Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have always heard that when you are a little bit down..
count your blessings and be grateful for all the things you do have!
I am not going to lie...
January bums me out...
no money, shopping, decorations, fun or sun... kindof gloom after the glow of the holidays.
So... Here I go to acknowledge all the great things I have going for me...
Here is what I am thankful for:
1. A fun weekend spent with girlfriends... we laughed and partied from afternoon till the cows came home. Thanks for all the fun girlies!
2. My laundry is almost done... I have been somewhat grounded this week- so... I have got the unmentionable chore almost done. Now if my family would just go on the "same underwear all week plan" things would be good!
3. My Man- Caylor has been travelling ALOT lately and I am pretty much over that. I like him to be home with me and his offspring. I will be glad when this traveling circus is over. The positive side of him being gone is... we can have pancakes for dinner!
4. Jessica Sprague- Wow! Anyone interested in improving their adobe photoshop skills should check her out... She is an amazing teacher... I am developing some mad skillz!
5. Diet Pepsi- Really! Where would my life be without my caffeinated motivation?
6. The phone- I am a phone talker! I love to whistle while I work... I am not quite keen on the whole email, text message, non-verbal communication. I am an instant gratification kind of girl...

7. The Sun- I am so glad the sun was out a bit this last week. Being a St. George girl, this winter inversion kills me. I just need me some Vitamin D once and a while!
8. House of 3- Digital stuff that rocks my world! Rhonna Farrer is the designer for most of their stuff and she is A-MAY-ZING! check them out... you will be glad you did!
9. My Project 365 is mostly done... I have them all done, just a few in December still to finish up. The next thing I will have to do is to sell some plasma, hair, children, or drugs to be able to pay my Costco photo bill... It is going to be big! This has been a major project... 365 days of pictures and journaling. I thought I was really brilliant and did an individual page for EACH day in December... What was I thinking? This year I am doing 52 Simply Amazing weeks... simplify!
10. My kids- Last, but not least, I am so glad that my kids have been really good while their dad has been gone. I think I will keep them!


kado! said...

great list! I LOVE your logo...that is beautiful!
My cousin (Martha) keeps telling me about Jessica Sprague...I'll have to check it out one of these days!

Martha H. said...

I am in love with that logo.

You are fantastic!

Kami said...

Wasn't Sat. so much fun!

I've been quoting you all week...shut that sh*# down. :)

tammy said...

Love your TT logo.
Not loving that I wasn't there Sat.
Love how good you are at getting your scrapbooking done.
Not loving how I suck at it.

Vanessa said...

Saturday is what has gotten me through this week...seriously hate January.

That Jessica Sprague is a genius.

Cassie said...

Great things to be thankful for. I am loving the logo as well, I need to brush up on some photoshop skills!

veronica said...

Love the list and the logo!
I have been to "Jessica Sprague" (even bookmarked it) but didn't know if the classes would be worth the price. That's it...I'm signing up!!

Just SO said...

Great list! And that 52 weeks sounds much more do-able.

M-Cat said...

I am so thnkful that January and all it's bleakness is almost over!

Anonymous said...

I have been feeling that way too with the month of January. If it weren't for Aiden's birthday it would be all gloom! I want to see you P365 book, I bet it's all that and then some. I am anxiously awaiting getting my hands on mine as well. So fun, I am already behind on this years. Oops.

Nice logo!