Friday, October 31, 2008

Fabullous Fall Friday...Happy Halloween!

The Moment we've all beem waiting for...
Happy Halloween!
My kids don't have school today and so we have gotten? to play Halloween for two days. Yesterday was the school costume parade and every parent in this town attends. I also got to help with Jackson's class party. I made the best Halloween severed fingers... Go here for the recipe. In all my preparing, I forgot my camera... yes, it is par for me. So no photos of Meg the Sassy pink kitty or Jacks the really great old woman. Imagine them though...they were great! I will try to remember to snap some pics tonight!

Also... while I was away- I got BOO-ED! And I liked it. Darling Tanja boo-ed me! Thanks Tanja. It has been a very festive season and I can't wait to see what you girls pull out of your bag of tricks for the next two biggies coming up. You all amaze me!
Happy Halloween!


rachel said...

I hope you have a fa-BOO-lous day :) we are off today too, so trick or treat at daddy's work, then lunch and maybe a movie? Yay!

Anonymous said...

Those are the best looking severed fingers I ever did see! I must try those for next year, thanks.

Have a great time tonight and happy haunting!

Holly H. said...

Happy Halloween to you my sweet little Amy. Hope all is well! Miss u.

devri said...

great fingers, hope you had a great one.

Angie said...

Hi friend!
I'm begging all fellow bloggers to post voting reminders today and tomorrow! Also, if you will let people know of a wonderful website where they can find out if they are registered and lots of other info on the voting process! We as women need to let our voices be heard! It's easy! Please help!

tammy said...

I was thinking of you while I was in UT for my 24 hour stay. I almost told my sister she needed to invite you to her wedding, just so we could meet IRL.