Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Fall Friday... School Halloween Craziness!

Fabulous Fall Friday is almost finished with Halloween...
No Halloween season would be complete without the School Halloween Frenzy!
It is the end of the quarter so my kids don't have school today -October 30...
So the Halloween celebrations took place yesterday...
I think our school is one of the last ones that allow costumes and has a great big parade.
The first year we were at this school we weren't living in our new house yet, it was still being I didn't know how big of a deal the Halloween Parade was.
I had to take my kids to school everyday and on this particular Halloween I was so glad that Meg and I were actually ready and not in our PJ's , for when we saw the entire town going into the school we did what most lemmings do and followed.
Holy Cow... THE ENTIRE TOWN turns out for this shin-dig!
Now... I am a little more street smart an get there EARLY to get a front row chair.
All of the classes parade through all the other classes and then come for the main event in the gym. They walk through posing for pictures and showing off their costume.
I am amazed at some of the costumes... SO CUTE!
Okay.. so some of the pictures are off...but I am just keeping you on your toes.
Have you ever talked to me... I talk fast and change subjects quickly...
This post is like a conversation... so keep up!
This is Meggie minus her hat during her class party that followed the parade.

I made plenty of glitter cups for teachers and friends... and the Gardner Village witches fest...
so here is a random picture thrown in for good measure!

Jacks rocked the nerd costume. Complete with power wedgie, toilet paper streaming behind him and a kick me sign.
Jackson is in 6th grade and every year as a rite of passage the 6th graders are the last ones to parade through the gym... the lights go out and they music and fog begins.
They all do the thriller dance with glow in the dark necklaces.
It is a fun tradition...Jacks was so excited to do it.
This is Jackson and his fat girlfriend Breck... Okay Jacks isn't a nerd and Breck isn't a fat cheerleader... this is one of Jackson's best friends.

This is miss Sassafrass witchy Meg... It is kindof a blurry picture because she was strutting her Halloween self. Her skirt just flipped and flipped as she walked the catwalk -er I mean...parade. I loved her costume. I thought she was the cutest witch at the school... ( Okay... so I am a little biased)

I was in charge of Meg's class party. I wanted to do something a little more original than decorating a cookie... the teacher also wanted to refrain from that mess.
I tried to think and think... finally I went to my Creative Think Tank: Caylor and Tonia.
Tonia had done a "FEAR FACTOR" party before and I liked the sound of that.
Caylor came in handy when we were thinking of gross things the little goblins could do...
Here is an outline of the party.
I split the class into three teams and they went to four different "stations of fear"
Station 1:
Eating Brains
They all sat up to a plate of brains.
(otherwise known as green spaghetti noodles with lime jello chunks)
Station 2:
The goldfish swap
They moved real live goldfish from one bucket to another across the room.
The fear factor really kicked in on this one because they got one point for carrying in in their hands and 2 points for carrying it in their mouth.
I boy carried it in his mouth 2 times for his team.
Station 3:
The scary death defying drop
They had to stand on their desk and fold their arms over their chest and fall backwards into the arms of their team... Like a trust fall ONLY they were really scary because they were all dressed in costumes.
NASTY jelly beans.
I got the BeanDoozeled jelly bellys...
They got a point for every bean they ate..
one kid ate 15.
There are 10 different colors... 20 different flavors.
so you could either get juicy pear OR BOOGER...they look the same.
The kids loved this game... some ( Meg) wouldn't even try one...
Then we had some witches brew ( apple juice and dry ice)
and a dirt cupcake... complete with worms and spiders and dirt clods.
It was a fun party...
But boy... am I glad there is no school today and the annual School Halloween Frenzy is over for another year... I can put my cauldron away and stop buying dry ice for a season.


Vanessa said...

Quit making us all look bad. We decorated cookies in Dillon's class yesterday :)

A-MAZING as always!!! I bet Meg's class had the best party ever. You deserve a nap.

Amy said...

Okay.. I am sorry about the cookie remark! The real reason that I didn't want to decorate cookies is... I didn't want to have to make all the sugar cookies. I loathe making them. Also... The teacher was happy to not do it... she said it is the biggest mess known to man. So... decorating cookies is really the best activity in the world!

AS Amber said...

My daughter's room mom got sick this week and called me to see if I could help with the party. "Sure" I say. "What do you need me to do?"

She told me I was the first person she called so everything was up for grabs. She was gonna do a game, a craft, tell a scary story and have snacks. "OK, what game were you gonna do? I have a 1 yr old so I'd need to do something fairly low-key."

"Well, I haven't actually planned anything yet."



So here's my fabulous contribution: powdered donettes, hershey kiss, red icing. Stuff the kiss in the middle of the donette; drizzle with red icing.

The end.

And I was the ONLY mom there to do anything. Really? Did people actually say no? I wish she would have just told me "you're doing the whole party". I woulda made it more fun!

But I sure in the hell wouldn't have done what you did. I'm tired just reading about it!

And now you're tired just reading my post-long comment.

kado! said...

that sounds really sad for the gold-fish....i hope they all made it out ok.

Brandy said...

You GO Girl...Sounds like you have out done yourself!!! Why didn't Mitch dress up, or is he way to cool?

tammy said...

Wow, you were busy! Meg looks so adorable.