Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am done pondering!

I know... I'm late!
I have been pondering about how I could write about my holidays.
I wanted to express how much fun we had!
Maybe show all the great pictures that I forgot to take...OOPs!
Give my deepest thoughts and perspective on hitting one of life's milestones.
I really wanted to rival all the amazing blog posts that I have been reading...
Using beautiful words to create a holiday picture.
I have pondered and pondered...
It has prevented me from writing anything at all.
I am suffering from writer's block and out of timeness.
My holidays were great!
F'in great in fact...
It included fun, friends, family and FOOD!
I have got a few things I really want to write about, but instead of pondering...
I am just going to get back into the swing of my blog.
I posted...finally!
It wasn't amazing... it wasn't fancy... it wasn't eloquent...
But I broke the ice and it is done!


Garden of Egan said...

Sheesh! It's about time!
I've missed ya.
Who wants elegant anywayz? Then I'd feel intimidated and not want to come back.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Did you say f'in?! It's effing. ;)

I hope you had a Fabulous 40th. Let's do dinner!

Suzie said...

I too liked your F'in.


tiburon said...

Hooray!! Well played.