Thursday, May 26, 2011

A bit of a slump...

So... I've been in a bit of a creative slump lately.

Life has been busy...

baseball, school, amazing vacation (more on that later)

But, I HATE the "life has been busy" excuse more than anything.

EVERYONE has a busy life!

Everyone makes priorities to accomplish what they need

or want to accomplish.

Anyway... I was shopping in the Costco book section for ideas.

I am a kindle reader so I don't buy "books" anymore.

I came upon a few little gems written by Patti Digh and was

mostly intrigued by the darling covers.

I usually don't read self-help because I am

so whacked that I wouldn't know where to start!

I made an exception and WOW! I am glad I did!


This is a fabulous read!

There are several exercises to do while reading each chapter.

A writing assignment, an action assignment, and something to think about for the next 37 days.

I have done a few of these assignments.

Loved them!

I am excited to start her second book...

Creative is a verb: If you're alive, You're creative!

I can't wait to read it...

I have been thinking about SPARK.

There is going to be a blogging panel.

I really believe that blogging is a way to be creative.

I need to blog more...

actually prioritize a time to blog.

I think it will help me get my creative groove on.

Summer is almost here...

School is almost out...

I am ready for the next 37 days!


Garden of Egan said...

I will have to read that book. I love a good book when someone has given a rave review.

I love that you don't make excuses, but sometimes things are busy and it's overwhelming to keep it all together. You are doing great things.

Garden of Egan said...

Just so ya know.........I've downloaded the book.

Carrie Clayden said...

hi there from new friend Hip Chick, an going to Spark attendee...I am super psyched to meet you and play artist together. I liked your blog post, and although I can't relate so much to the slump I can relate to the feeling like there's never enough time. There is just so much I want to do I get overwhelmed thinking about it. I just have to let go and do the day. I have online classes, books to read, and a business to run, and art to make, a family to juggle so there really is never a dull moment. I do love my women artists as we all inspire each other. looking forward to getting to know you...