Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deathbed Repentance

Last Friday... This was ME!
I really try to be a nice teacher...
The kind that is shaping minds and making
a difference in the lives of students.
I think it is important to be a fun and entertaining
teacher, but also hold VERY firm on what needs to
be done.
The end of the term makes me CRAZY!
It is a day I like to call "Deathbed Repentance" day.
Seeing that I am just getting back in the game... up to
this point I was
forgetful of procedures that needed to be discussed
BEFORE the dreaded day...
1. Have all late work DUE a few days before DBRD
2. Don't accept anything after class on DBRD
3. Email parents of above policies &
WARN them of what is happening.
4. Smile and hold firm
This term, unlike the last two, I was smarter than the average
7th grader and had my ducks in a row.
Friday was somewhat of a stressful day, but
pretty much a cake walk compared to the two previous DBRDs.
I really like being a teacher!
The kids are funny, it is nice to get out and about...every other day,
and I just like teaching.
I am just glad that Friday was basically the last DBRD of the year-
The end of 4th quarter they don't give a rip about grades...
school is out for the summer.
I survived and lived to tell the tale of DBRD at LJHS.
Gotta love talking in all caps!