Monday, February 1, 2010

Have a wait, don't!

This week I learned a new word... TABLESCAPES!
To think for all these years I have been calling the crap on my
Tablescapes is such a sophisticated word.
Friday I was trying to get motivated to clean my house and I saw a jar of peppermint candies with a messy bow from Christmas that I needed to take downstairs to storage... I incorporated a bit of red this year and I guess I was still incorporating it.
I thought "that is cute ribbon... if it had pink in it? I wonder....hmmm..."
I need to state that I DON'T love hearts, therefore, I have never decorated for Valentines Day.
Well... I got the idea to add a little pink ribbon to my Christmas stuff and buy a few thousand dollars worth of pink M&Ms and I would maybe put out a few holiday seasonals.
I only spend $20 dollars or so ( besides the M&Ms) and have a new Valentines Day TABLESCAPE!
I decorated my entry table and my kitchen table in pink and red.
I didn't buy one thing with a heart and I still pulled it off!
( I had a few things given to me with hearts... but I haven't bought one)
A few red frames and some pics of my little loves... easy peasy.
Candles and apothecary jars with candy...done!
I am not a pink I used hot pink and red.
I used lips and other items instead of hearts.
I think this is going to be a good thing & it took my mind off of cleaning my house.
Once I start to decorate I want to clean so it all looks so nice.
I killed two birds with one stone!
So... Have a heart, no wait... don't.


tammy said...

You don't love hearts and you don't love pink? What kind of girl are you?

Looks fabulous. I love tablescaping.

kado! said...

Love the apothecary jars, those are cute!

looks very festive!

Vanessa said...

Note to self: Never buy Amy anything w/hearts on it.

Everything you touch turns to decorating gold. It looks perfect!

Martha H. said...


will you come and decorate for me now?

Chanda said...

You always inspire me to do a little more holiday decorating. You stuff always turns out so pretty.

FYI - I put a small soup can or something similar inside my apothecary jars before filling them. No one can tell and you can get away with buying way less candy.

Amy said...

Okay... I know I have a new header complete with pink and hearts... but it is February and while I don't need to buy hearts, I dare you to find me some Valentine stuff without hearts on it....I am just overlooking the fact that the darling newsprint doilies and gems are shaped like a heart!

Vanessa said...

Very cute...of course!

Da Bergs said...

SO SO Cute!!! I want to go to the store now and decorate too!!!

Suzanne Lancaster said...

It doesn't inspire me to decorate cuz I'm just too damn lazy, but it DOES inspire me to come over and admire your handiwork! Good job had me at "apothecary jar" :)

Tanja said...

Inspiring. I adore it, I am all about the plum colored things! Beautiful job, as always.

Brandy said...

So CUTE!!!! I have got to get your modivation on the seasonal decorating....

mother goose said...

i've decided to check a few more posts out. Love it, I do like pink, but not that I think of it, I don't care for hearts either! Love what you've done!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Mae Rae said...

darn it all and here i was a mushy about the last one I read. I need to be more on top of reading up instead of down. You are a bleeping genius!

tiburon said...

I love all your decorations.

I want to hire you.