Saturday, September 19, 2009


A few weeks ago I did something I never thought I would do...
I went to a movie by myself!
There has only been one other time I ventured into a theatre on my own...
I was in 3rd grade or so and I was supposed to meet some friends at the movie theater. I think my dad just dropped me off at the "new" movie theater on the red hill and told me he would be back in two hours. Kramer Vs. Kramer was the movie being shown and all my friends decided they didn't want to see it and I didn't get the memo.
So... I sat through Dustin Hoffman and some ugly little long haired boy dealing with a divorce.
Yes, I was in 3rd grade. I guess I didn't tell my mom which movie I was seeing. I couldn't watch Three's Company, so I doubt Kramer vs. Kramer would have been on the family viewing list.
That is random and wacky and I really can't believe I just got dropped at the theater alone, but it really did happen.
ANYWAY... I digress...
So my first experience was pretty crappy... I didn't want to do it again.
Two weeks ago I was at the Gateway and tried to get my ipod fixed. I hadn't made an appointment with the genius, so they couldn't help me until the next day. I made some returns and just really didn't have anything else to do. I saw the movie poster for Julia & Julie and remembered how I loved the book and wanted to see the movie, but couldn't really ever hook up with friends to see it.
Right then... I got the idea to just go by myself and then felt totally like a loser for thinking that.
Then I decided... I was going to see it by myself!
I got all determined and cocky.
The next showing didn't start for an hour so...
I bought Caylor some birthday presents, got a Costa Vida salad, went outside WITH my sunglasses and totally checked out every person walking by. That's right TOTALLY stared at the people at the gateway and ate my salad ALONE! I LOVED IT!
I gawked until it was movie time, bought myself a nice LARGE coke and entered the theater.
I was a little embarrassed, thinking I was such a LOSER!
An amazing thing happened...
I laughed out loud at the movie... drank my coke and had the best time.
I felt totally secure- I didn't care that I was alone!
I am no longer a loser for going to the movie alone...just someone who found her own company to be quite enjoyable!
It was much better than Kramer vs. Kramer.


Chanda said...

OK, if that makes you a loser, I am a total social reject! I LOVE to go to the movies by myself. I buy lots of crappy movie food and veg in public. It's the best. Welcome to the club. ;)

Kado! said...

your dad dropped you off at a movie all by yourself when you were in 3rd grade???!!!?? How I would have LOVED your parents...I did not get to go to a movie by my self until I was 16....

....glad you loved the movie!

Amy said...

I know... my parents just dropping me off! I questions things and then realize I was living in little St. George and... well that is all I can say. I guess it was different back then. I used to be able to sleep over at any slumber party too... we never even thought anything of it. STRANGE! I am just lucky, I guess. Also... I am shocked at my confidence. Meg is 7 and would never just be dropped off anywhere alone. CRAZY!

Vanessa said...

Not a loser. One time I got in a big huge fight w/my roommates, so I went to the Training Table ALL BY MYSELF and ate a whole plate of cheese fries. I looked around and realized I was all alone while everyone was with other people. Talk about loser.

Suzie said...

Love this post. And people gawking? Love to do it.
thanks for tip about sunglasses-genius!
A year ago I decided I loved going to movies alone.
Need to do it soon.
Glad you enjoyed. Did you like the movie?

DV-Becca said...

you crack me up! I long for the day when I can go ANYWHERE by myself- but a movie alone is at the top of the list :)
I am such a people looker too- my husband and I call it our hobby, we r getting quite good at it :)

tammy said...

As long as you weren't talking to or making out with yourself, I don't think anyone would think you were a loser.

I want to be Amy when I grow up.

The Garden of Egan said...

I did that very thing about 4 months ago. I hadn't seen the Twilight movie and I knew the hubs would rather run a stake through his heart than see it, so I went in the afternoon by myself. I thought it was the best time I had had!
I think I'll go alone all the time. I bought the treats I wanted and didn't have to share.
Next time call me and we'll go alone together! Hee hee.
Glad you enjoyed yourself. You are NOT a loser.

Mandi Shandi said...

HA! I must be a huge loser! My hubby and I have always gone to the theater together, but seen different movies. I don't like his and he doesn't like mine so we see seperate ones and both leave happy. I figure you're not supposed to talk anyway, so no love lost. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon to me!