Friday, April 11, 2008

Dream On...

It's true... I had the most awesome dream that my house was spotlessly clean and ready for the weekend rush! I woke to find a nightmare! So... I need to get off the computer and get with the cleaning. I wish I had something really pressing that would take me away from all of this... TOO bad!


Mindi said...

i think a clean house is overrated. that is, until my house is a disaster and i am all crazy axe-murderer about it. we just need our children to be working for us 24/7--should we take them out of school??
i'm in the same boat, baby.

Tiburon said...

Yeah, Mindi's house is horribly messy. Mine on the other hand - spotless and sparkly.

I have dreams of a clean house all the time - but I don't feel they will come to fruition until my children move out.