Sunday, March 20, 2011

Deathbed Repentance

Last Friday... This was ME!
I really try to be a nice teacher...
The kind that is shaping minds and making
a difference in the lives of students.
I think it is important to be a fun and entertaining
teacher, but also hold VERY firm on what needs to
be done.
The end of the term makes me CRAZY!
It is a day I like to call "Deathbed Repentance" day.
Seeing that I am just getting back in the game... up to
this point I was
forgetful of procedures that needed to be discussed
BEFORE the dreaded day...
1. Have all late work DUE a few days before DBRD
2. Don't accept anything after class on DBRD
3. Email parents of above policies &
WARN them of what is happening.
4. Smile and hold firm
This term, unlike the last two, I was smarter than the average
7th grader and had my ducks in a row.
Friday was somewhat of a stressful day, but
pretty much a cake walk compared to the two previous DBRDs.
I really like being a teacher!
The kids are funny, it is nice to get out and about...every other day,
and I just like teaching.
I am just glad that Friday was basically the last DBRD of the year-
The end of 4th quarter they don't give a rip about grades...
school is out for the summer.
I survived and lived to tell the tale of DBRD at LJHS.
Gotta love talking in all caps!


Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like you totally rock as a teacher!
You give them WHAT they deserve!

tammy said...

It's got to be hard to hold firm. Especially when they're begging and pleading.

Mindi said...

so THIS is what you were talking about! i was thinking you were talking about your fb post a few months back.

nice job on the holding firm--my kids wish i would do it a little less. like the rest of my parenting skillz.