Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thankful Thursday

These are the things I am thankful for this week-

1. 2 movies in 1 week... it is almost too good to be true! I almost fulfilled one of my biggest dreams to see one movie right after the other. I went to Mama Mia with my boyfriend neighbors & then The Dark Knight with my main man. A great time WAS had by all!

2. All three of my kiddies home! Jacks has been in St. George with my family- living the party life of a rockstar... house boat trips to Lake Powell, Poolside Pizza Parties, Sleepovers with cousins, and wearing the same pair of athletic shorts for a week solid! SWEET! It was so good to get Jacks home... I did threaten my kids if they start to fight... there will be hell to pay!

3. Late night projects with my friends that turn into a giggle fest... I just got home from a little late night apron. glitter fest with my cute friend & neighbor Sandi. We laughed at nothing, drank Diet Pepsi and had a great time getting a few little project done. I made a darling apron and a few glitter cups.... so fun and she is such a great friend!

4. BASEBALL IS OVER! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Until next January I don't have to worry about anything baseball and don't have go to anymore baseball games until next spring. They are fun ... but I am soooo glad to move on to the next season.

5. FOOTBALL season is here! Nothing like football to usher in my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE season... FALL! I love watching Mitch play football, love going to football games, and I don't even mind watching it on TV... plus Super Bowl Sunday is always an occasion to have a party.

6. My Family... Let's get cheezy for a minute... I am thankful for them probably because it is 12:30 a.m. and they are all asleep...perfect angels! I really am glad that I have such a great husband and that I have the opportunity to be a mom to 3 pretty darn good kids.

7. I am also thankful that I did the 7 peaks thing today and DON"T have to go again this summer to ANY waterpark. I am a little freaked out by all the bare feet and stale water and people at the water park. Too many bottoms in little pools. I guess I am a waterpark freakshow ( in more ways than one...have you seen me in a bathing suit?) but I do not love going there. I went, I rode, I am done for this year! Yahoo!

8. I am VERY THANKFUL for all the blurkers who were threatened by my bossy self and left me a comment on my Mama Mia post. You all rock.... Now- go ahead leave me another one. Thanks a ton! See you give me an inch and I take a foot! Thanks again... I'll visit you and comment too!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ohhh...Mama Mia!

I know that I am sooo yesterday, actually so last week on the whole Mama Mia thing. Remember my handicap... my man does not like to go to the movies- ESPECIALLY musical ones! Well today I finally got to see it. I went with my boyfriend and his neighbors-Dean and Paul. They have seen the play a million times, lived and partied in the ABBA era, and are very very musical sooooo... they didn't love the movie. Although they thought Pierce Brosnan was hot in the movie ( funny- having this conversation) they could not believe he was cast in a singing role. They just died throughout the whole movie at his voice. Until now I thought it was a curse to be really and truly tone deaf..but today I guess it paid off because I loved loved loved the movie. Until now Europe meant only Italy to me... now I need to go to Greece as well. I am a huge Big Love fan so I loved Sophie... she looks better as a beach babe than she does as a Utah polygamist. I just smiled the whole movie... wanted to get up and dance. Actually, I would love to live in a musical- where when you wanted to make a point- you just burst into song. I would have to know how to sing if I lived in musical-land, but I would work a little harder if I had monologues in song to do. I loved Hairspray last summer- I just wanted to dance right out of that theater and I felt the same way today. Too bad my dates didn't love it like I did.
See... ignorance is bliss!
P.S. If you saw it...comment! If you haven't seen it...comment! If you don't want to see it...Comment! In otherwords... If you are reading this post, COMMENT! Too bossy? Come on- help a girl out!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame

