Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When I grow up...

When I was little I wanted to reach for the stars...
I wanted to really BE something...
I knew I wanted to be a wife to a handsome man...
I knew I wanted to be a mom... I sang the song "When I grow up I want to be a mother...and have a family... 1 little, 2 little , 3 little babies of my own."
As time went on I thought I wanted to be a Marine Biologist because they got to work with dolphins... then a rock star... then a dance teacher...then a Solid Gold dancer...
I thought I wanted to be a mortician and follow in the daddy's footsteps...
I went to high school and college and decided I liked English and History and teaching...
1+1+1=3 !
I found my handsome man
& started having babies
I became a high school teacher and taught for 10 years.
Then I decided I wanted to just be a mom...
This is really what I want.. this is the best job ever!
My babies are getting big & are all in school
Sometimes I think I would like to be an aesthetician and give facials (pick zits for money)...
Somedays I like to sit and blog all day...
Somedays I like to sew or paint or play with my pictures...
I want a room of my own that I can use to create whatever I want!
I really like to entertain and throw parties.... I like my life to be a party!
It is crazy that sometimes I still wonder what I want to be when I grow up!
Will I ever grow up?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

19 years...Really?

19 years really?
I am going to let you all know just how very old I am...
19 years ago I was a Freshman at College and was on the drill team!
Made such fun friends and had such a great time!
Fast forward 19 years to NOW...
Some of us connected on Facebook and decided it was high time we got together...
Since my house is kind of centrally located (and I volunteered) we all met at my house!
So. Much. Fun!
Here is the little invitation I sent out...
I know there are weird brown things on it... but, I am in the witness protection program and can't divulge my personal information...
Here we are 20 years later...
Karla, Amy, Sarah, Tracy, Deena, Monica, Me, & Megan
We were missing a few, but we will catch them next time!
Megan drove all the way from St. George and then turned around and went back.
She wins the award for the most effort made...

Here are a few pics of the buffet... minus some of the food
It was so fun to use my new copper chafing dishes! Yahoo!

We looked at old photo books, watched a video (scary), laughed at all our BIG 80's hair, ate, saw pics of our kids (32 between us all), and got all caught up with each other...
We just didn't want it to end!
It is amazing how fast time flies...
It seems like just a few years ago we were all at Dixie College!
Thanks to everyone for making the effort to come...
Let's do it again soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Queen Mother!

Happy Birthday to the QUEEN MOTHER!
Here is a little bit about her...
She loves Mary Englebreit
My kids call her their "pot head Grandma" because she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES pots and flowers... Her whole back yard is potted flowers. One of her biggest goals in life is to work in a greenhouse.

She is a whole lot of fun! Everyone likes to go with Viv... because a good time is guaranteed!
This pic was taken at Bette Midler last summer... we had a blast!

oops... How did this picture of the Relief Society President make it on the Internet?
She is just a normal down to Earth babe!

She supports all of us in everything we do.
This was taken last weekend at Mitch's baseball game!

She has been married to my dad for 40 years...
She has stood by her man through thick and thin... and they still even like each other!

Here is their wedding photo...
What a dish!
What a pair!
My dad looks like he is about 11 years old.

She is the oldest of 3 kids and was always a little mother to her brothers...
She still likes to take care of people!
She is the world's best aunt, cousin, friend,

very outgoing, GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR!
Viv is the best! I am so lucky to be her daughter!
She means the world to everyone that knows her...
Happy Birthday, Viv!
We All LOVE you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So... What do you think?

Okay... So I was a little bored with the last layout. I wanted color and something kindof jazzy, without being too busy and weird. What do you think? Good? Bad? Weird?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Mail...

I am a little tardy in posting this.. .Tanja Please forgive me!
Last week I got the most amazing package from my blesbian blover Tanja.
She is just the cutest thing...EVER!
The package included a darling D platter... a great candle lantern and the cutest card ever that said, " You're one sick puppy"... That is why I like you so!
I just love her!
Remember this:
A day of blogging bliss with Mindi and Tanja...
Thanks again for the fabulous prize!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's...

