Friday, April 11, 2008

Everyone Needs To Know Becky!

I was stalking my blogging buddy, Holly's blog and she was asking for suggestions for a great read. I love to read so I wanted to help her out with a few ideas... I got to thinking about what I could recommend and let me tell you- I remembered the greatest book series ever! (Sorry Twilight lovers) The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella is the best. There are five hilarious books and I am sad that I have already read them all twice, because I wish I could just be meeting Becky now for the first time! Sophie Kinsella is British and so they all have a little "Bridget Jones humor" to them...but better! I tend to be somewhat of a spender myself and also a I understood Becky's predicaments. This isn't some deep, problem solving read...NO WAY! It is one step away from watching Friends or Will & Grace on TV- Not a heavy read, but very very very entertaining. I have actually been driving down the road and thought about one of Becky's adventures or problems and laughed out loud. I have a spending friend that said she read several in a weekend and found it to be quite theraputic for her own shopping problem. It is such a funny series and something perfect for vacation or summer or whatever! I am looking for something great to read... anymore ideas out there in the blogosphere?


Mindi said...

i think you should stop wasting your time reading frivilous books and stick to the standard works. why would you waste your time reading anything else?
except us magazine, of course.

the glendenning family said...

Loved the BOOK read everyone in the series..Got them if you want them..