Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards 2010

I finally got my Christmas cards out!
Whew!Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about the Holidays!
I LOVE getting cards in the mail!
Sometimes.. this is the only contact I have with that person all year.
I usually get their card and then call to say how I loved it and get caught up!
I think it is so fun to see their family... how big their kids are... how bald their husband is...
I usually send a two sider... with a family pic and then on the backside a little blurb... very little about what each kid is up to.
I don't love the big old long braggy letters...
Just a blurb, please!
So..... Do you send cards?
I know that it is an expense that a lot of my friends are cutting out.
It makes me sad!
I do love your Christmas cards... I hang them on my pantry door...
A little bit of Holiday cheer in the mail... LOVE IT!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Yup... I'm a Formerly!

In my quest to read 52 books this year I have come across a GREAT book.
This little jewel was recommended by my Sister- in-law.
If I didn't already love her... I would now!
This book, My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches From Just the Other Side of Young,
is amazingly accurate and hilarious!
Stephanie Dolgoff is the author... as seen here with a few of her shoes... she's got 100's of pairs!
My sister in law and I were discussing the aspect of getting older, but not quite being old OLD yet...
I may or may not be having a HUGE birthday in a matter of weeks!
I can remember when my mom turned 40.. I drove with my boyfriend to get the balloons,
and now here I am...clawing onto my 30's for 3 more weeks-
ready to drop into the abyss of my 40's.
Just kidding.. I am being overly dramatic!
This book is so damn funny and TRUE!
Here are a few items off of a a checklist she has provided to see if you properly fit into the "FORMERLY" category...
1. The kids in High School are wearing what you wore in High School.
2. Your ass is starting to need a bra.
3. You freeze bread. Like there won't be another loaf at the store when you need one.
4. You have been "ma'amed" outside of the deep South.
5. Whereas you used to be grossed out by obscene catcalls, you are now relieved first, grossed out second.
6. You suddenly prefer interior design magazines to fashion magazines.
7. A supermodel could give you one of her kidneys and you would still hate her.

This is just a sample of how right on she is about life... my life!
She defines a formerly as the "tweens" of adult life...
Not young and hot, but not middle aged either.

She gives hilarious insight on fashion, friends, and health issues.
I almost cried laughing as she described how devastated she was when a thyroid test came back normal... weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss...she had all the symptoms.
So did I... I think I was on a hidden camera when the Dr. told me I was perfectly healthy... and then she wrote about me!

This is such a great read... It is my new go-to gift for my friends in the 38-45 age range.
You'll laugh, you'll want to cry, and you'll be proud to be a FORMERLY.

Stephanie also has a blog... check it out here.
Also... here is a little link to an article about her... She's so funny!