Monday, May 25, 2009

Hair Today.. .Gone Tomorrow!

Holy Moly! I did it!
I cut all my hair off!
I got in Dean's chair... we chatted about it... and I did it!
A little crazy!
I don't really know how to do it...
I hope I don't look like a goof...
My kids didn't like it...
Caylor said he did...
What do you think?
Well... Maybe I am not going to put it out there, seeing that there is a massive amount of hair in some garbage somewhere and I can't glue it all back on.
So if you hate it just don't leave a comment...
p.s. nice self picture... forgive me! I am a crappy photographer

Friday, May 22, 2009

A new DO...

I am off to visit Dean... my hairstylist & neighbor extraordinaire!
What to do...
What to do?
I think I am ready for something different, but
since I hide behind my hair I can 't go
TOO drastic. No pixie-cut!
Maybe I will just get a trim...maybe a mohawk?
Maybe a little color?
Who knows...
One time I got some crazy red and blond highlights...
Caylor called it "Amy and the Amazing Technicolor Hair-do"... thanks hon...
I think he would like me to go back to the long spiral curly slutty, heavy metal chick crawling on the Jag hair- do I had when we were dating... good-bye 80's.
Although... I did rock the big hair and am waiting on pins and needles for it to come back.
So that leaves me with... what to do?
I don't think a new hairdo comes with a new body and brand new wardrobe...
Well... here's to the new or old DO...
We'll see!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Touched my Heart...

This week I have had the opportunity to see life from a different perspective...
My dear friend's daughter placed a baby for adoption.
I went to the hospital and saw her darling daughter, the precious baby, and even got to meet the new adoptive mother.
It was such an amazing thing... I am just awestruck at the maturity and graciousness of this most perfect gift.
I watched as the new adoptive mom held and primped and loved that baby...
I was so excited for her.... She is amazing! The perfect pick!
I then watched as the birth mom held and looked, and just loved that baby.
My heart has been breaking for two days, yet happy and proud at the same time.
Adoption is such a miracle!
I truly believe it is another part of God's plan in creating families.
I am praying for the darling sweet young girl... as her body and soul heals and her future is bright!
I am also celebrating for the adoptive family and their new joy.
I am glad that I had a glimpse into this situation... it was amazing and heart wrenching and wonderful all at the same time!
There are such selfless people in the world...
This 19 year old girl taught me a huge lesson.
I aspire to be as good!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miss Saigon...

Last Saturday I roped Caylor into taking me to Miss Saigon at the Pioneer Theater...
It was so great! I have seen it 4 times now and still love it!
The music was great, the actors were great, and overall...GREAT!
I was impressed with the performance!
Caylor was a good sport to go with me... he isn't what you would call a real lover of the arts.
I cried at the end...duh!
I love musical theater... Now I am listening to the soundtrack nonstop on my ipod-
Doing a little bit of research about the Vietnam War ( remember I am a History NERD!)
A little obsessed ...again
I love this play!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Day Mitch!

Mother's Day was extra special this year...
It was Mitch's birthday!
I have officially been a mother for 15 years!
YIKES! I am not that old!
Here is a little about Mitch...
(anyone sickened by mothers braggin about their kids turn away now!)
He is a funny kid...Mitch has had a GREAT sense of humor since he was a little boy!
He loves to tease little kids and little kids LOVE him... he is kind and makes them feel big!
He LOVES sports! It is what he lives and breathes! Caylor's parents flew up on Saturday to watch his baseball games...he was so excited and pleased to play for his #1 fans!
For his birthday he got airfare and expenses to go to Hawaii with his buddy, Walter, to a football camp. He is so excited! Walter's dad is a football coach at Utah State and is one of the guest coaches at the camp. We have been so excited for this opportunity for Mitch... We have also been laughing that he will be the little white kid being mowed by all the big Poly kids. It will be good for him....He said he is scared. He is a great athlete and will be able to hold his own.
He is goofy... this pic was for a science project where he had to show his "niches" or his jobs. He hurried to put on one of my aprons for dramatic effect. He is a goofball...but quite a bit of fun!
He has gotten so big lately... this was the first day of school this year 8th grade.... braces and all!
Like I said... GOOFY! And now he has a best friend, Walter, who is just as goofy...
He is fully addicted to texting... just a regular teenager!
I can't believe my boy is 15 and growing up so fast. I am so proud of him... He is a good kid and we love him so much.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jessica Sprague Alchemy ROCKS!

Hey there... I wanted to give a huge shout out to Jessica Sprague and her amazing hybrid for dummies classes.
Well... unless you count Mitch's pathetic 1994-96 book with Mrs. Grossman stickers scrapbooking.
I didn't even give into it when, as Caylor called it"Pebbles in my Panties", hit it big in St. George.
Anyway... I found the greatest hybrid scrapbooking class online here
It was soo easy and fun!
Here are a few pages from the book I made Viv for mothers day...
It turned out great (especially for my first attempt.)

It started when I was just born and went through the really great pics of us in 70's & 80's!
We were totally hot and dressed so cute!

The kit was so easy... I got to be creative and pick the paper and colors I wanted to use and then I just had to follow her VERY specific directions on the technique. I learned so much about Adobe Elements ... I'll bet I could even design one myself now, she is such a good teacher.
It ended with a current photo of Viv and the girls...
It was a fun gift to make and give!
If you are at all interested in mixing digital scrapbooking with the traditional 3d kind... for sure check out Jessica Sprague.
I have taken 2 classes and learned SOOOOO much.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh.. the places you'll go!

My little apron is all grown up...
You know how designers and clothing people like stars to wear their stuff...
Last week I made an apron for my friend, Margie...
( ya' know my famous scrapbooking I sound like a name dropper, good!)
It was super sassy...zebra, pink, and green!
She wanted it because she had a few scrapbooking events and for once didn't have to wear a corporate apron...
She wore it to St. Louise and met with the one and only, Mary Englebreit...
( who sent her assistant over to tell Margie she like the apron)
And then she wore it to Atlanta...
They were having a big auction for breast cancer awareness...
she sold the apron for $400.00
She also sold one yet to be made for $260.00
AMAZING... it is just my little apron!
It was a sassy apron, a great personality, and a good cause!
This is Margie and the babe that "won" the apron...
Overall they raised $4000 for TATAs
Great work!