Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Full Bloom... Baby Shower!

You all know how much I love a good party...
Last Saturday I attended a baby shower that
was completely OVER THE MOON!
The Shower was given by Cindy Woodward, Tasha Lemmon & Kim Chournos.
The Theme was "In Full Bloom" &
everything about the party bloomed SPRING!
I made the invitations for them... I loved the House of 3

This is Adie Mitchell... Scentsy Queen Extraordinaire
& Darling Mother- to- be...
This giant flower was hanging on the door & welcomed the guests- AMAZING!

This was the buffet's floral centerpiece. You can't really tell, but those are huge moss butterflies and spring blossoms coming out of the top.

The food tasted as delicious as it looked!

A full view of the buffet...

Now... Let's talk desserts!
The dessert table... to end all dessert tables!
I don't know if that is Mother nature representing Spring or the Sugar Plum Fairy, but it was all so- well...
Did I mention that it even tasted better than it looked too?

The take home favors were home-made butter mints, rock-sugar suckers, and white chocolate popcorn...
tied up in pink organza bags- of course!
This was really a baby shower for a princess.
We were all so glad that Baby Maren is on her way...
It was the greatest reason to

Monday, April 26, 2010

School Days...School Days!

I have got to be up early...
It's a school day for me!
That's right... I am headed to class today!
I am taking a relicensure class this whole week-
to be re-certified as a high school teacher.
I think by the end I will be "certifiable"...
Probably crazy- wait... for sure crazy!
There is nothing better than a few education classes to get the blood pumping.
Oh, yeah... That is why I taught High School... content area.
NOT so many Ed. classes

I did prepare early... I got a cute notebook so I could be like Elle Woods- only I am not blonde.
I wish I had a fancy zebra laptop or something...

I have got so many things I wanted to blog about...
My first Party Planning...Inspiration Board,
My new Silhouette cutting machine,
The most amazing baby shower I have ever seen,
My old neighbor that is new again,
etc. etc. etc...
But instead I am headed to be a college girl for a week.
No, I am not living in the dorms... I am what you call a
non-traditional or re-entry student.
I don't think I will RUSH for any sorority.
Wish me luck and think of me...
sitting in absolute Education Class boredom!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life's a Party!

If you haven't already guessed that I love to entertain then...
let me explain...
I REALLY like to throw parties!
My motto in life is,
"Life is a Party... and I'm Hosting"
I am always ready for a good time!
I am going to offer a Custom Party Planning Board.
I love thinking up and researching fun party ideas.
You tell me what kind of party you're throwing and I will assemble an "inspiration" board especially for you. This will be complete with pictures and ideas for food, invitations, favors, activities and decor!
Each board will be $35.00 and you can choose an email file or a hard copy packet sent to your house.
Email me for specific details at
Let me help you plan your next event!
I am calling out to you all...
"Life is a party... and YOU are hosting!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Party On!

Spring Cleaning for a purpose!
It is time to get all your closets and attics clean in search of
the perfect thing to SWAP!
I know you are all sick of hearing about this concept...
BUT it just keeps getting bigger and bigger
and better and better!
I loved the whole Swap Til You Drop GLAM version
I did for Studio 5...
I am really in love with my new party with a VINTAGE VIBE-
I designed for my class at Dear Lizzie.
I have got fun party decoration ideas...
Amazing handouts and things you can just color copy top have your own party...
We are going to make and take two fabulous favors!
I used all of Margie's paper and let me tell you...
It would be worth it just to come play with her products!
This is the one stop shop
for everything you will need to throw your own party.
I am making it easy for you... to party on!
Remember.. Life is a party and you are hosting!
See you and all your girlfriends at Dear Lizzie TONIGHT!
Call for registration... 801-492-0022

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two different parties...ONE fun place!

Here is a little sneak peek...
at the new party model I have designed for my class at Dear Lizzie!
Not only am I going to share the original glammed out version of my "Shop Till You Drop" party... I have designed a completely new party, with a vintage vibe!
I am so excited I just had to give a little glimpse at what I have got going ... Here are some of my inspiration pieces. Thanks to Margie and the Girl's Paperie for the photo!
You will get TWO party models, 2 favors that we are going to make and take right in the class, party ideas,
treats, & a darn good time!
Bring your friends and make it a girl's night out.. plus you get a 15% off your entire boutique purchase... Does it get any better?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010... Sand Hollow Sand Dunes

I usually really like where I live...
When it says "Spring" on the calender-
(Notice I say when it says Spring on the calender because I would never know it looking outside my window at the SNOW!)
I get homesick for BlUE sKiEs & ReD rOckS!
St. George has the corner on the market for Spring!
Our little family left the cold
and headed South for Spring Break...
We met up with the entire fam-damily for a little Easter Picnic at the Sand Hollow Sand Dunes.
We all rallied in the RHINOS and had a great time!
We had over 40 people...
3 Snow families, 2 Spilsbury families, 1 Fillmore gang, 1 Dalley bunch, & 2 herds of Nelsons.
3 grandmas, 2 grandpas, 15 kids, many aunts, many uncles, 6 RHINOS, hundreds of Easter eggs, food for an army, lots of laughs, many pictures & a Happy Easter!
Here is the oldest...Grandma Connie and the youngest... Briggs.
Briggs didn't worry if there was a little Dixie red sand
on his food...infact, I think his diapers will be sand blasted for a long time.
So many fun cousins! These kids were BRAVE! There was a 50 foot cliff right behind them.
This is a picture of all the kids right before the Easter Egg hunt!
There were some VERY golden eggs... Mitch made over $50.00!
Caylor & Connie were just chillin' at the Sand Dunes!
kids, kids, kids...
They all hiked up on a cliff and were chucking Easter Eggs...
Grandma Viv said we were going to "roll Easter Eggs"... she just didn't think off a mountain!
All in all it was a fabulous was to spend Easter!
Lots of family, friends, and FUN!