Monday, August 30, 2010

To teach or not to teach... that is the question...

Last weekend I got an unexpected phone call...
It was from the principal at Meg's elementary.
She knew that I just got re certified and was going to substitute teach a bit,
and wondered if I wanted to go back to work- half time.
She knew a Jr. High that needed a half time English teacher,
she'd already called the principal, and told me to call him... he was waiting for my call.
It took me a minute to process the information...
Did I really want to go back to work?
Half time would be great... every other day.
I talked to the Principal and told him I would get my resume packet into the district.
Last week I rushed around getting all my information...
transcripts, letters of recommendation, resume, etc
I interviewed on Wednesday at the district office and then Friday with the Principal.
I haven't heard anything...
I don't think I got the job.
I am okay either way... I can still sub- or not
I really like my days...
It was a crazy week, and I was a little nervous about going back to the classroom,
It has been 5 years- can I still do it?
I think it is good...whatever!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Boys of Fall

Today High Schools all across the state are having their opening football game.
Mitch's team has a scrimmage... for high school football!
His first official game is next week. I can't wait!
It just seems like yesterday he was all jazzed to finally get to play TACKLE football WITH pads!
We thought we were practically in the NFL... and with each level it has gotten even more fun.
Football is just one of the many reasons I LOVE FALL!
My friend, Collette, told me about this song... when I heard it I got a little teary!
When I saw the video I got a lot teary...
I know... Cheezy!
I'm not really even a country fan...
BTW... My only brother looks JUST like Kenny Chesney!

In our house football is THE sport of choice!
My father-in-law played college ball...
Caylor played college ball... even after we were married...
One of Caylor's brothers played in college.
All of the family LOVES the sport.
I didn't love it or even know what the heck was going on until I married in... I was so lame about football I wondered if a punt was for more downs or points. My father-in-law wondered what he'd allowed into his family.
Last year Caylor's parents made it up for most of Mitch's rec league games.
It meant so much to him.... This year POP is having a few health issues and doesn't know if he'll be able to come up. We hope so!
Bring on the Friday Night Lights...
To us... this IS the big time!
Here are just a few ideas to get you in the game day spirit!

The first idea came from Celebrations. I made them for our Super Bowl party last year... super easy and fun! The next pic I just found on the Internet... from Joy's Chef Service... the frosting bag and I don't really get along too well... so I haven't tried this one ...yet. These would be so cute for any age football team OR a game watching soiree.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Tell-Tale Signs...

Although it is still a thousand degrees outside...
I can tell that the summer is winding down.
I am a little more cranky with the 3 meals a day being served &
the constant quest for fun and friends.
I have been school shopping... LOVE IT!
Getting a shopping fix AND serving a purpose equals win in my book!
The school clothes and shoes are sitting in the guest bedroom.
At our house... no new school clothes until SCHOOL STARTS!
The boys think it is a dumb policy and Meg just looks at them each day in anticipation.
I am getting ready to document the first day of school and MAYBE do a scrap book page to go next to the VERY last scrap book page I did.. ( Last year's first day of school)
The moms of my neighborhood are all making plans to get together "when life returns to normal and the kids go back to school"... It cracks me up that we were all soooo ready for school to be out and now we are all clamoring for structure.
Caylor was so happy on Sunday... There was an NFL game on TV. He said he can finally be happy again. ( In JEST, of course... I think)
Mitch has started playing HIGH SCHOOL football... YIKES am I that old?
Two-a-day practices have started this week.
He is begging for ICY-HOT.
We get to watch his first game next Wednesday...
Jackson is getting ready to take the Jr. High by storm...
He has big plans I tell you, BIG plans!
I will never have two kids in the same school again...
Well until they are all in Harvard together, at least!
But... This leads me to the very best thing...
I have noticed the stores are starting to carry their Halloween wares!
Oh... My beating heart be still.
I love fall!
I am all about decorating and celebrating the very best season of the year!
I got into my Halloween box last week to borrow Margie a few things for her Halloween line in her CHA booth. I got feeling a little giddy and then when I saw a new witch's boot at Tai Pan I felt a LOT giddy!
I just love this time of year...
I can't wait to get out all my Fall/ Halloween decor and plan a few
spooky... witchy... harvesty gatherings!
I just wonder how my walnut stained wood front door is going to look painted orange?

Monday, August 9, 2010

My first Guest Blogging GIG!

I have been published!
I know it doesn't count on my own blog...
but how about someone else's?
Like this...
I was so excited when I got an email from the amazingly talented
Chris Nease, of Celebrations at Home, asking me to be a guest blogger on on her blog.
She wanted me to do a DIY-type post on the "SWAP TILL YOU DROP"
party I threw for Studio 5.
Let me tell you... it made my day! I look at her blog faithfully... everyday she has some amazing party featured. I have gleaned many an inspiration from this site! So... you can imagine how flattered and jazzed I was last Friday to be her guest blogger.
It was a fun experience.
I have got to get back to work thinking of something else I can guest blog about... maybe organization or laundry efficiency or food storage? Oh... that 's right I need a guest blogger to enlighten ME on those topics. I guess I can't win them all!

Friday, August 6, 2010


In just 34 days... The Creative EVENT of the year is going to take place...
I am a creative partner and am so excited with all the things Margie, Rhonna & Liz have planned.
Amazing teachers, entertainment, food, atmosphere, spark sisters... It is going to be something that you DON'T want to miss!
Here is the video from last year- STUNNING!

SPARK from Jmills ENT. Jeremy Miller on Vimeo.

I have also thrown in the catalyst... really the original spark that lit this creative fuse!
This is a video that I have seen a million times, and yet I still get teary when I watch it.
There are a few spots left... If you are at all contemplating this at all... DO IT!
It will NOT disappoint.
You will be a better person...
Embrace your creativity and get your SPARK on!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pardon me... Do you happen to have any BLING?

I live in a world where everyone around me is 100% prepared for
any sort of natural disaster.
Most people have 2 years supply of food... coke & chocolate!
The other day I was at my sister's house-
She was putting the finishing seams in a darling bike basket liner for her mother-in-law.
I thought something was missing so I asked her for a little bling to snaz it up a bit.
Doesn't everyone have an emergency stash of rhinestones and ribbon?
I am so glad she has her stash of whole grain wheat and rice, but I was a little stressed to find out that she is ill prepared with bling!
We were able to refashion some ribbon from a mother's day gift... some ting-ting from her Christmas tree, and a flower out of the scraps of fabric and make do... but it really would have rocked with some killer gems fastened here and there!
She was so shocked by my level of annoyance... She kept saying that she was the mother of boys...Weak defense!
I know what I am getting both of my sisters AND sister-in-law for Christmas! A small container with ribbon, a variety of gems, a little ting-ting and some kind of flower.
You never know when an embellishment emergency is going to strike!