Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gooney Bird Greene?

Gooney Bird Greene? NO... Meggie!
This is the day Meg has been waiting for all. year. long.
Gooney Bird Green dress up day.
Her teacher read the books to them aloud in school and Meg has absolutely LOVED them!
I think GBG is the Pippi Longstockings of this generation- How I LOVED Pippi! I wanted to go to Villa Villekulla and hang with Tommy and Annika and Mr. Nelson!
I need to read the books and get caught up on pop culture- 2nd grade 2010 style.
Meg tells me all the time I am so out of it!

Her outfit consisted of leggins, Pants cut off at different lengths, hiking boots, a ballet tutu, underarmor, her swimming suit top, a bright shrug, different socks ( GBG doesn't feel comfortable in matching socks... I heard this all morning) and a diamond ring. Meg was so mad I didn't have long black gloves just hanging around... If she would have told me... I would have! GBG wears under wear on her head, but the teacher put the brakes on that idea. Meg was so excited and I was glad that she was loving the character from a book. Yeah reading...
ps I have read 11.5 of my 52 books this year!
I am still a bookworm and it all started with Pippi Longstocking!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


A friend gave me something with this quote...
I love it...
"I am only as strong as...
the caffeine I drink,
The hairspray I use,
& the girlfriends I choose!"
This past Friday I hosted a little girlfriend party...
Here are a few pictures before all the ladies arrived...
There was a theme and a very special purpose-
but I can't talk about it right now...
More on that a little later.
(Believe me... you'll hear plenty about it from me in a bit)
This was right by my front door...

For good fortune... chocolate always makes a better one!

My table...

Beverage Anyone?... Diet Coke and Crystal Light... Plus check out the apothecary filled with COTTON CANDY...
I had a dear friend find out about this and brought a huge jar filled with cotton candy... she rented the machine and made the cotton candy. My friends are the best!
Meggie's pink and black beach cruiser made a cute welcome parked by the front door.
Who can resist zebra balloons? NOT ME!

A close up of the swag bag... the tag has the cutest brush by the ever so talented Rhonna Farrer...

More cotton candy...
This was a party that was a HUGE deal in my life (more details later) and I am so appreciative for friends that celebrated a pretty special event with me. It meant so much to me to have people there rejoicing and happy for me. Positive energy works... so thanks... Vanessa, Courtney, Collette, Kellie, Tiffani, Sandi, Suzanne, Marla, Kim, Tonia, Kim, Angie! I missed Margie, Cindy, Tasha & Kami... next time- for sure!
The quote at the beginning of this post is the truth!
It is a good thing I drink lots of Diet Pepsi, have some serious schlack for hairspray, and have such great friends that are able to be happy for me in life's little celebrations!
p.s. I will have more pics of the babes that attended...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catch up... has been a bit since my last post... I have been a little crazy as of late.
Can you say President's Day Weekend?
Plus I have been working on a new little project- I will explain more about it later...

We had a little Superbowl gathering with the Lancaster family...
they are so cute and so fun to be with!
I made some football cupcakes.
All I can say is... I am not going to be giving "Sprinkles" any competition any time soon. I am NOT a baker!
I was rooting for the team that had the most points... I swapped sides a few times. We had a fun time!
Meg and I did lots of little Valentine projects...
This is a photo of Meggie before going to the Lion House to a birthday tea party... She LOVED it!
For Meg's class Valentine we did a smaller version of the candy bars I posted earlier. We had to do a girl version and a boy version because Med didn't want the boys to have any pink on their Valentine...only red.
Here is the girl's...
and the boy's version...

We also made some Valentine Fortune Cookies with special messages in them... Some were pink others white a few brown...all with sprinkles! We packaged them in Chinese take-out containers tied up with Valentine messy bows.
I think we were the only people in this state that weren't in St. George for the holiday weekend... We went to movies, snowboarding, had a few visitors and just kicked back all weekend. It was PERFECT!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here are the winners of my little Valentine Give-Away...
I called Vanessa and asked her for 4 numbers between 1-34.

These are her lucky numbers... I guess they are your lucky numbers too...

Thanks for all those that left Valentines ideas... there were some great ones! Now I am just looking for someone to do Meg's Valentine school party... anyone? anyone?

Friday, February 5, 2010

A few friends...

At the beginning of last week Jacks started asking if he could have a few friends over...
It began with about three of four...
and it ended up 20?
Jacks has some really cute friends...boys and girls-
that all hang out together every weekend.
I have noticed that the girls are on the cusp of being teenagers - cool and older...
and the boys are still just kindof dorky!
Maybe wearing shoes in my house would have been cleaner
than the pile of shoes by the front door.
They had pizza and snacks and then watched a scary movie..
I knew it had to be PG or PG-13 at the most so I let Jacks get
The Sixth Sense... oops I forgot just how scary that movie really is!
I had 20 kids screaming and hiding behind pillows!
I guess that is one way to get out of having a party... no mother will allow their child to come to a video party at my house because their tween had to sleep with them due to the scary movie I allowed. OOPS... MY BAD!
Overall... it was a fun night. Kindof loud and crazy, but Caylor was out of town and Mitch was at a friends house so I allowed it to just be what it was.
I am glad Jacks has such a fun group of friends...especially because it isn't at my house again for a while.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Candy Bars...

Last fall my friend Tonia and I were in Park City at a darling little boutique
& saw some specialty giant candy bars.
I was all over them... loved them... until I turned one over and saw the price...$15.00!
I just about died... so I took a mental picture and have been duplicating it for just a few dollars ever since.
They make the greatest little gift or party favor.
Here are my first few for Valentines Day...
A few scrapbook supplies from The Girl's Loft...
A giant candy bar from the grocery store...
a little creativity...
& TA-DA... A Giant Valentine Candy Bar...
I am going to do a Valentines Give-Away...
So leave me a comment with your favorite Valentine idea and I will send you a special
Valentine Box of goodness...
1 comment per person...
Shout me out for one more name in the old Valentine hat...
Happy Day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Have a wait, don't!

This week I learned a new word... TABLESCAPES!
To think for all these years I have been calling the crap on my
Tablescapes is such a sophisticated word.
Friday I was trying to get motivated to clean my house and I saw a jar of peppermint candies with a messy bow from Christmas that I needed to take downstairs to storage... I incorporated a bit of red this year and I guess I was still incorporating it.
I thought "that is cute ribbon... if it had pink in it? I wonder....hmmm..."
I need to state that I DON'T love hearts, therefore, I have never decorated for Valentines Day.
Well... I got the idea to add a little pink ribbon to my Christmas stuff and buy a few thousand dollars worth of pink M&Ms and I would maybe put out a few holiday seasonals.
I only spend $20 dollars or so ( besides the M&Ms) and have a new Valentines Day TABLESCAPE!
I decorated my entry table and my kitchen table in pink and red.
I didn't buy one thing with a heart and I still pulled it off!
( I had a few things given to me with hearts... but I haven't bought one)
A few red frames and some pics of my little loves... easy peasy.
Candles and apothecary jars with candy...done!
I am not a pink I used hot pink and red.
I used lips and other items instead of hearts.
I think this is going to be a good thing & it took my mind off of cleaning my house.
Once I start to decorate I want to clean so it all looks so nice.
I killed two birds with one stone!
So... Have a heart, no wait... don't.