My mouth is completely raw from eating sunflower seeds and I about had a sun stroke- all for the love of the game. This past weekend (July 24-26) we were in Park City and Heber for the Tournament of Champions baseball tournament. Mitch is on a competition baseball team, the Utah Crushers- a brand new team that has only played this year. We lost our first game in extra innings, and then won the other three so we secured a spot in the championship game on Saturday. I think we were a little tired, for we kinof beat ourselves... the score was 3-3 for most of the game and then we allowed a home-run on errors. Yes... the Bad News Bears came out to play for an inning. We ended up losing 3-4 and coming in 2nd in the whole tournament- which really is awesome considering it is the best teams in Utah and Idaho that are invited. It has been a fun team to play on- the other families are tons of fun and we have a great time. The kids started playing in January- hitting and practicing in an indoor facility. We have played several tourny's and double headers every Saturday. It will seem crazy not to have to play baseball! Mich is a good player and has a lot of fun with the other kids on the team. I can tell summer is winding down.... not by looking at the calendar or feeling the 102 degree weather... I can tell that fall is right around the corner because Mitch starts football today! Yes... he is going to be practising for the best sport of all starting today! I love football season and in our family football is KING! Jacks never wants to play because he doesn't want to get "creamed". So off of one sport and on to another... love the life of being a mom to boys! Play Ball!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

These are the bloggers in my neighborhood...

I though this was a fun idea- so I copied this idea from Tiburon... and being so lame... I copied it from her post TODAY! Blogging has really changed several things in my life and I have found so many fun people that live in my computer. Here are some fun facts about people that I know IRL and people that are my blogging buddies...
1. Someone on my blog roll is a hot reporter for KSL and is on the news ALL THE TIME.
2. Someone on my blog roll is the cutest and best single mom in the world. SHe has a darling little boy and does such a good job raising him. She is a total hottie that I don't think will be single for long!
3. Someone on my blog roll is my total saving grace in my life... she acts as my therapist, nanny, lunch companion and even personal assistant now and again. She saves me time and time again!
4. Someone on my blog roll is the very most creative person I have ever met... She is beautiful- inside and out! hmmm... I bet you can't guess who it is.
5. Someone on my blog roll is the queen of funny... Total blogger royalty, but I knew her when all she wanted was a nice dash board in her car WITH a CD player.
6. Someone on my blog roll is my darling new friend..but come to find out she was best friends in HS with one of my best friends in Idaho. It is a small small world!
7. Someone on my blog roll is the mother to 4 DARLING kids whose clothes always match ( either a straight out match or colors...even down to their pjs)
8. Someone on my blog roll is a friend that I was once close with and then lost contact with and the blogosphere has reunited us!
9. Someone on my blog roll is my TOTAL therapist and we think we were sisters separated at birth ( or just look, sound, think alike and even LOVES big Texas sized beauty queen hair) but raised in separate ends of the state...oh plus she is a ton younger than I am.
10. Someone on my blog roll saw me off at Jr. Prom and then played "Amy and Boyfriend's name" for months afterward.
11. Someone on my blog roll is the queen of throwing a party... once she was in on chartering a bus so all of the friends and family could party and all enjoy the ride to Cali together. She is a super fun mom, friend, and cousin- TOTAL YELLOW!
12. Someone on my blog roll is actually in my nieghborhood and we knew each other, but have gotten to know each other better through the BLOG!
13. Someone on my blog roll was the flower girl at my wedding... Oh- and Meg has a huge crush on her new husband!
14. Someone on my blog roll is one of the funniest people I know... actually started a blog to document his spouse's addiction. This person is also so creative...made Meg's awesome bed.
You have all laughed hard at this person's comments and blog!
15. Someone on my blog roll is the most dedicated exerciser I know...many trips to the gym- many times a week!
16. Someone on my blog roll is a new found bloggin' buddy that makes my day with her whitty and funny comments and blog- I am glad she won one of my aprons!
17. Someone on my blog roll is a mother of 2- ...that wore her darling skinny jeans home from the hospital!
18. Someone on my blog roll is a Rocky Mountain Hottie- a good mom and a great blogger!
19. Someone on my blog roll is a relative of a relative- a great writer and just a whole bunch of fun!
20. Someone on my blog roll is a friends from way back in the day- She is one of those friends to keep close- she knows WAY too much. I haven't kept in touch with her very much, but just reunited at the blogger dinner and an so glad!
I hope you enjoyed reading about my peeps... See if you can figure out who is who! Don't feel bad if I didn't shout you out! I will do this again soon!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Blogger Get-Together...

