Saturday, April 16, 2011

Housework rules? I think not!

Today is Saturday!

Anyone who grew up in Utah has an annoying little song

brainwashed into their heads...

"Saturday is a special day"...

I think it was originally written to teach a "keep the

Sabbath day holy" message, but has taken on a larger idea...

"a mass plot to get slave labor

out of offspring".

It worked when I was young and I am

trying to indoctrinate my own children with the

dogma that on Saturday we have to clean.

Some Saturdays are busy... Most, in fact.

So sometimes we go to ballgames or do something fun

instead of conquering the boring household chores.

Besides.. they are always here waiting... growing!

I am not a pig... and I married someone who is

VERY fastidious and clean.

So when I say my house is dirty.. I am not really ready to sign up for the show "Hoarders"... I just need to spruce up a little

and declutter a bit!

Today I woke up early and got my cleaning skank top on,

some ghetto capris and my tennis shoes...

My working uniform!

I washed bedding and cleaned my bathrooms...

Even my bedrooms, kitchen and great room

are cleaned dusted and vacuumed!

I kept thinking there has got to be a better way.

Maybe a little maintenance?

I remember this little website called the flylady

that I investigated at one time.

She has some fantastic ideas to keep up on

housework so it is not a

Saturday slave camp environment.

I am going to check her out and take some of her

ideas to heart!

One of her little acronyms is CHAOS

(Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

I love to entertain... and lately I have been unable

host any parties or even have a

friendly bar-b-que due to the fact that my

house has been a little neglected.

That all ends today!

She has clever little tips...

the 27 fling boogie, hotspots,

swish and swipe and shine the sink.

She is really quite a house work genius.

So... until I develop a serious case of

housecleaning OCD or I make a million dollars to hire

my own version of "Alice"...

I am going to stick with the Fly lady and

get my house under control.

No more CHAOS!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Patterned After You...

Last week I did a segment on Studio 5. I was given the assignment of making something new out of something old. The inspiration piece that I was given to work with was: Vintage Sewing Patterns. They gave me a few pictures of various ways to use patterns.. such as framed vintage pattern envelopes, and Christmas stockings made from pattern tissue.

None of those really struck my fancy...

so... I let my imagination wander.

I thought of all the times I have

been in on a project using patterns.

I talked with friends...

I pondered what I could do with this idea.

Inspiration struck...

I went to a darling tea party for a 40th

birthday party! SO FUN!

I though back to all the times the girls in my family

would dress up and attend the

Lions Club Annual Mother and Daughter Tea!

There is was! I was going to plan a tea party using

vintage patterns... the theme:


A perfect Mother's day celebration idea.

Here is my favorite part of the whole thing...

Bette (Betty)my body!

I got a new Bette and removed the jersey knot covering

and mod podged various scrapbook papers.

I added a Crinoline skirt and some

pattern tissue paper embellishments...

and Bette is ready for the ball!

I wanted to tie in the whole sewing...pattern...dressform vibe. I got miniature paper mache' dress forms from Michael's and Mod Podged tissue paper...both vintage pattern tissue and regular Cheetah tissue. This was part of my Studio 5 set up. I also had a giant cork board that I Mod Podged with sewing pattern tissue paper. I used hat boxes for height and variation... Tissue paper flowers and lollies embellished with pattern tissue paper. To throw in the Spring time element I Mod Podged paper mache' Easter eggs with the same tissue papers that were on the dress forms. Add chartreuse ribbon for color and you are good to go! This was a super fun and easy assignment! I had a blast planning all the elements of a Spring time tea party. Now... I just need to host actual soiree! I tried to embed the Studio 5 segment here on my blog as proof I was actually there... but had technical difficulties. So... Just go here and watch it from their site.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spark Number 3!

The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here...

Registration for Spark 3 is open!

I have been so lucky to be able to be involved with this magical event from the beginning and this year is no different...

I am going to be responsible for all the yummy treats and meals associated with Spark.

Margie Romney-Aslett is teaming up with some amazingly creative women to bring you another fabulous weekend.

Head on over to the Spark website and get the info.

Get your sisters, friends, mothers, aunts, cousins... for a weekend you will never forget!

You will be glad you did it!