Happy St. Patrick's Day...
I hope you all take it easy on all the green beer you're going to drink today!
or in most cases...
take it easy on all the green M&Ms you're going to eat today!

I swiped the pics of Martha looking like a total "Martha" in the apron & gloves I sent her for my
blogiversary give-away.
There really was a prize and there really was a winner!
Here is the little package I sent... It was so fun to put it all together.
I knew she liked red so I tried to do it all based on that color.
It was fun... thanks to all those who played along and entered my give-away!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

She Really Does Exist!

She Really Does Exist... The wonderful and TOTALLY darling Tammy!
I met her equally darling sister, Colette, at Tonia's holiday boutique and told her if Tammy ever did brave the cold to call me and we would surprise her...
Tammy braved the cold and...
Collette called!
I called a few people that I know IRL and we all met Tammy for the first time!
She is cute and funny and everything I would expect and more!
A little more quiet than I would have thought...
( But with me, Tiburon, Melissa, & Vanessa who could get a word in edge wise?)
She was so much fun to hang out with!
Tammy, Collete, & I even saw a movie together...
You guessed it... "Confessions of a Shopaholic"
Tammy likes to shop.. I like to shop... it was a fitting movie!
We had a fabulous lunch and I am so glad to finally know Tammy!
Her sister updated her FB account by saying " Collete had a fabulous day running around with Tam and her imaginary friends"
Tammy is better in person that she is in "invisible"
She even hooked us up with glam notbooks... she is so cute.
What is better than friends bearing gifts? Not much!
Yeah for the opportunity to meet Tammy...
I hope she will come back soon!
( or we all need to leave the 60 degree spring and head to Arizona for a little 85 degree spring)
We're on our way!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

Here it is once again.. time to stop and reflect on everything I am thankful for:

1. A little bit of sunshine coming my way... Next week I am headed south for a baseball tourney. St. George has corner on the market as far as SPRING goes and I can't wait to partake in all it has to offer!

2. Pandora Radio... Yesterday Madonna radio kept me very entertained playing everything from Madonna 80's style to Beyonce' and Jutin Timberlake. Cyndi Lauper radio is also one of my faves!

3. Meg and the evergoing shoe battle was only a 4 out of 10 this morning. What am I going to do with this girl?

4. Without sounding like TAMN I am off to get a "PEDI" this morning... My pigs are looking pretty winterized and BAD- Time for a llittle spring fling for the toes!

5. Tanja is back... she is all private and locked up, but she's back! Yeah!

6. A little girlfriend time coming up... NOthing recharges me like a little fun, shopping, and laughing with some friends. YAHOOO!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Fell Off The Wagon...

I fell off the non-apron making wagon...
I made many aprons for Halloween &
Some for Christmas...
and I wasn't going to make ANY more.
I haven't been doing anything creative lately and I have been in a funk!
Bette, Pandora & I stayed home all day and whipped this little number together.
I feel much better!
Bette, the body, is modeling my latest creation...mixing old fashioned cherries with hip zebra...
I added a zebra, tulle, ribbon, bling corsage flower for an added little zing.
Don't forget the dish washing gloves...
p.s. Bette is the body, Pandora is the radio station... basically it was me, myself and I... and I had a wonderful day drinking diet pepsi, sewing, singing Madonna Radio and talking to myself.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Does it get any better?

Does it really get any better than this?
I might have seen the movie a few times... let's talk about a few things...

The movie is definitely different than the book... I went with low expectations because I loved the books sooo much! I was pleasantly surprised! The movie is great, especially if you haven't read the book.

I still love the books... especially because there are 5 of them and the joy will last longer than 2 hours.

Could Isla Fisher be any more perfect to play Becky Bloomwood? I think not!

I want to dance with fans!

I recognized her feelings when she says that shopping makes her feel warm and wonderful- shopping makes the world seem right. YIKES... guilty of some of those same feelings...

I think I need to see this again and then go shopping... and soon!

