Friday, February 5, 2010

A few friends...

At the beginning of last week Jacks started asking if he could have a few friends over...
It began with about three of four...
and it ended up 20?
Jacks has some really cute friends...boys and girls-
that all hang out together every weekend.
I have noticed that the girls are on the cusp of being teenagers - cool and older...
and the boys are still just kindof dorky!
Maybe wearing shoes in my house would have been cleaner
than the pile of shoes by the front door.
They had pizza and snacks and then watched a scary movie..
I knew it had to be PG or PG-13 at the most so I let Jacks get
The Sixth Sense... oops I forgot just how scary that movie really is!
I had 20 kids screaming and hiding behind pillows!
I guess that is one way to get out of having a party... no mother will allow their child to come to a video party at my house because their tween had to sleep with them due to the scary movie I allowed. OOPS... MY BAD!
Overall... it was a fun night. Kindof loud and crazy, but Caylor was out of town and Mitch was at a friends house so I allowed it to just be what it was.
I am glad Jacks has such a fun group of friends...especially because it isn't at my house again for a while.


Cherie said...

How fun! I have 5 kids - 3 are in college now but some of the most fun we have had as parents has been having groups of teens over.
You'll be glad they are at your house - you must have a cool house and be a cool mom!! - so you can enjoy and monitor!

Looks like a great group of kids ;D

P.S. I still think the 6th Sense is scary but oh so good!

tammy said...

You're such a fun mom.

The Garden of Egan said...

I'm just tired thinking about all the dang giggling! Don't they giggle a ton?
Looks like it was fun times for those kids. Way to be the coolest mom on the block!
Yay, they took their shoes off at the door. Maybe messy looking but then they all took them when they left and your floors weren't as dirty as they potentially could have been.
Shoes off in the house is a big deal for case you couldn't tell.
I wish my family would take their shoes off!

Just SO said...

I think that your letting them watch Sixth Sense was a very wise move on your part. You are a much cooler mom than me. Two friends is my limit.

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