Friday, July 18, 2008

Sweet Sixteen!

Our Wedding laughing about the big sleeves... it was 1992 remember!

Holy Cow! Who I can't believe I have been married for 16 years? It is such a cliche' to say that it seems like just yesterday...but time has flown by. I am so lucky to be married to my man! He is the best and he has to put up with A LOT from me... I could maybe be a little high maintenance. In honor of my 16th wedding anniversary I am going to make list of 16 things I have learned, liked, or laughed about since I became a goes-
1. I am so glad that I married someone who likes me to be me...the real thing.
2. I should have taken alot more pictures in my young married days when I thought I was fat because now I really am and all those " fat" photos look pretty good!
3. I didn't think I could have loved my man any more than the day I married him...but I do! He just makes me love him more each day!
4. I am so glad that we have friends that have been with us since the early married days... it has been fun to all be newlyweds, have kids, and now just have fun together.( Mindi..Kamari)
5. I am glad that Caylor makes me laugh... I still think he is so dang funny!
6. I am still trying to get my man to like going to the movies...I guess all I've got is time and if that is his only flaw... I've got it pretty good.
7. I am happy that my husband taught me to do laundry ( yes, I had a husband when I learned how to wash clothes)
8. My three kids are great... I love being a mom and having such a fun family.
9. I am glad that Caylor is such a hands on dad... he is a better mom than I am.
10. I like being with Caylor... going out, going on vacation, or just hanging out at home- I would rather be with him than anyone else!
11. I am so fortunate that I can be a full-time mom. Caylor works so hard so I can stay home with the kids. I need to remember how fortunate I really am!
12. I am glad that since I got married I don't have to keep my checkbook in my head anymore... it is a good thing I married a finance guy!
13. I am soooo glad Caylor's mom taught him how to clean, iron, and help out. He is such a great guy to get in and help me do whatever needs to be done.
14. I am so glad that Caylor finished raising me. I think when he got me I was really spoiled and high I am just a little spoiled and kindof high maintenance.
15. I am glad that " I only liked Caylor because of what he looked like" and he turned out to be MUCH MUCH MUCH more than just a pretty face and HOT bod... He is a great guy with a wonderful personality, a wicked sense of humor, and everything I could have asked for and MORE! ( The " " is an inside joke from an old boyfriend)
16. I am so lucky to be married to my very best friend! ( I know a 100 on a 1-10 cheese-o-meter)


Mindi said...

i'm a little choked up right now. the only thing that could make this better is if you had "wind beneath my wings" or perhaps "my heart will go on" by celine on your blog player.

love the photos--love you and your man--love the 16 reasons!!

let's celebrate by going to denver in september!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Collette said...

i love the wedding picture! happy day to both of you! you got a great catch in a man!

Tanja said...

Happy anniversary, it sounds as if you two are quite the catch! Love the photos!!

I agree with Mindi you guys should come to Denver and then we can all meet! ;)

Enjoy your weekend-

The Patrona said...

I have to go to a wedding crashers party next month. I'm looking for the most fabulous dress ever. And I think it's yours. It's so .... sacred looking.

maka said...

I love that we can all make it.. It is so sad in the world today, everyone is getting divorced. Glad you picked a winner.. You were are still are soooo dang cute, you are always smiling and so dressed up all the it, as I am sitting here in my jammies at noon...

MiaKatia said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I love all the pictures. You are both so cute.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember much from this time because you always had bows on my head that were way too tight that stunted my memory. You were always dressing me up like your barbie and didn't care if my shoes fit, as long as they were cute. I love that you took me everywhere you went and my dad still jokes that you are my real mom but was an unwed college student so they had to raise me. We can't wait until Mitch becomes a REDMEN!Haha. Get down here and see us!
love ya, Nicole

samiam said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are too cute. You have yourself quiet the catch there! =)

Holly H. said...

Happy Anniversary!! That is such a great post and you obviously got good one when you married him!

PS - I think I went to that same dance with the records hanging in the background, and I had that same outfit! Gotta love the early 90's!

Hope you have a great day! :)

Andrea W. said...

Happy 16th!!!! You and Caylor are such a beautiful couple. I loved reading your 16 reasons.

Kami said...

Congrats on 16 years together! What a cute couple you are together. I love seeing all the pictures.

Angie said...

Happy 16th! What a cute blog! I didn't realize Caylor had problems with movies, what about the time he gave us no choice but to go see Napolean Dynamite at that little old theatre? He was in 7th heaven!!

Fried Eggs said...

How do you say your husband's name? What nationality is he? He is so dawg gone handsome. I have never seen this name before. Is it a family name?

Over The Tipsy Top Design said...

Congratulations guys!! We love you both, happy anniversary!!

Kristen said...

Found you through Mia's blog and I gotta tell ya that I just LOVE the wedding pictures! I have been married for almost 17 years, and those look sooo familiar to me. Happy Anniversary!

Shanz said...

OMG! Amy, look at how cute you two are! Thanks for sharing the fun photos!

tammy said...

Happy Sixteenth! I had those same big sleeves and big veil and was "fat" then too. And I'm laughing at the comment that you're only a little high maintenance now.

Tiburon said...

Happy AnniversarY!!!!!! :)