Friday, August 20, 2010

Boys of Fall

Today High Schools all across the state are having their opening football game.
Mitch's team has a scrimmage... for high school football!
His first official game is next week. I can't wait!
It just seems like yesterday he was all jazzed to finally get to play TACKLE football WITH pads!
We thought we were practically in the NFL... and with each level it has gotten even more fun.
Football is just one of the many reasons I LOVE FALL!
My friend, Collette, told me about this song... when I heard it I got a little teary!
When I saw the video I got a lot teary...
I know... Cheezy!
I'm not really even a country fan...
BTW... My only brother looks JUST like Kenny Chesney!

In our house football is THE sport of choice!
My father-in-law played college ball...
Caylor played college ball... even after we were married...
One of Caylor's brothers played in college.
All of the family LOVES the sport.
I didn't love it or even know what the heck was going on until I married in... I was so lame about football I wondered if a punt was for more downs or points. My father-in-law wondered what he'd allowed into his family.
Last year Caylor's parents made it up for most of Mitch's rec league games.
It meant so much to him.... This year POP is having a few health issues and doesn't know if he'll be able to come up. We hope so!
Bring on the Friday Night Lights...
To us... this IS the big time!
Here are just a few ideas to get you in the game day spirit!

The first idea came from Celebrations. I made them for our Super Bowl party last year... super easy and fun! The next pic I just found on the Internet... from Joy's Chef Service... the frosting bag and I don't really get along too well... so I haven't tried this one ...yet. These would be so cute for any age football team OR a game watching soiree.


Garden of Egan said...

Those are such cute ideas!

Cassie said...

I got teary watching the video too! My husband is going to love that, I can't wait to show him. Thanks for sharing.

Lainee said...

I got teary eyed too! My Landon (8 years old) started playing tackle this year. It is going to be so fun to watch. There is nothing quite like fall football!