Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Eve 2008-

New Years Eve 2008...
Steve & Kamari Kemp are the amazing New Years Eve party throwers of all time. Steve always gets the creative juices flowing and rocks in the New Year. Some of his creations have been discos, Survivor, Fear Factor, The Amazing Race, etc...etc...
It used to be just the adults rockin in the New Year...basically because we've hung out forever or all had little kids that we could ditch. Then there were a few years taken off because the kiddos were getting bigger and didn't want to go to Grandmas again for New Years Eve.
( Or the Grandmas didn't want them for New Years Eve)
2008 was the year of the Reunion New Years Eve tour...
Last week we all got Ticketmaster envelopes containing our "tickets" to party.
( We were even told... "No Ticket...No Party!" )
When we entered the venue... the first stop was the t-shirt counter. Since we were all VIP's we got a complementary T-Shirt. It said the B & P Reunion Tour 2008. We were all reuniting for New Years Eve...hence Reunion Tour! Here is Mitch posing for the paparazzi wearing the new look of the tour! I though this was a party, not a gun show!
The other attractions were:
Metallica Try-outs in the downstairs arena
(Rock-band on the big screen)
The Rave ( minus the "E") out in the blue light special room
( The garage with with blue lights, loud music, & glow sticks...truly a kid pleaser)
( The hot-tub outside)
Plus we played a friendly game of Family Feud and had a ton of yummy eats!

This is a pic of all of the groupies! What started out as a few friends rockin' in the New Year turned into a whole lot of kids and those same friends that will never grow up!
You've never partied until you have partied with this bunch...
Until Next Year!
Meggie and some of the other kids chillaxin in REHAB!
Jackson and Russ showin' off some rockin' bling!
Thanks Kemps for the best New Years Eve ever...
well since we all got responsible!


Vanessa said...

You crazy kids! Sounds like a rager! You will need a vacation from your vacation. Good thing the kids go back to school next week so you can take a nap.

Anonymous said...

I just want to party with you ONE time, that's all. Just once to say I did!

tammy said...

So you mean staying home and falling asleep at 10:00 isn't what New Year's Eve is all about?

tiburon said...

Looks like an awesome party - way to ring in the New Year!

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