Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Witches' Brew no. 5

There were yummy potions...

There were Witches in Training...
Meg donned her witchy top hat and took the witch name of  "Poison"

This is Linley Orton... She stole the show!
Witches Familia...
This is my sis... Jody, but on Witches' Night Out you could call her
The Queen Mother of all witches, Whivie !

 There were all sorts of 
Amazing Witches...

 If you can't tell... I love to decorate for Halloween!

 I just love all my 
witchy friends!

Becky Larsen was a harvest witch with a FABULOUS harvest hat!

This sweet witch chose a pink garb for breast cancer awareness... I think her witch name was  "Ta-Ta-iana"

We all had a Bewitching good time!


Marci said...
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Marci said...

a.maze. you witches know how to partay. your segment on studio 5 was awesome!

jazz said...