Last night was the total get-together of the world... Mindi came to town so the bloggers united! She had a little trauma getting there... head wounds being stapled and a wrecked car ( didn't happen together) but I will let her blog her daily excitement. We met at Cafe Rio and had a fabulous time. 4 of them had to run off to the John Meyer concert, but the rest of us stayed and laughed and had a great time. It was so fun to finally get to meet these people I feel like I already know. We are going to have to do it again soon!
I know that Mindi is a little bit like a magpie or trout or raccoon and likes anything shiny so I took a page out of Tonia's book and made a sparkle cup for she and Tiburon. We were all pimped out & drinking in style. It was so good to see Holly again... she is the queen of winning my apron and I think she is just the cutest friend ever. It was also good to finally meet her sister, Misty. I had such a great time and Rachel was good enough to write everyone down and link their blogs so here is her blog and the total hook-up on that. Thanks to Kami...the blogging photographer for taking all the pics... I never remember a camera. A great time was had by all!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Primping, primping, primping...

Well tonight is the night! I am primping and getting ready to meet my fellow blesbians... at the blogger dinner tonight! Yahoo! I am so excited, yet a little nervous. I know this is so high school and really quite lame, but this is a new group of my peers! ( Did that sound sooooo like it should be coming from a high school couselor or somthing) SO.. if you are reading this and going to be there...I can't wait to meet you all in real life. We will have so much fun! Until then....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sweet Sixteen!

Our Wedding laughing about the big sleeves... it was 1992 remember!

Holy Cow! Who I can't believe I have been married for 16 years? It is such a cliche' to say that it seems like just yesterday...but time has flown by. I am so lucky to be married to my man! He is the best and he has to put up with A LOT from me... I could maybe be a little high maintenance. In honor of my 16th wedding anniversary I am going to make list of 16 things I have learned, liked, or laughed about since I became a goes-
1. I am so glad that I married someone who likes me to be me...the real thing.
2. I should have taken alot more pictures in my young married days when I thought I was fat because now I really am and all those " fat" photos look pretty good!
3. I didn't think I could have loved my man any more than the day I married him...but I do! He just makes me love him more each day!
4. I am so glad that we have friends that have been with us since the early married days... it has been fun to all be newlyweds, have kids, and now just have fun together.( Mindi..Kamari)
5. I am glad that Caylor makes me laugh... I still think he is so dang funny!
6. I am still trying to get my man to like going to the movies...I guess all I've got is time and if that is his only flaw... I've got it pretty good.
7. I am happy that my husband taught me to do laundry ( yes, I had a husband when I learned how to wash clothes)
8. My three kids are great... I love being a mom and having such a fun family.
9. I am glad that Caylor is such a hands on dad... he is a better mom than I am.
10. I like being with Caylor... going out, going on vacation, or just hanging out at home- I would rather be with him than anyone else!
11. I am so fortunate that I can be a full-time mom. Caylor works so hard so I can stay home with the kids. I need to remember how fortunate I really am!
12. I am glad that since I got married I don't have to keep my checkbook in my head anymore... it is a good thing I married a finance guy!
13. I am soooo glad Caylor's mom taught him how to clean, iron, and help out. He is such a great guy to get in and help me do whatever needs to be done.
14. I am so glad that Caylor finished raising me. I think when he got me I was really spoiled and high I am just a little spoiled and kindof high maintenance.
15. I am glad that " I only liked Caylor because of what he looked like" and he turned out to be MUCH MUCH MUCH more than just a pretty face and HOT bod... He is a great guy with a wonderful personality, a wicked sense of humor, and everything I could have asked for and MORE! ( The " " is an inside joke from an old boyfriend)
16. I am so lucky to be married to my very best friend! ( I know a 100 on a 1-10 cheese-o-meter)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The good times just keep on rollin'...more diet coke, please!

