Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

I have only got 10 minutes left, but I wanted to post all the things I am thankful for today!
* My Boot-Camp buddies- we had such a fun b-day lunch yesterday... I love the friendships that have developed over blood, sweat, and tears- but mostly sweat! These babes really have made "the hardest thing I have ever done" fun! Thanks for all your motivation!

* A hard working husband... I am glad "Big Daddy" loves his job, is good at his job, and makes it so I don't have to have a job. His hard work makes all our dreams a possibility!

* I am thankful for my three good kids. They are like most siblings that fight and torment each other most of the time... but last night Mitch sat down and read with Meg for 1/2 hour. They were so cute with each other!

* XM Radio- Today I had a million errands to run... it felt like I was in my car forever. I love listening to XM radio! I am actually on top of music that my oldest son likes... I haven't listened to a CD in ages and I know all the words to the 20 on 20- "It's all good"

* My Neighobrs- I love my neighbors- Dean and Paul. They are the best! They take care of me when my man is out of town, they invite us to fun parties, they loan me sugar or eggs if I need them, they recommend great books to read, they sent flowers when my grandpa died, they are fun and I am glad they moved in next door!

* I am especially thankful that the writer's strike is over and TV is going to be back on! Sorry kids, no homework help... mommy is watching the boob-tube! ( just kidding... but my DVR is going to be running wild)