Thursday, October 8, 2009

A crown or a tiara?

Today is a big day... I am getting crowned!
No... not going to Westminster as the newest member of the Royal Family.
No... Not participating in Mrs. Utah.
No... Not getting in a fight with someone stronger.
I have rotten teeth!
Second crown this year!
I am so glad I come from a family that has crappy teeth!
I look happy in this picture... I'm NOT!
So... think of me when I am on death's door step...
otherwise known as the dentist's chair.
I told the dentist I would rather be having a baby... without an epidural!
I am a baby... I can give birth naturally,
but have to take a xanax to make it through the dentist?
I am not going to enjoy this day!
And for the record... I do brush!


tiburon said...

DANGIT! That sucks.

Sorry poodle :(

DV-Becca said...

LOl - you are too cute- even in the dentist chair- I actually enjoy my dentist visits- it is the only time I get to sit still for very long- root canals and all

tammy said...

First, I think it's so funny that you had a picture taken of you at the dentist. I guess you're still doing your Project 365.

Second, I am having major issues over my mouth right now! I have only had 3 fillings in my entire life, and suddenly I have pain and need at least one crown and maybe 2 root canals?? HTH did that happen?!? It seriously is making me depressed and feeling like I'm old and falling apart. I just may have to renew my prozac prescription.

I would much rather go to the Ob/Gyn than to the dentist. And I worked for one for 10+ years.

Vanessa said...

Good luck with that! I hope the drugs help and you can just sail thru it no problem!

M-Cat said...

How is that you can still look beautiful even at the dentist?

I am going in like an hour to the dentist and want to pee my pants in sheer fear!

Anonymous said...

But damn if you don't look good! I am with Tammy, I'd much rather go to the ob/gyn than the dentist.

Martha H. said...

Crowns of the tooth variety are not much fun to get. I so hope you survived the trauma.

whitney said...

Im sorry! I feel your pain. I HATE the dentist.Although I hated the orthodontist even more, and I sort of relate YOU with that experience :)

Mandi Shandi said...

Don't feel bad. I hate the dentist too. Atleast your dentist is easy on the eyes!