The third installment in the party life of Amy... Sunday morning my cousins, Teisha & Mikell their mom Leslie ( see Bette Midler photos) and my mom, Viv ( who in this picture was totally wasted...just kidding) came to visit for a fun girls trip. I made them work like dogs helping me get ready for the luau, but after that we partied like rockstars! When they got here I had cups all glittered and made so we could really drink in style! ( Thanks Tonia for the great idea)Monday we shopped and laughed and bought and laughed and drank diet coke and laughed and laughed some more. Did I mention that we laughed a little? I think we were a little silly because on Sunday we stayed at the luau until midnight then came home to laugh until about 2:30 am. We were sad Mama Mia wasn't out yet so instead we went shopping some more and then ate at P.F. Chang's and really laughed there because we were all so tired. Monday night the old broads ( Viv & Les) were too tired so they went to bed about 11:00, but we youngins stayed up until 3:45 laughing some more. Teish and Mik had to go home on Tuesday afternoon for a birthday of one of their kids... but before they left we went to IKEA to buy storage and organization gear. Mikell & Teisha are sooo organized- infact they are thinking about starting up a business where they will come in and organize your house. Wouldn't that be sweet? They inspired me and told me how to get the job done so I am now on a mission! Viv and Les stayed until Wednesday. We watched Hairspray and had such a great time. I had soooooo much fun with these babes! All growing up my mom and Leslie were best friends ( Plus Leslie is my dad's 1st cousin) . We went on every trip Teisha and I were inseparable until we both got married. I feel bad that since we got married we haven't stayed in touch as much and aren't as close as were once were...but this weekend it seemed like I talked to her every day for the past 16 years. It all comes right back! Teisha is the most hilarious girl I have EVER known. We were roommates for a while in college ( until the season changed and we wanted to buy spring clothes instead of rent) and it was one of the best times of my life! She is crazy, funny, sweet, and as you can see...BEAUTIFUL! She has got it all! Mikell is older than we are and she is just as rockin'. I am so lucky to have such great friends that just happen to be family... it makes it really great because we can all laugh at the same goofy family members. I know this post is waaaaay to long...but I wanted to document what a rockstar few days I have just had! They are the best and I had the time of my life... I hope they come back soon!

Aloha...means FABULOUS!

There were 50 tiki torches... it looked so cool. This is leading up to the front door!
Okay.... the Luau turned out sooooo great! Dean never suspected a thing, everyone came and ate, and stayed and stayed and stayed and had a wonderful time! The decorations turned out OK, the food was yum and the entertainment was so great. Because the backyard faces west we had to have the main buffet and drinks in the house... everyone ate and socialized and watched the entertainment outside. We had 50 tiki torches, 4 tables, one main buffet table in the house and then the dessert buffet outside. Paul's niece and her husband did yummy island main courses... I did salads, and fruit, and drinks, and dessert. When it got dusk outside we had Paul's nephews dance and play the ukulele and sing. So great! We sat out on a beautiful night and laughed and had such a fantastic evening. Everyone stayed until about 11:00 p.m. Dean was so surprised and happy.... heck, I even got a few people that asked if I would throw them a party. It was a success! It was also so fun because my mom and her friend and my two cousins came to visit me this week and they made it in time for the party. I am lucky to have such great neighbors and friends!
Yummy Food & Fun Friends....

The tables were set up outside in the backyard... these pictures were taken right as the party started..sorry there aren't any when it was dark with the torches and the fun going on!

The Divine Miss M...Truly Divine!

Me, Mindy, Viv, Brandy & Jody... My darling sisters and mom!

Leslie, Viv, Mindy, Kamari, Me ( I had a REALLY good time in the bar...jokes), Brandy, & Jody

Oh wow! What a day a night and half a day! I would love to be blogging that I won 10,000 while in Vegas, but no... but I did have a FABULOUS time with my mom and sisters and friends! Friday we shopped and lunched and laughed and then Friday night we went to the Bette Midler concert!! She used language a little stronger than gosh and heck and freak...but it was soooooo good. The name of the show was "The Showgirl Must Go On" I think people forget that she started out as the Divine Miss M in Bathhouses in New York in the 1970's as a bawdy comedienne. She was hilarious! I loved hearing her sing "From a distance" and the "Rose" and yes I did get a little choked up when she sang "Wind Beneath My Wings"...she's a classic! She talked about cleaning up New York City and her motto was: "It was time to get the trash off the street and back on the stage where it belonged." She cracked me up! There were mermaids in wheelchairs and she did a big Vegas production number to "Pretty Legs and Great Big Knockers"- dressed as a showgirl...head-dress and all! We had GREAT seats and had such a good time! Then we ate at the Cheesecake Factory right there in Caesar' much fun. Viv had to gamble a bit...we people watched and then went back to the hotel where the fun really began! We stayed up laughing until almost 3 am. The rowdy crowd was Me, my sisters- Jody & Brandy, My Sis-in-law- Mindy, the amazing mother- Viv, Viv's BFF- Leslie, and my BFF- Kamari. A good time was sooooo had by all! Thanks Brandy for having a b-day, thanks to Viv for the ticket hook-up, and thanks to my man for holding down the fort so I could party... I had a Divine time!
Cheesecake Factory at 10 we HAD to stay up till 3!
Viv.... You got to know when to hold' em....know when to fold' em

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Party's Over...time to blog!

