Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Here are a few of the things I am thankful for this week:

1. Public School- This week I have had a vacation hangover as well as sick kids. Today is the day all three of my kids go to school for the whole time. I am actually going to unpack my suitcases and start some laundry. Sounds like a lot of fun...but the time has come.

2. My Cousin, Teisha- Yesterday I had the best phone chat with my crazy cousin, Teisha. At one time we were joined at the hip and then life took us different ways...but no matter how long it has been I can still laugh my butt of when I talk to her. She has the most wicked sense of humor and I laughed until my stomach hurt. It was the best little lift in my day!

3. My Nail Babe, Chal- Today I get to be entertained and solve all the problems of the world! I have a nail appointment. I drive to the ends of the Earth ( not so good for Earth Day week), but it is much cheaper than therapy. Chal is a rockstar nail tech, but more importantly she is such a great friend. She cracks me up! She'll be happy because I don't have any broken either...what a good day!

4. A week of vacation with my man- We had such a great time. I have such a fun time when we go anywhere...let alone to a sunny, tropical paradise. It was a fabulous week to just be together...sounds cheezy, but I think it is important to just be together. He is so funny, and charming and just a great time. I was sad when he had to go back to work... I missed him, but daddy's got to bring home the bacon!

5. Fake eyelashes- I know I sound like Shallow Hal, but I love wearing fake eyelashes. Most of the time I just wear the MAC ones, but when I go on vacay and want to look glamorous even in the pool I get the eyelash extensions and they rock. I love not having to wear any other make-up. Who knows maybe I will become a granola...yeah right, like that is going to happen! I love glitter, and glam, and fake too much for that!


collette said...

I am glad all your kids are back at school! And good luck with all the laundry, thanks for taking Lil on Friday, Rick will bring her about 9:30ish. She might look like a mess, oh well, enjoy your weekend!

Andrea W. said...

I love your Thankful Thursday lists. So great to pick up right where you left off with close friends like your cousin. I love that you embrace your glamour!

Angie said...

I am soooo copying your Thankful Thursday other than maybe I will change to Thankful Tuesdays. I'm not sure if the blogging world can handle you and me both being thankful on the same day!!! I love looking at your blog!! You are a blog rockstar like Chal is the nail rockstar! When you came to Meridian (don't remember the date) and you and Crystal pulled out front you commented on the eyelashes and how they were your new love. Guess what? I went and bought some! (I've saved a lot of money since you left) I kind of look like a hooker wannabe. My eyes are not naturally dark and I really have to "brave up" to wear them. In fact, I have been turned on to a new mascara from Lancome that totally gives you the "fake eyelash" look. I love it!! Thanks for making my day brighter!

Mindi said...

hey, blog rockstar!!!!
i, too have:
hated coming home from a trip
loved traveling with my man
been grateful that kids are in school
and dug the fake eyelashes--
we must be having a blove affair!!
blove, your blesbian blover,

Missy said...

I am staying in Provo this summer. But I'll be at the Jimmy Johns frequently. Darin is letting me do an internship there. I'll be here, no worries. I want to come up and see you and your cute family...

Patron and Patrona said...

Do you think Elizabeth Taylor EVER thought false lashses were shallow. I doubt it. So wear them loud and proud baby! I am thankful for your thankful Thursday. It reminds me of how thankful I am for a dear friend like you.

tbelle said...

you are my fave!!! I was just telling my mom tonight about our chat and had another gut wrenching laugh, tears and all. you are priceless my little friend and no matter how long we go between seeing each other or just chattin it up on the phone, we just pick up like we are still dorm pals using the washing machine illegally, guzzling cokes and grubbin on treats at 3:00 AM, and swapping socks back and forth nine times before washing them.
Hey, at least it wasn't underwear. HA HA HA
No, get the s#*~ in girl.
You know you miss those days.

hannie said...

Your blog is much cuter than mine! Will you design mine for me? I love it! I am thankful for creative friends like you... so much so that I just may have to start my own thankful thrusday posts!

{jen} said...

Hey- I love your blog and your kids are beautiful! It seems just like yesturday that Chris and I were dating and you just had Mitch... CRAZY!

{jen} said...

Hey- I love your blog and your kids are beautiful! It seems just like yesturday that Chris and I were dating and you just had Mitch... CRAZY!

Tiburon said...

I need a nail lady and some fake lashes. Stat.