Monday, November 30, 2009

The blur...

Where to start?
The past two weeks have been a blur...
I have so much to tell and am so excited about my new holiday project...
Let me give it to you in a nutshell.
took a brush class from my new graphic artist idol, Rhonna Farrer.
Decorated 9 Christmas trees.
Had family pictures... well kindof. (my family not too cooperative)
Partied like a rock star with Viv in SLC.
Partied like a rock star with Viv in St. George.
Stayed at an amazing cabin with "just the girls" for a night.
Had Thanksgiving with 35 of the craziest/greatest people on the Earth.
Surprised some people with a little holiday boost.
Started a new project to help with the holidays.
Made 2 aprons.
Went to Ninja Assassins. ( why? Don't ask)
Dined with great friends...twice.
Laughed until my stomach hurt.
Stayed up way too late... woke up way too early.
Drank more diet Pepsi than is ever necessary...or needed!
Probably gained 15 lbs.
I will share more details and pics soon...
p.s. Thanks for all your great suggestions for my holiday tradition builder...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Let the Games begins...

Well... It has begun! The annual quest for the perfect Christmas!
Yikes! I don't love the countdown, the stress, the chaos of Christmas.
I am starting to decorate my house this week so it will be done when we return from Thanksgiving... I love to do it and how it turns out. My tree really brings me holiday joy.
I want this season to be about JOY!
Saturday Caylor and I went to the mall to do a few returns and pick up a few things...
We had the greatest lunch in a darling little ski restaurant and just sat there
watching it snow...
We talked about what we wanted for this holiday season-
I said that I wanted it to me more about the Christmas season instead
I don't want to be a recession scrooge... but it won't be the elaborate Christmases of the past.
I am doing a free online class with Jessica Sprague... Holidays in Hand and
she linked her site to this wonderful little chunk of Christmas Wisdom.
So... to all my 5 friends in the blogosphere...
What do you do to make the Christmas season more memorable for your family?
I want my kids to remember events and feelings rather than presents and junk.
Help me... I have got a few ideas, but need your help.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Twilight Party... Tonia Style!

She has done it again!
Thrown a party that will be talked about and remembered for all time...
(or until she throws another)
Tonia celebrated the release of New Moon by throwing a Twilight shin dig.
It was one that Stephanie Meyer would have been lucky to attend!
It was a PJ party and everyone wore some kind of Twilight themes jammies...
Tonia was sporting the "Vampire Couture"...
She is so dang creative...even her PJ's? rocked!
A week or so she dropped by the invitation...
Yes... A countdown until the New Moon release date!
On the date of Tonia's festivities... there was little reminder!
It was a celebration for friends and their daughters that love Twilight!
( I am a mean mom... it was a school night and Tonia lives far from me so... Meg didn't get to go... she didn't even know it was an option. Great! There goes my mother of the year award!)
I really didn't want to have to think of some fabulous idea for twilight PJ's... when she really has never even seen the movie... enough explaining- SHE DIDN'T GO!
Tonia had fabulous games, Twilight/ New Moon trivia, her tables were AMAZING...
and she even had Italian Food in honor of Bella's Mushroom Ravioli!
Tonia expressed how she loves to throw parties and this was our holiday gift from her... it came from the heart and ALL of the preparations were a labor of love.
She is AMAZING... I am lucky to be her friend!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Wow! Where to begin?
This past weekend was SPARK...
An Amazing weekend revolving around..
Friends... some old, but mostly new
Creative Play

It was held at This is the Place Monument...

and it really was "THE PLACE"!

Everything was decorated so beautifully... the classes and vendors were amazing!

The friendship sparks flew and I met creative women from all over the country!

I was so glad that I had the opportunity to attend...
It was a creative journey for me.
I learned new things... met great people... looked inside myself...
These are a few pictures I stole from Elizabeth Kartchner and Margie Aslett...

This weekend I really appreciated the ability and the love I have for everything creative...
Can I do somethings...yes...
Can I do all things...NO... and that is how I will continue to learn and improve!
Thanks to Margie Aslett, Rhonna Farrer, Elizabeth Kartchner, & Jefra Linn for an amazing event!
Can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Eagles are #1!

When I first had Mitch, Caylor was still playing college football and I thought it was so cute to have a boy... "someday he'll play football too... in a long long time"
Well time has flown! FAST!
Mitch's team played in the championship football MINIBOWL game on Saturday night.
Mitch looks so much like Caylor it almost freaks me out. Their mannerisms and body movements are SO MUCH ALIKE... especially in his football uniform. I am taken back in time!
The game was so much fun and exciting...It was worth missing trick or treat!
The Eagles won 7-0!
The team we beat was the only loss we had during the regular season...and they beat us really bad- 20-0.
Mitch played Quarterback and did a great job.
He really didn't want to play QB, but ended up leading the team this year!
We were so proud of him! I can't believe he is so big and next year he will be in high school! Where has the time gone?
I have to give a shout out to Caylor's parents, Carlyle and Barbara... they get the award for the #1 fans. They live in St. George, but have come up the past three weekends to watch the games. It helps that Barb works for SkyWest, but it is still a huge sacrifice for them to make. Last weekend they missed the flights and had to drive up Saturday afternoon and then drive home again on Sunday afternoon. Carlyle was so excited for Mitch and was so proud of him! Their effort really meant alot to Mitch and Caylor.

Mitch is sad for football to be over... he doesn't play basketball so both he and Jacks are now just waiting and praying for snow so the next season can begin. Bring on the snowboards!