Today I am hungover... and the strongest thing I have had to drink in years is Diet Pepsi! I am coming off of a "runner" on the grandest scale. I have hardly logged into my computer and have read NOTHING from you... I am behind. I hope all three of you that read my blog don't get tired of reading nothing new and having no comments from me... I am going to be blogging strong tomorrow! I have so much to show and tell...Better Midler and Vegas, the Hawaiian Luau surprise party, and Cousins gone Wild. I guess those are little teasers...but I have had a fabulous 10 days- I have NEVER laughed so hard that many days in a row or stayed up past 2:00 a.m. that many nights in a row. I even took pictures! Until tomorrow... Peace out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am a winner...

My darlling friend, Tanja over at "on that note" gave me the cutest little award. I am so dang happy! She enteread my apron giveaway and has been a total sweetie and shown me the love ever sinceever since... I am so glad we've become bloggin' buddies! She is a great writer... I just love to read what she is all about. Go on over and check her out- Tanja...thanks so much! This award has rules:
1. Please put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. You must nominate 7 fellow bloggers for this award.
4. Add links to the recipients.
5. Leave a comment so the recipients know they have received an award
Here are my nominations....
1. Tonia- from Over the Tipsy Top. This is a blog that will make you look good. She and her friend Marla post the greatest ideas, tips, and projects. She is one of the most creative people I know and I am fortunate enough to know her in real life. She is the best and her blog will not disappoint!
2. Mike- from Confessions of a Shopaholic's Husband. My grandma said "for every Jack there is a Jane"... this is Tonia's man. They go together like peas and carrots! He is HILARIOUS! He discusses the husband's point of view concerning Tonia's creativity! He is quick witted, talented, and just plain funny. He is on a little break from the blog- but go a catch up on past episodes so when the new season starts you will be right up on all the action.
3. Mindi- from Word to your Mother- Tanja also nominated her so I am double dosing her... too bad. She is one of my dearest friends from back in the day and the whole reason I started a blog in the first place. She is so funny! I have to check out her blog daily to laugh and get my ab workout- because I am NOT doing sit-ups!
4. Holly- from The Saratoga Fam. Holly was one of the winners of my apron so I was lucky enough to really meet her in real life. She is so dang tiny and darling and nice... don't hate. She writes about her cute little family and is just a fun place to spend a few minutes everyday.
5. Devri- From the Naulu Tribe. Devri is a great commenter.... she always leaves a little bit of happiness for me! She is mother of 7, a great blogger, and is starting her own template design site. She is married to a Tongan man and has the most beautiful children ever! Check her out... she is so good to comment and show you the love!
6. Kris- From I lowered the bar. She is my total sister-in-laws sister and she is so dang funny! She has a realisitc view on things and really makes me laugh! Kris is such a good writer and is a fun place to visit.
7. Collette- From Five of Mine. She is my only neighborhood, hang-out friend that actaully has a blog. She has the cutest kids and is such a darling friend and I think you would like to check her out!
I am sorry this took me a while to get together... If you've already been nominated...sorry. THere were SOOOOOOO many other blogs I check out each day, but Tanja nominated some and there were only7.... Thanks to all of you that rock my morning by writing things that crack me up, make me think, make me happy, and make me want to be a better person! Play along if you can...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

