Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards 2010

I finally got my Christmas cards out!
Whew!Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about the Holidays!
I LOVE getting cards in the mail!
Sometimes.. this is the only contact I have with that person all year.
I usually get their card and then call to say how I loved it and get caught up!
I think it is so fun to see their family... how big their kids are... how bald their husband is...
I usually send a two sider... with a family pic and then on the backside a little blurb... very little about what each kid is up to.
I don't love the big old long braggy letters...
Just a blurb, please!
So..... Do you send cards?
I know that it is an expense that a lot of my friends are cutting out.
It makes me sad!
I do love your Christmas cards... I hang them on my pantry door...
A little bit of Holiday cheer in the mail... LOVE IT!


Suzie said...

Amy! This is beautiful.
Please share the blurb!

I did do Christmas cards this year after taking last year off.
I did whittle down the list a little.
So glad to see some in my mail everyday! Best part of the holiday for me is the people I love.
again, jsut such a great card!

Anonymous said...

Amy~ I have to admit that I am a blog stalker. Saw you on Studio five.
I do Christmas cards every year and I love it! I sent out around 70~ spent 90 bucks on the cards and 25 bucks on stamps! It is my thing, and as long as I can afford it, I will do it! =) I found a card on shutterfly this year~ they put my small blurb printed on the card, heavenly! =)
I do sometimes feel sad I don't get more~ wish everybody liked cards as much as me~
I also gave out 40 neighbor gifts, another one of my weaknesses! Not sure if/when I should stop the insanity! =)
I also try not to think about the over $200.00 I spent on these two things that I could have spent on my family! YIKES!
My 2 cents worth!
Your card is Beautiful~ Merry Christmas!