Friday, January 2, 2009

Why it is good to know people that know people... RBC ROCKS!

This is the man of the hour... RBC! He is the ultimate hook-up for a Las Vegas birthday. ( My birthday just happened to fall on the date that this little adventure was planned...he didn't do it all for my birthday...just a coincidence)
Our first stop was at the Mac counter so all the gals could get all hooched up for a night in Vegas... everyone had fake eyelashes and were looking great!
We started the party off at Tony & Tina's Wedding... a show at the Rio. It was like we were all guests at this big Italian wedding... Russ even hooked us up with a VIP table so we got bubbles and champagne... we traded it up for diet coke and all was well. The cast got wind of that and couldn't get enough of the fact that we were Mormons. By the end of the night Tina's mom said she was now a Mormon. I think Jared converted her...those pics will have to come later.

As we walked out of the wedding... Russ told us our ride was here... He hooked up a stretch Escolade Limo for our riding pleasure for the rest of the night. We were so excited... really a bunch of dorks on Prom Night!

Lots of flashes going inside the Limo... not so many outside. The paparazzi must have been riding with us.

We were even drinking the hard stuff... it was fully stocked with Diet Coke and Cider... Jared wondered if the Cider came from the Dicken's Festival... Mindi posing with the drink of choice.

We were checking out the sunroof...

Caylor even had an i-pod cord and he and Mindi were trying to get the i-pod jammin... no luck. Mindi had made a play list of inside joke songs and favorite sing-alongs. The only part of the night that didn't pan out perfectly!

Kamari and Steve Kemp... Colby and Kristen Cowan- always a good time!

Caylor had his party on face!

The Limo even had roses for the girls...
The one and only limo pose... once in a lifetime!

My man and I at the Wynn
After the Wynn we went to New York, New York to the dueling piano bar. We rocked out there for over an hour ...the people we saw...WOW!
It was such a fun night... good friends, good entertainment, good times!
Thanks to all of our St. George Pals for letting us join in on the party!
You guys really are the best!


Anonymous said...

I would definately say that RBC rocks-the house! I ♥ Vegas!

Sounds like you had a spectacular time I am counting down the days until we leave.

Again, happy belated birthday and happy new year!

Now, get back to blogging because we miss you. ;)

tammy said...

I'm sure my invitation was lost in the mail?

Love all the pics. And cracking up about Tony & Tina's wedding. You good little missionaries.

MiaKatia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What an awesome birthday celebration. So glad you guys got to rock out for your birthday.

Vanessa said...

Those tatted up girls at the MAC store did an amazing up job on your eyelids! I love them!

Happy Birthday!

tiburon said...

What a fab way to celebrate your birthday!

I am guessing my invite is with Tammy's ;)

Michelle said...

Looks like Mindy & RBC hooked you up big time! What a fabulous way to celebrate the big day!

Happy Birthday!

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