Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Tell-Tale Signs...

Although it is still a thousand degrees outside...
I can tell that the summer is winding down.
I am a little more cranky with the 3 meals a day being served &
the constant quest for fun and friends.
I have been school shopping... LOVE IT!
Getting a shopping fix AND serving a purpose equals win in my book!
The school clothes and shoes are sitting in the guest bedroom.
At our house... no new school clothes until SCHOOL STARTS!
The boys think it is a dumb policy and Meg just looks at them each day in anticipation.
I am getting ready to document the first day of school and MAYBE do a scrap book page to go next to the VERY last scrap book page I did.. ( Last year's first day of school)
The moms of my neighborhood are all making plans to get together "when life returns to normal and the kids go back to school"... It cracks me up that we were all soooo ready for school to be out and now we are all clamoring for structure.
Caylor was so happy on Sunday... There was an NFL game on TV. He said he can finally be happy again. ( In JEST, of course... I think)
Mitch has started playing HIGH SCHOOL football... YIKES am I that old?
Two-a-day practices have started this week.
He is begging for ICY-HOT.
We get to watch his first game next Wednesday...
Jackson is getting ready to take the Jr. High by storm...
He has big plans I tell you, BIG plans!
I will never have two kids in the same school again...
Well until they are all in Harvard together, at least!
But... This leads me to the very best thing...
I have noticed the stores are starting to carry their Halloween wares!
Oh... My beating heart be still.
I love fall!
I am all about decorating and celebrating the very best season of the year!
I got into my Halloween box last week to borrow Margie a few things for her Halloween line in her CHA booth. I got feeling a little giddy and then when I saw a new witch's boot at Tai Pan I felt a LOT giddy!
I just love this time of year...
I can't wait to get out all my Fall/ Halloween decor and plan a few
spooky... witchy... harvesty gatherings!
I just wonder how my walnut stained wood front door is going to look painted orange?


Garden of Egan said...

I can't believe it's time for school to start!!!!
I'm a little jealous. I'm an empty nester and I'm feeling sad.

Not ready.
But I am excited to see that orange door!
Do it! Really!!!!!

Jan said...

Hey, I just bought that witches boot at Tai Pan. It's adorable. I love the fall as well. I was in a 5K a couple of days ago and as I went outside in the morning it felt like fall was in the air.

tammy said...

I'm feeling the need to go to TaiPan and hit their Halloween stuff. Maybe I'll be making a day trip up before Oct!!