Wednesday, March 31, 2010

50th Birthday Bash Extraordinaire!

Last week my friend, Cindy Woodward, turned 50!
Her daughter Tasha schemed up an amazing 50th birthday extravaganza...
and I was able to help Tasha with a few little birthday projects.
We made big posters celebrating Cindy's life...
as a wife, mother, & grandmother.
The one pictured above is the one showing her family...
Photos courtesy of Amy Chamberlain Photography.
We used a ton of pictures from her whole life for centerpieces, posters, etc.

Here is a picture of Cindy, Tasha, and Roger just after Cindy got there...
It was a surprise party and over 100 guests were there...
It was amazing!
The fabulous birthday cake...

Some parties have open bars... and we had an open DIET COKE bar!
Anything you could imagine to spruce up your coke... they were even FOUNTAIN drinks WITH pellet ice!

I designed the insignia for the party... the crest and crown using House of 3 brushes.
We had them printed on sticker paper and then punched them out to decorate each cup.
Who needs umbrella drinks when we have blinged out flower straws?

We had a candy bar with Cindy's favorite treats.
Each different jar had a little sign explaining the
significance of each candy.

The centerpieces were floral arrangements with a picture of Cindy attached to a glitter stick.
There were pictures of her from her whole life.
Tasha dug through her grandma's house and found pictures that Cindy hadn't seen in years.
It was such a fun way to celebrate her life.
Everyone loved looking at the pics... the 70's hair was the best!
This was such an amazing party! I was going to take a million photos to show how spectacular it really was, but I was having such a great time... I FORGOT.
Thanks to Amy Chamberlain for sharing some of the pics she took with me.
It really was a stunning event!


Martha H. said...

You are the party diva extraordinaire! Everything looks simply divine.

You should go into busines as a party planner. For real!

kado! said...

WOW! someday i want a party thrown for me exactly like that!

I love the Coke bar and the candy table too! it is all so beautiful!

Sue said...

I absolutely love the ideas. How much fun was that?

I bet your friend loved everything..

Garden of Egan said...

That is fabulous! She's a beautiful woman.
What great ideas there were!!!!!

tammy said...

I'm loving the soda bar. Where'd you get the flavors? I want to do that for bunko.

Will you and Vanessa please plan my 40th b-day party? You know, when I turn 40 in 4 years.

veronica said...

What a fabulous party...and Cindy deserves every minute of it!
She is such a sweet person. We used to live near them. And now my son plays basketball with (and sometimes against) her son!
What a small world.

If you read this...
Happy Birthday!

Vanessa said...

Real funny Tammy.

Great party! You did it up awesome as always!

Brandy said...

Looks like you had a great time! Wish I was so crafty (Love the Idea with the stickers on the cups)

Cherie said...

What a beautiful set up! I too hope someone in my life gives me a super party like that for my 50th birthday!!
Just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What a great gift to your friend, you guys didn't miss a thing. I am with Tammy, I adore the soda bar what a clever idea! My favorite...the straws!