Saturday, June 25, 2011

Going through the Big D and Do mean Dallas

Well.. I wanted to blog again before it has been a month since my last post... I made it by just one day.
This week I made my first ever trip to the Lone Star State...
I tagged along to Dallas with Caylor on a business conference.
Texas was great... humid, but great!
We went to a Texas Rangers game...
"Dubya"- George W. was there with Nolan Ryan and I was actually not across the stadium so I could somewhat see him. He even participated in the sunglasses at night gig...
The one thing I really wanted to see while in Dallas was the Texas Book Depository... Where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly killed JFK.
Caylor went to meetings and I set off to the Sixth Floor Museum.
It was amazing. Remember... I am a history nerd so it was right up my alley. It felt surreal standing in that window, crossing the street to the "grassy knoll" and just being right there where history was made.
I wondered downtown Dallas... What a great city!
I was on a cell phone walking tour and found the
Dallas Holocaust Museum! EUREKA! It was such a fabulous find.
It was a big small, but they are hoping to relocate to a new location soon. I still loved it. I especially loved how they told stories of Holocaust survivors that had relocated to Dallas.
I think when I grow up I want to be a museum curator.
I had a wonderful afternoon in museums... historical museums- even better!
The true adventure began when we tried to come home on Thursday afternoon.
Key word= Tried... after 2 cancelled flights, an extra night in Dallas, 3 Delta mistakes, and a flight from Dallas to Atlanta to Salt Lake City... we FINALLY made it home.


tammy said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I love TX.