Wednesday, March 31, 2010

50th Birthday Bash Extraordinaire!

Last week my friend, Cindy Woodward, turned 50!
Her daughter Tasha schemed up an amazing 50th birthday extravaganza...
and I was able to help Tasha with a few little birthday projects.
We made big posters celebrating Cindy's life...
as a wife, mother, & grandmother.
The one pictured above is the one showing her family...
Photos courtesy of Amy Chamberlain Photography.
We used a ton of pictures from her whole life for centerpieces, posters, etc.

Here is a picture of Cindy, Tasha, and Roger just after Cindy got there...
It was a surprise party and over 100 guests were there...
It was amazing!
The fabulous birthday cake...

Some parties have open bars... and we had an open DIET COKE bar!
Anything you could imagine to spruce up your coke... they were even FOUNTAIN drinks WITH pellet ice!

I designed the insignia for the party... the crest and crown using House of 3 brushes.
We had them printed on sticker paper and then punched them out to decorate each cup.
Who needs umbrella drinks when we have blinged out flower straws?

We had a candy bar with Cindy's favorite treats.
Each different jar had a little sign explaining the
significance of each candy.

The centerpieces were floral arrangements with a picture of Cindy attached to a glitter stick.
There were pictures of her from her whole life.
Tasha dug through her grandma's house and found pictures that Cindy hadn't seen in years.
It was such a fun way to celebrate her life.
Everyone loved looking at the pics... the 70's hair was the best!
This was such an amazing party! I was going to take a million photos to show how spectacular it really was, but I was having such a great time... I FORGOT.
Thanks to Amy Chamberlain for sharing some of the pics she took with me.
It really was a stunning event!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Studio 5...

Well... If you haven't heard me mention it about a million times here I go... The swap party I hosted aired on Studio 5 this morning.There are more pictures and details in the post below...

I was a nervous wreck watching it,
but was happy the way it turned out.
Here it is...saved for posterity

Swap Til You Drop!

Today is the day I can finally tell all about my party...
I did it for Studio 5... and it airs today.
They asked that I not blog about the specifics until today!
It was a "Swap Til You Drop" party...
The notion of "One Girlfriend's JUNQUE is another Girlfriend's treasure" was in full swing!
My darling cousin, Courtney Orton, is a contributor for Studio 5 and she asked that I throw this party as a story for her!
Everyone was a little nervous at the idea of being on TV,
but they all looked great!
Some of the goodies that were brought to swap were: homemade salsa, clothes, home decor, books, and crafting supplies. I told them all to bring something "fabulous" that they don't love anymore! They all brought the greatest stuff.

We had yummy treats, fantastic company, and we all
"Swapped Til we Dropped!"
The motto was: Shopping, Girlfriends, and Chocolate... Could it get any better than this?"
The take home favors were giant candy bars and reusable grocery bags... glammed up, of course!

We all had such a fun time. I was a little nervous to have a TV cameraman attend the party,but it all went off without a hitch. It is on today at 11:00 on KSL!
The other great thing that came from it was that I am teaching a party class at DEAR LIZZIE! I am going to share 2 versions of this party- GO GLAM & GO GREEN! It is on Tuesday, April 13 at 7:30. You will get invitations, favors, a style folder, and a really great time. I am going to share all my party secrets and ideas so you can get all your girlfriends together and "swap til you drop"! Remember one girlfriend's JUNQUE is another girlfriend's treasure!
You can call Dear Lizzie at 435.492.0022 to reserve your spot and join in on the fun!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I know that there will be white stuff falling from the sky sticking on the ground again, BUT...
I think Spring is trying to spring!
It was 65 degrees yesterday and I decided to welcome Spring!
Spring Cleaning? No... Spring decorating!
Here are some little eggs I made-
super easy and CHEAP!
Paper Mache eggs, mod podge, and old book paper, and ribbon...
I got the idea here...
Thanks to Tammy who was looking out for non-pastel projects!
I found these eggs at Rod Works and just had to have them...
they are alphabet eggs. So CUTE!
Here is my table... It is still a work in progress...
We'll see how it ends up.