This is what I am thankful for this week...
1. Good friends & Family- I have had ALOT of company this summer and I am so glad that my great friends and family can come stay with me and my little family. I try to be a good hostess and I really love the excitement and fun... THis week I have had my aunt and cousin staying & next week I have my mom, her best friend and her 2 daughters coming( they are also my cousins)... it is going to be a party.
2. Lagoon Passes- Yesterday we went to Lagoon with my cousins and I am so glad that my family has passes... Where else can you see such a spectacle of odd people. It just cracks me up to go there and people watch.... I didn't think frightmares was going on yet?
3. Diet Pepsi... the nectar of the Gods! I am making some of Tonia's glitter cups and they make a really good drink taste GREAT!
4. My faithful commenters... Thanks guys for validating my little existence in the blogosphere... I have been a little crazy running my bed and breakfast so I haven't really been a very good commenter lately... I will do better, but until then- Thanks a ton for leaving me comments!
5. My Girls WEEKEND! This is going to be it for me this week... I am flying to Vegas tomorrow EARLY to hook up with sistas and the mama! PARTY! I will try to take my camera- I usually forget to document such funness ( I just made that word up). Think of me... Partying like a rockstar with 4 other crazies! Peace OUT!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It is all about Judy!

I have got to write a post today about someone you've all heard me talk about... Judy! She is my son's tutor...but she is my friend, mentor, idol, teacher, computer whiz extraordinaire! When we moved here Jackson was having a hard time reading and was going to be pulled out of his regular class to go in a reading group...I decided it was time to get additional help for him. We found the darling tutor of our life, Judy Wayment and things have been peachy ever since. She got him on reading level in 3 months. We then had her help Jackson learn his times tables and she is so dang good... I even learned them for the first time ever. See? She really is THAT good! But more importantly than that she has become a dear friend. She is the one that hooked me up with the idea for my kids' job charts, helped me with adobe, made the sweet memory sheets when Jackon's friend, Ty, died, and just helps out anytime I call. We have taken the summer off of tutor, but will surely be back when school starts! I actually miss seeing her every week...I get my weekly fix and Jacks gets help with math...a win/win situation. I would gladly do an infomercial about her, but sadly she is only one woman with only so much time for tutoring so her student numbers have to be kept to a certain number. She is an amazing mother and grandmother. One time I went to a party at her house with her daughters for the cookbook Deceptively Delicious... she had all the puree ready and we tried fun recipes from the book and then she gave us all more puree to go home and try some more. She is such a great person... I am lucky to be her friend. She reads my blog but has said she will never comment... so Judy this one is for you- You're the best. They say that education is the key to the world...Thanks Judy...for giving us the world!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shout Outs!

Today I have 2 shout outs...

The first one is from my blogging buddy Devri, the queen of the custom blog! She is giving a surprise survival kit ( I don't know what she is going to help us survive... that is the mystery fun). Go on over to her blog and leave a comment.

The next shout out is my friend Suzanne is starting to do cute hair accessories for girls! Check out her online boutique, the pretty petal, for all the little girl glam!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Day Brandy!

Today is my sister Brandy's birthday! Hip Hip Hooray! It is not so good when the little sister is almost 30! Brandy is my beautiful, talented little love of a sister. She is the one in the family that got ALL the talent... she can sing so BEAUTIFULLY! She is creative... a decorator...a total worker...a really good mom and has a really great man...Ryan! Her little boy, Jace is the cutest little boy...well since my boys were little. She is pregnant again and she just found out she is having a BOY! She will be the only queen in her castle! Brandy has been a HUGE Bette Midler fan I think since she was born. She will all of a sudden burst out in a Bette song or begin a speech from one of her movies. Most High School girls have hot guy posters in their room...not Brandy- she had a shrine to Bette. When my mom, Viv, asked her what she wanted for her big day she told her...Bette. Brandy hooked all the sisters up and Viv got us all tickets to see her in Vegas for Brandy's birthday! Next weekend Vegas had better watch out the wild and crazy sisters ( Amy, Jody, Brandy, & Mindy) and their VERY CRAZY mama (TOTAL VIV) are hitting the town. It is going to be a fun-filled, sister- laughing, crazy- shopping, Midler- seeing, hilarious time! I can't wait. I am so glad Brandy is my sister, but more friend!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Yeah... The Fourth of July...

