Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Party On!

Spring Cleaning for a purpose!
It is time to get all your closets and attics clean in search of
the perfect thing to SWAP!
I know you are all sick of hearing about this concept...
BUT it just keeps getting bigger and bigger
and better and better!
I loved the whole Swap Til You Drop GLAM version
I did for Studio 5...
I am really in love with my new party with a VINTAGE VIBE-
I designed for my class at Dear Lizzie.
I have got fun party decoration ideas...
Amazing handouts and things you can just color copy top have your own party...
We are going to make and take two fabulous favors!
I used all of Margie's paper and let me tell you...
It would be worth it just to come play with her products!
This is the one stop shop
for everything you will need to throw your own party.
I am making it easy for you... to party on!
Remember.. Life is a party and you are hosting!
See you and all your girlfriends at Dear Lizzie TONIGHT!
Call for registration... 801-492-0022


Just SO said...

Oh that looks like it's going to be lovely!

Garden of Egan said...

Looks pretty enticing!
I am excited to see the finished products!

tammy said...

I'm loving the vintage. You might have to get rid of that bird for Vanessa though.

Collette said...

this stuff is all so very cute. i hope your night was a success! you amaze me, you are so, so talented. Show off!!!!

kado! said...

i LOVE what you've done! i wish I lived closer to get in on all the fun action!

Suzie said...

I hope tonight went well!
LOVE Dear Lizzie.