Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I have had so many things to be thankful for this week! Here are just a few!
1. My Man!Last week I went to St. George to help tend my sis and her little boy. Meggie went with and the boys were going to come down later- on the weekend. Well...they ended up staying home so Meg and I had a girls weekend with Viv! Anywho- When I got home on Sunday I was sicker that a dog- went to bed. Stayed in bed ALL of Monday, kindof on Tuesday... was in charge of Relief Society on Wednesday... so to say the least my man has been both mother and father and cleaner and cooker for a week now. He is really so great to help me out in whatever I do. I know it is soooo cheezy to have PDA on the blog, but I am really so thankful I found him and he still puts up with me.

2. Sister Brandy is going to be A-OK! She is finally 34 weeks so she is out of real scaryness... she got released from the hospital on Saturday, but she is still on house arrest for 10 more days or so. It was fun to go to St. George and see her- hang out at the hospital, laugh, tend her little boy, Jace ( so dang cute and a total crack up). She is such a cutie... I know she is going stir crazy so if any of you in blogland know her in real life...take her a treat and a magazine. She'll be so happy to see you!

3. Viv- Need I say more? I am so thankful for my rockin' mom. She is the best ol' gal on the block! It was so fun to go to Dixie and just hang out with her. My one sister, Jody was at a motorcycle race and my other sister, Brandy was at the hospital and my sister -in-law, Mindy was in Wyoming with my brother sooo... I had Viv all to myself. I know it sounds so selfish... but we had such a good time. She was hosting a Halloween dinner party for some friends- it was fun to help her get ready for that. We shopped, laughed, stayed up late, laughed, laughed, and laughed some more. We decided that we are both fun seekers to the extreme and it is best that we don't live in the same town. We would be poor, tired, Even more overweight,well-dressed, and divorced if we spent a whole lot of time together She is the best and I had a great time!

4. My Fun Church job- Isn't that an oxymoron? Fun Church Job? Well I am the Enrichment leader and it is really my cup of tea...I mean hot cocoa! I like planning and doing the activities and I really like NOT being the Sunbeams teacher. I work with the greatest lady, Bobbi. She is so fun- I just love to hang out with her and she is like 20 years older than I am. We had a fun time tonight and the best part is... I am done until December! Yahoo!

5. Blogging-I have been a slacker and I have actually missed window peeking on you all. I will get with it and stop by to say hi- soon! I had to take a little break, but I am slowly coming out of it. Thanks for still stopping my to peek in my boring, non-changing window. You make me feel good. I am anxious to see what you all have been up to. I've missed you!


Tiffany said...

I love how you call your mom Viv. It totally cracks me up.

Vanessa said...

So glad you are back!

Did you ride down in a DATS truck?

Angie said...

Welcome back you sunbeam hater!! That's my job and I love it! haha!

I'm glad you are at the helm and can make all the decisions. Remember when all we wanted was for OUR ideas to be the ONLY ideas? Some of those women are hard to persuade that the term "fabulous" is the only way to go when it comes to r.s. parties! I think we blew some of there minds!

Oh Viv, the Chico momma!!!

Glad you had fun!

tammy said...

I've missed you! Glad you're back.

Your hubby rocks.

And I'm so glad your sister is past the scary mark. I know how boring it is to be on bed rest. In fact when I was, the night before Taylor was born, I begged Luvpilot to take me to a movie, promising that I would recline in the seats and not move because I was going nuts after being stuck in the house for weeks. He relented and I ended up going into labor the next day. I never told my doctor. Bad huh? I was 35 1/2 weeks at that time. If he wasn't completely fine, I would've felt so guilty!

Oh and I want to be in your ward!

Judi said...

Glad your back and that all is well with your sis.

Tanja said...

Yeah, you're back and absence does make the heart grow fonder! We've missed you and are happy to hear all is well! Can I come hang out with you and you mom sometime?!?

Kami said...

I was gonna say the same thing Tiff did. I want to have a girl and name her Viv. Such a cool name.

glad your back!

Misty said...

Great list. And, I am glad that you love blogging. I love reading your blog!~

MiaKatia said...

I am so happy that your sister is doing well and made it to her goal. A weekend with the girls and Mom sounds great!

rachel said...

so glad you are back and that your sister is out of the woods...get that baby here!

Andrea W. said...

You did great last night at Enrichment. It was a really fun, informative night.

Andrea W. said...

You did great last night at Enrichment. It was a really fun, informative night.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

I've been behind too. Trying to catch up. I'm down to 83 now from 452! I love all of this stuff and love that you are the Enrichment leader. I did that for about 2 years recently. That was just before they changed it to a couple of times a year! So, yeah, I did it EVERY month for 2 whole years!
Kudos to you for all the wonderful things you do!
Forgive me Amy. I'm tired tonight! Just wanted to say HI!