Friday, April 4, 2008

I like...

I like it when we laugh so hard... for no reason at all

I like the way you call my name in the morning before you'll get out of your bed.

I like it when you want to go to Chevron for a treat...just us.

I like it when you say, " I just love you so much."

I like it when you've got a great sense of humor!

I like it when you read to me!

I like it how you all look alike, but all look different at the same time.

I like it when you hug so hard it is going to "stweeze my duts out"

I like it when we work together!

I like it when you are kind to each other!

I like it when we watch a movie and eat popcorn and M&Ms

I like it when we hold hands.

I like it when you all get dressed for church and look so nice!

I like it when we all remember how much we love each other!

I like you!


collette said...

so cute, so sweet! I love how you are so good at your little picture squares, whatever they are called, you must teach me!

Patron and Patrona said...

I like it when you update your blog. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Mindi said...

i like how this blog brings the whole room together. i can feel the love.

ps you know how much i dig your action. have been doing so since 1988....

kourtney said...

I like that you update. You are a master blogger now.

The Miller's said...

Amy, Sorry to hear about your grandpa. He was such a great man. I have so many memories with Connie & Garth. I bet you all had some good laughs at the funeral. Your family is the BEST!! Hope all is well up NORTH! Memories of Amy, I thought if I could only ride in Amy's convertible once I would make it as a 98lb sophomore at Dixie. You were so nice to me. You and your biotches are the best. Thanks for the post! Hope the family is doing well. Kenny & Kasi