Maybe I will Spring clean today.... probably not!

It felt good to get the Mod Podge out and be a little creative- maybe I'll look for a new project!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Phil Dunphy...

There is one show that I absolutely love... MODERN FAMILY!
Does it get any better than Phil Dunphy? I especially love him as Clive Bixby!
Here is a little Phil nugget of goodness... I am copying Kami's post.
She just happened to remind me of just what a great parent Phil Dunphy is...
Anyone who knows ALL the dances from High School Musical has got some mad "peerenting" skillz.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Looking for a good book...
I have made a goal to read 52 books this year... needless to say...I have been reading late into the night.
I wanted to share a few books with you... BUT more importantly I want you to share your favorites with me.
I am looking for a good book (or 40)!
Here are a few of my favorites that I have read since January...
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-
I was a little hesitant to read this... sounds a little gruesome, but both this one and the sequel were very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable reads. The bad thing... the third and final book doesn't come out until May. So... if you are going to Europe and can pick up a copy- get me one too.

The Girl That Played with Fire...
The Sequel to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo... don't let the human trafficking description detract. It is mentioned, but NO detail goes into it. It is like a subplot in the background. A great book... I just can't wait for the next one!
Hotel on the Corner of Biter and Sweet...
Such a good book. Set in 1942 in Seattle, this book deals with the relationships between Japanese Americans & Chinese Americans after Pearl Harbor. I love historical fiction and this one doesn't disappoint.
A Reliable Wife...
I had heard much about this book, yet was hesitant to read it. I wasted time... it is all about a rich man that orders a mail order bride. What gets off the train was not what he thought he was getting... She tries to kill him. An interesting book with many twists and turns...
I have read 12 out of my 52... so I am running ahead of schedule. Just 40 left to go.
I am looking for some good old fashioned chick lit... I have read all of Sophie Kinsella's and LOVED them. What have you read? What do you recommend?
Help me... I am looking for a good book!
P.S. You can follow my progress and see all the books I have read this year on my GOODREADS side bar book shelf.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Uniform...

Today's post is all about fashion/lingo...
This pic is of a uniform- and no its not me.. it is my fatter, uglier twin
Let me explain...
I love to wear "uniforms" in the winter...
especially on cold winter days when I stay home.
I have been know to throw on some cute earrings and some fashion flat shoes ( or on snowy days...sigh-UGGS)and venture out in a uniform. I am realizing that it might not be the best fashion choice, but comfort & warmth rule.
I am not wearing baggy elastic at the bottom sweats with one of my man's t-shirts... but I know I am only a few steps away.
It all started the winter of 1990...
my cousin, Teisha, and I lived in an apartment together.
I was going to Dixie College and she was going to Beauty School... and we both worked at restaurants until about 10 or 11 at night.
We loved to be together and laugh and since that was our only time we hung out and goofed off until about 3 am. We drank lots of coke and basically just sat around and made each other laugh. She had a missionary and was in nun status and my boyfriend, Caylor, lived in Salk Lake. No need to impress-It was cold... it was winter... we wore sweatsuits. We didn't want to do laundry and we didn't have 7 different sweat suits SO... we wore the same thing every night from about 10-3... hence the name... UNIFORM. We probably wore the same ones for at least 10 days unless we spilled something on it or laughed so hard we wet our pants. I think it was picked up from a heap by our beds too... no need to hang anything up or fold it! I think we laughed so hard those few months- we had abs of steel!
When spring hit we moved home so we could buy spring and summer clothes... so it was a few choice cherished months of uniforms, late nights, frozen yogurt, hilarity (I just made that up) and diet coke.
That was many moons ago.. but the name UNIFORM and the love still remains.
I know they are not the most flattering things, but boy do I love me a good uniform. The uniform of choice is usually black velour- it is soooo slimming. HA! Here is to Teisha(the funniest girl in the world), Velour, lots of Coca-COla, and cold winter nights laughing our sweatsuit covered butts off...
Ahhh.. the good old days!