Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today I wanted to celebrate friendship!
Yesterday was a day filled with friendship! Collette and I snuck out during the middle of the day and went to the matinee of Bride Wars....medium show...great company!
Then last night Tonia threw a late birthday party for ME!
We started at Rooster's...a yummy place to eat!
Bobbie, Collette, Tonia, & Lori were there.
This time it was great food & great company!
Tonia made all of us beautiful cupcakes... she gave me a glitterific cake plate and dome & a fabulous zebra high heel cake server!
Oh.. yeah and everything had my "word" on it...CELEBRATE
We went to Tonia's house and watched The Women, ate Cutler's cookies, and partied into the late late hours.
Everyone needs a friend like Tonia in their life!
She is one of the most beautiful people I know... INSIDE & OUT!
Thanks to everyone that came and helped celebrate my birthday...AGAIN!
You really are the best and add so much to my life.
for all you bloggin' buddies...
Thanks for welcoming me back to the blogoshere with open arm...but more importantly comments and emails.
Let's all get together and meet in real life... or see each other again!
You have been such a great thing in my life this year!
Thanks... I celebrate YOU!


Kristina P. said...

Those cupcakes are awesome!

tammy said...

How about if I just move in next door?

Collette said...

It was a great day yesterday! If only everyday of my life could be such a party! Thanks for including me in your festivities! Dang-cutlers cookies? I hope you ate one for me!

MiaKatia said...

I love that they used your word for all the decorations!! So much fun.

Vanessa said...

I'm giving you a cyber hug. Can you feel it? Looks amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

What good times and I love how Tonia incorporated your word into everything, now that's one classy lady!

Dave, Gretchen, Cam, Abbie & Sadie said... guys and your extravagant get togethers!! I want to be your friend and come to your parties!! Why don't you come down here and throw us a little girl party!!! It looks like too much fun!

queenbee4 said...

that looks great! what great friends you have!

The Patrona said...

My fellow Capricorn and tornado twin, Happy Belated Birthday. I love you. Let's go play to celebrate our special day!

Judi said...

What wonderful looking cupcakes!
I LOVE all the things on your blog Amy!

veronica said...

I think we need a blogger "meet and greet" North of SLC. Let's let Tonia plan it!!! :) (I'm only partly kidding and mostly serious!)

Love the cupcakes! She is amazing!

Kami said...

Let's do it!