I love the 4th of July! When I was little the 4th was right up there next to Christmas... okay maybe not that great- but still great! St. George didn't really do anything too great, but we always got a new fourth of July outfit, always had some kind of bar-b-que, and ALWAYS went to my grandma's house ( which was across the street from where the fireworks were shot off) and watched the firework splendor with cousins and extended family. My sister and I would alwasy try to "call" the fireworks for our own. When my fanily lived in Boise we would always go to the Boise Hawks ( semi-pro) baseball game. It was fun to watch the game, have baseball food and treats, and then watch the huge fireworks display there. Now that we live in Utah... Mitch is involved with the Firecracker Baseball Tourny in Heber and Utah County. It is fun to go watch him play ball... and then come home, make homemade ice cream and sit on our deck and watch about 3-4 different fireworks displays. I got the kidsa new shirts ( I AM past the Old Navy $5.00 specials that we had to have every year when Mitch was little) and we are going to have some friends over for treats. It is a fun holiday and every year I always say I am going to have a big extravaganza and then Mitch gets on a comp baseball team and we end up at the ball park. Someday... but for right now I am happy with our 4th of July traditions. What are yours? Do share... living away from the most of our family I am always looking to steal some great new traditions!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My total neighbor ( & BFF) was wanting to throw a b-day party for his partner, Dean and I told him I would help It is going to be a surprise luau. I am going to get everything set-up and ready and they are just going to show up when they are supposed to. I am calling all creative people to give me ideas for a little island splendor. I have already got Tonia, from over the tipsy top thinking. They are having a pig roasted and hawaiian hula and fire dancers so basically I am in charge of a dessert bar and the decorations. I already did the invitations and I have posted one below... Help me think, the pressure is on- they are gay for hell's sake! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated- although I will probably take ALL the credit. Just Kidding- well kindof.

Memory Tag...

I got this idea from Holly's blog and I thought it was really cute . I know that there are only about 3 of you that know me from real life...but we'll give it a try. This is how you play...

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

All those people that really know- me speak is not the time for blurking.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How much is that doggie in the window...NOT!

WARNING: THIS POST MIGHT OFFEND SOME OF THE ANIMAL LOVERS OUT THERE! I AM JUST EXPRESSING MY OWN OPINION AND THAT IS OKAY BECAUSE IT IS MY BLOG! I am back from an amazing week of doing NOTHING, except what I wanted to do. So great! I do have one thing I need to talk about and I hope not to offend any of you. READ THE WARNING ABOVE!!! This past week we stayed at a great resort, but I was a little perplexed when we were eating at the cute little cafe on the property when I saw a waiter bringing in a dog dish. Now, I am all for using creative dishes to make a statement, but a dog dish? Upon further investigation I found that this was an animal friendly resort. There were labs in the lobby, and puppies by the pool...thank goodness there were no boarder collies nipping at every one's heels. Oh... my! I am so not an animal lover. I was relieved to find that there are never dogs allowed in building 1 and that was where our room was. There were some people that were totally freaked out about the whole animal thing. One lady that was at conference and in a building other than 3 could have sworn she had flea bites all over her body. I don't know if that was the case, but I was very glad to be in blg. #1. I am not an animal hater or tortuter or anything and as long as they aren't around me I am okay. I have three kids that I think are really cute, but I don't expect everyone in the world to agree with me... that it how it is with dogs. I don't want to love on someone else's dog... It might be cute, but I don't want it to touch, sniff, or lick me. I will keep my kids at bay if they keep their dogs to themselves too. All of my dog owning friends know that I am a little hesitant to see their dogs... Heck- Tonia even has an over the top dressed dog with a decorated room, but I still don't want to love it.. or really even like it. The powers that be are having their revenge on me , for I have a little girl that is desperate for a dog. She loves stufffed dogs and her #1 DS game is Nintedogs... The other day she was watching TV and she was crying. I wondered what was wrong and she was emotional over the Sarah McLaughlin commercial encouraging you to be some dog's angel and adopt one. She told me the one eyed dog needed us to rescue it. I wanted to tell her that it had already been put to sleep, but I just said, " Oh.. honey... Jackson and I are allergic to dogs. I am sure some really great home adopted the one eyed dog and loves it so much." Infact, the adoptive family loves it so much the took it to a 5 star resort on Coronado Island. That is where I was and this is how I stand...Sorry all you PITA bloggers. Please do come back soon... I once let my kids have a fish- Just don't ask why we still don't have it. I am not a Michael Vick, but I just don't love animals.... Sorry!