Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Decor...

While I have been in love with Halloween decor... I can't forsake my first love...FALL!
Like my neighbor, Dean, said Sept. 1st,
" I have got to get my Halloween and Fall decor up, because I've got so much Christmas , I will have to start that soon... maybe before Halloween."
I just laughed! We are kindred spirits!My favorite FALL thing... My Autumn witch. Not a Halloween witch, but decorated with leaves and acorns... she is perfect until Thanksgiving! The best thing about her is she was a gift from a dear friend... now every year forever- I will think of her while I decorate for my favorite season!

Pumpkins and Feathers... Gotta Love the colors of the season!

This is my front porch... A little bit fall... I will probably put some real pumpkins out when the weather finally starts co-operating Mother Nature needs to get the memo that it is FALL!

This is part of what is on my table... A few pumpkins and an acorn and a cornucopia.


Vanessa said...

Are you taking online applications for your decorating services?? If so, please consider mine first.

It all looks sooooooo wonderful! And spooky.

DV-Becca said...

Awesome job! I am astounded :)