P.S. I happened to go to the new Nordstrom this weekend.... Oh my beautiful store! I felt like I was in a dream. You should see the shoe department. I am headed back on Wednesday to really check it out and to have lunch with a girlfriend... It just doesnt' get any better than a beautiful new Nordstrom.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

Things I am so thankful for this week:
1. An in-house graphic designer... The talented Tiburon for allowing the whole blogosphere to nab her logos and run... thanks Tib- glad I can use your talent whenever I need it!
2. Friends bearing prizes... My darling friend Tonia stopped by last night to bring me a "March Prize"... just because. She brought me some "DAHLING" dish gloves... Lime green ...so cute!
3. That I lived through the dentist... I had more than one email asking if I lived. Yes... I did! BUT, I do have to get a CROWN- and not the princess kind. I told the dentist, his assistant, and the receptionists that the next time I see them I WILL BE HIGH- and I will be... for reals!
4. DVR- Really! One of the best inventions ever!
5. 1 year of Blogging- Such a great thing in my life. Wow! I have met amazing people via the world of Blog... Thanks! You make this such a fun part of my day!
6. Another day in Paradise... I've got so many things to be thankful for... I need to stop complaining....get my crap out of the street and just celebrate- I've got the world on a string!
This is what I am thankful for... What about you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

366 days of bloggin...the winner is...

There is always some let down after a big event... But I am so happy to announce...
The winner of my Blogiversary Giveaway... lucky #20
( picked by Meg as she ran out the door to school)
With a blog name like Laughing out Loud ...I so needed to know her!
We have blogged in the same circles for a while... and I almost met her, but I didn't attend Kristina's Meet and Greet... so fate intercepted and she won my giveaway!
Yesterday was the first time she had visited my blog... a new year... a new friend!
Thanks to Tanja, Tammy, Vanessa, & Veronica for the sidebar shout out!
I will totally hook you sisters up for that!

Martha... email me your address and information and I will get your prizey sent!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1 year... 197 posts...Lots of new friends...lots of new knowledge= my 1 year blogiversary!

Who would believe it... A Little of This & A Little of That is
1 year old!
I can't believe how fast this year has flown by...
I have loved blogging, reading blogs and meeting some of the most amazing women!
Because you have all endured this past year with me...
I am going to reward one of you with my
One Year Blogiversary Fairy Giveaway!
This little care package will have several things that I have found or talked about in my last year in the wonderful world of Blog... Especially things that are retro, domestic, sarcastic, glittery, or just overdone... remember the name of this blog is A Little of this & A Little of That... but the real message behind it all is.. .A little too much of a Good thing is WONDERFUL!
This past year has been wonderful... Thanks to you!
You know the drill... Leave me a comment for one chance, shout me out on your blog for two, send me a prize and have a really good chance at winning... just kidding! I can't be bought...well...maybe...just kidding- really- this is all fair and square!
Thanks for making this little endeavor a really great one!
P.S. The party is over Friday Night at 12:00... you've only got a few days to RSVP!
P.S.S Did I say Friday night at midnight... I meant TONIGHT at midnight!
If it is past 03-03-09 then it is too late... sorry!
You snooze... you lose!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Wild Saturday Re-cap...

Saturday... Whew! What a day... What an unusual day!
They day started out like any other... running kids to various sporting events, practices, etc.
Caylor then took Meg on a skiing Daddy/ Daughter day... they had so much fun, but forgot the camera... My friend Sandy and I took Natalie away from the hospital for a few hours and we all went to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic"... LOVED IT! Natalie was glad to get out for a little bit of fun and we had a great time. Good news... Natalie and her baby, Falicity, got to leave the hospital on Sunday and go back to St. George... I think they were both really glad to get to go home...especially to a nice, new apartment!
The interesting part of the day actually became the interesting part of the evening. I have a former high school class mate that I found on Facebook that is now a Drag Queen... He was Scott Wilson.. mild mannered high school student...
He is Syren Vaughn Drag Queen extraordinaire! My friend Melissa went to the nightclub, Bliss ( formerly known as THE BAY) on Saturday night. It was gay/lesbian night and the reason we went was to see Syren and her other friends from Vegas perform.
Let me just tell you... Syren is quite the woman!
Melissa, her brother Christian, her two cousins, & I had a great time. We danced and watched, and had so much fun. Most definitely a new experience for me!