Thursday, May 26, 2011

A bit of a slump...

So... I've been in a bit of a creative slump lately.

Life has been busy...

baseball, school, amazing vacation (more on that later)

But, I HATE the "life has been busy" excuse more than anything.

EVERYONE has a busy life!

Everyone makes priorities to accomplish what they need

or want to accomplish.

Anyway... I was shopping in the Costco book section for ideas.

I am a kindle reader so I don't buy "books" anymore.

I came upon a few little gems written by Patti Digh and was

mostly intrigued by the darling covers.

I usually don't read self-help because I am

so whacked that I wouldn't know where to start!

I made an exception and WOW! I am glad I did!


This is a fabulous read!

There are several exercises to do while reading each chapter.

A writing assignment, an action assignment, and something to think about for the next 37 days.

I have done a few of these assignments.

Loved them!

I am excited to start her second book...

Creative is a verb: If you're alive, You're creative!

I can't wait to read it...

I have been thinking about SPARK.

There is going to be a blogging panel.

I really believe that blogging is a way to be creative.

I need to blog more...

actually prioritize a time to blog.

I think it will help me get my creative groove on.

Summer is almost here...

School is almost out...

I am ready for the next 37 days!