Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Day Tonia!

Anyone who says birthday parties are only for kids has never met Tonia!
Tonia is the queen of fun
For her birthday a few of us had a day of fun with her.
First we all got pedicures...
It was so much fun to all sit together and get pedis
We were all having a hard time deciding if we should bag our other cute shoes and just go for the orange flip-flops for the rest of the day... decisions, decisions!

Next we went to Nordstrom Bistro for lunch...
As we were seated we all found a plethora of birthday goodness.
Tonia had made us all glitter cups and other goodies for a surprise for us. Her man, Mike, had brought them to Nordstom before we got there. There is nothing like a hot guy carrying a bag full of glitter cups into Nordstom for a birthday bash for his wife... so cute!
Tonia is a great friend... She is the most creative, generous, and amazing babe I know.
Happy Day, Tonia!
I can't wait for your party next year!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I want to be a Twenties Girl...

Yeah! I just finished it... Sophie Kinsella's newest novel
Twenties Girl
I love, love, love Sophie Kinsella... author of the FABULOUS Confessions of a Shopaholic series.
If you are a Sophie fan then you are in for a treat! Twenties Girl is true to form... a delightful heroine, a wacky love twist, and a wild British adventure. This time there is a crazy flapper- girl ghost named, Sadie. This is the cutest book ever! It is a light read... won't solve the problems of the world, but will make you forget about your problems and loads of laundry for a minute or two GO get it... enjoy the read! You will be so glad you did!
(p.s.- It is 400+ pages and I read it in a day...oops...sorry responsibilities)

Monday, August 10, 2009

CKU... What a trip!

Saturday night I returned home from living a rockstar life!
I went to CKU with the talented Margie Romney-Aslett...
Now, I knew she was famous because I googled her and found out she had her own shirt.
But... I didn't realize how famous she really was and how famous her friends were.
Let me tell you... She knows people... and people know her!
(And worship her)
All kidding aside, I had a wonderful time. I met some great people and really enjoyed my 2 day mini-vacay!
I took Miss Margie a glitter cup and everyone at CKU went wild!
I think the glitter cup rage has reared up again... it had a celebrity endorsement!
The most hilarious part about the whole weekend was that I was hanging out with Scrapbooking royalty ( Tim Holtz, Debby Schuh, Elizabeth Karchner, Teresa Collins, etc...)and because I didn't even know who they were, I couldn't be star struck. We went out to dinner and people were sending over drinks and desserts to our table. Just like the movies... no kidding! They were all the Nicest, most creative people ever!
I had a great time and am so lucky Margie took me along to hold her purse...
(just kidding... inside joke!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I am hung over!
I stayed up reading last night and now I am hungover!
When I was little this picture was in my grandma's house and I think it seriously affected me!
I go through phases in my life when I just can't seem to put books down.
I am in one right now...
I finished a hard read on Tuesday night, read most of another book yesterday... and then started another one about 9:00 and read until 2:00 am.
Why can't I get on a laundry binge... or an exercise binge... or something that is going to help the status of my house and butt?
I know I sound like such a slug to say that I think reading is my favorite sport- I am not a real athletic kind of girl.
I love the book To Kill A Mockingbird, and I totally relate to the statement Scout makes about reading... She couldn't remember not knowing how to read, it was like breathing.
I learned to read the month before I turned 4... I had a funny old great aunt that was a reading teacher at a middle school and she LOVED to teach kids to read.
I was a total NERD in Kindergarten, because I took the Children's Friend to read at recess.
I taught English for 10 years and loved it... nothing better than being constantly enrolled in a literature class!
But... don't think for a minute that I am a classics reader OR a self-help reader... NO WAY. I don't really like science fiction either. I am not quite a Harlequin Romance reader, but give me some stupid Chick Lit and I am all over it. Historical Lit is by far my favorite... remember I am a history nerd too!
Is this something that I could say is a disease and blame for my messy house and full hampers?
Do you think the Relief Society would come in and help me deal with the problems associated with my disease... ( ya know, clean my house while I read)
Today I am going to do 4 batches of laundry and whip through my house before I pick up the book I started last night... well maybe 2 batches of laundry!
Is there anyone else that is a book worm? If so, what have you read.
( I am almost out of books)

Monday, August 3, 2009

An Update...

Whew! We have had the busiest summer of our lives!
I thought when we got back from Hawaii our lives would be settled a bit and we could relax in July... NOT SO! Today marks only the third -7 day stretch that I have been home this whole summer. July proved to be just as crazy! Here is what we have been up to lately...
We had the Tournament of Champions in Park City over the 24th of July weekend. Viv had the condo in Park City that week so all of my family reunited and had a great time. Cousins, bike rides, swimming, the Alpine Slide, puzzles, treats, and the Baja Cantina... it just doesn't get any better than that!
When we got home from Park City we had to hustle to get Mitch ready to go on TREK. The youth of our church went to Martin's Cove in Wyoming and participated in the whole pioneer thing for 4 days. I was excited for Mitch to go, but he wasn't as thrilled. I tried to tell him that it would be an amazing experience and he told me that boys don't have experiences, only girls do. WHATEVER! He had a great time- He said it was the hardest thing ever, but he was glad he went. I am very proud of him for being a good sport and going!
While Mitch was pulling a handcart... Jacks, Meg and I were going to movies, hanging out and enjoying a relaxing summer!

We were somewhat sad baseball is over. Mitch hung up his Crusher's jersey for good... next year he will try to play with the high school automotive team. soo...
Out with the old-

and, In with the NEW!
Today Mitch starts football season and it is a total commitment... practice everyday! So... no more trips or travel. We have got to wind the summer down, shop for school clothes, and get ready to be organized and structured again!
Yeah! It is the best time of year!
Football and new school clothes mean Fall... I just can't wait!