends like you guys...who needs enemies"
It is so gut-wrenghingly wonderful.
It is not a happy feel good movie...
But one that EVERYONE needs to see once.
Just make sure to have tissue!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring?...more like Spring a leak!

It is raining again... or should I say still.
I need the sun!
I know I couldn't live in Forks,
Edward or not!

But, If I had an umbrella as cute as this... I might be singing in rain "Under my umbrella...ella...ella...Hey...hey...hey"

I am ready for the warm weather to hit.I think it might be on its way... looking for a scorching temp of 72 degrees this weekend! Yahoo!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home again, home again... jiggity jig!

Whew! I am home! Hip Hip Hurray! It is true what they sing...
"Be it ever so humble...there is no place like home!"
The bad part of this whole thing...laundry, suitcases, exhausted kids, lack of funds.
All in all... we had a fabulous time in Sin City!
Baseball was fun! It was nice to have weather that somewhat resembled spring, and we got to shop a little.
Friday night the games ended early, Viv took Jacks and Meg back to St. George, Mitch hung out with the team... so Caylor and I went out on the town!
We went to dinner at New York, New York and then hit the Piano Bar at Times Square.
Here are a few things I learned:
There is no weight limit to wear a little black strappy dress.
( one set of spaghetti straps were working over time...not pretty)
It is okay to get on the piano and dance. ( not me... some drunk chick from Canada)
Plastic cups are good for two things. 1- drinking from 2- puking into
( This particular cup was used for both...minutes apart...really drunk guy sitting next to us- kept trying to buy Caylor and I drinks to "loosen us up"... he was a bit too loose)
I am not a gambler... I would rather shop than throw my money into some machine...lost forever!
I am not as young as I used to be and staying up until 3 am is not good for me...
The Las Vegas strip is a fun place to spend a very little amount of time.
It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break 09'

Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break 09'... wow! How times have changed...
We cleaned bedrooms, I got my nails done, & we had Chinese food for dinner.
In my life there are a few historical things I heard about, but missed out on...
The tearing down of the Berlin Wall
Live Aid...
There is something that I did get to experience several times...
Spring Break 87'- 90'...HERE
St. George Boulevard!
The best part of growing up in St. George could be summed up in two words: Spring Break!
Back in the day... all the school districts along the Wasatch Front let out the week before or after Easter... The highpoint was Easter Weekend!
1 million ( okay maybe only a few thousand)teenagers would descend on the St. George Blvd like bees to honey !
There were dances, going to the "narrows", cruising the "Vard" in my convertible Cabriolet, walking the "Vard", hanging out at Las Palmas, finding Northern Utah hotties, etc. etc. etc...
This was the greatest weekend of the year!
My friends and I already had our summer tans, new clothes, and were so excited to hit the Dixie nightlife.
Some really great memories were created!
So... the question is... Did you go to St. George during Spring Break?
If a certain group of St. George girls either stole your boyfriend for the weekend or took your lounge chair at Las Palmas...we were sorry.
We were locals...we thought we owned the place!
What do you remember?
p.s. Now that I am finished reminiscing... I will get my herd ready to go to the movies and pack our stuff to go to a Vegas ball tourney... really? Times have Changed!

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's all black and white!

I am seeing black and white all over...
I just got my toes done... cute black polish with white flowers and rhinestones!
I ordered these...
I should have ordered these... It won't quit raining/ snowing

I worked on this...
A sassy summer apron for a friend...
& I made her baby matching burp rags... sorry no pic... already delivered!

The best part of the apron is the flower... it is plastic and now has a big old blingin' rhinestone in the center.
Can you stand it?
Have a great weekend!
I hope it is sunny where you live!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Wow! This is so powerful! Okay... I got a little teary!
I have seen this on a few blogs and facebook it!
Being Creative is such an important aspect of my life...

Thankful Thursday...

I haven't played the Thankful Thursday game lately... It is so over due!
This is what I am Thankful for this week...

1. I found a new friend... She is so dang cute, and funny and she has been my neighbor for almost a year and I just met her... Yeah- I pretty much suck as a neighbor! Anywho... I attended services and she was the RS teacher... I was totally drawn to her. Later that week a bunch of us went to lunch and I have been in love with her ever since. Then to top it all off... after I am totally somewhat stalking her (googles her... and it worked), I find out she is FAMOUS! Kindof a rockstar in the scrapbooking world... t-shirts and everything...see I should be a scrapbooker so I could have known her sooner and been REALLY impressed when she moved into my neighborhood! Here she is... check her out. She is just a girl, but oh so much more! She is Margie Romney- Aslett. How cool... she is even a hyphenater!
2. Old Friends... It was so much fun re-connecting with some of my oldest and dearest friends. It is sad how life sometimes gets in the way of staying close with people that mean so much to you... I am stickin' with these babes from now on- They are too much fun!

3. My Project 365... It is true... I have stuck with this for 13 1/2 weeks now. I have never followed through this much in my entire life! I have really enjoyed this little project and think it is going to be amazing to look back over every single day of 2009. Here are last week's pages... I guess as proof I am not as flakey as I usually appear!

4. My i-touch. I know this sounds totally materialistic, but this little gadget has rocked my world. I love love love pandora radio! I just bought a game called izits that is the best ever...move over bubblet! I can actually get emails now even if I am not at my computer! Not to mention the music! I am waiting with baited breath for my contract with my current provider to expire so I can get rid of my ghetto phone and move on up to an iphone. It is good to have goals and something to look forward to...

5. Going to Vegas, baby! The thought of getting out of northern Utah snow spring and actually experiencing real spring is a good thought!