Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OH... BOY!

Baby Boy Bolerjack is on his way...
and we decided to throw a baby shower!
The theme of the shower... or what became my inspiration
was the phrase "OH...BOY!"
I used lots of "B"s for Baby...Boy...
and their last name is Bolerjack.
Plus- I love the way a monogrammed B looks-

Lori Bolerjack is the mother-to-be... she is a lifetime family friend, and very best friend of my sister, Brandy.
Viv, Jody, & Brandy all came up from St. George to pull this thing off...
Together,there is nothing we can't do! Plus we laughed quite a bit and had a good time working together on something for someone we love!
The colors were chartreuse green and brown to match her nursery...
The week before the shower I made all sorts of lollies and pinwheels out of scrapbook paper...
it is a good think I have a total scrapbook goddess hook-up... MARGIE!
I used various sized Chinese Lanterns in Brown and white zebra, green, brown and white.
My favorite piece of decor was this Oh Boy banner.
I saw one on Celebrations at home and LOVED IT!
I changed the colors and the font a bit... but I was pretty happy how it turned out.
I was sure glad my sister Jody came to town... she is a baker extraordinaire and made all sorts of fun cupcakes. We also had dipped fortune cookies, cheesecakes, red velvet cake, and pineapple coconut cream cakes.

I did monogrammed pennants and colorful circles for the cupcake toppers.
The cream cake is made in a jelly roll pan and so it isn't the most beautiful thing to have setting out. I didn't want it to look like a ward dinner so... we pre-cut the cakes and put them in little individual wrappers. A really good idea when the cake is yummy enough, but not pretty enough to serve.
I knew there were over 100 people invited so I wanted to serve something that was easy, I could do partially ahead of time, and was somewhat inexpensive to do...
I made red meat sauce, Alfredo sauce, and a pasta dish I made up and my family calls Pasta Milano.
Green salad, and pretty artisan bread... easy and yummy buffet!

It was a great night... There were over 100 people that came and the best thing was all the food got eaten and everyone had a fun night!
There is nothing quite like good food and good friends to welcome a much anticipated baby boy!


Cathy said...

Wow so impressed Amy! I love all of it! You did a great job!!

Garden of Egan said...

Oh my goodness! That is a beautiful bunch of yumminess.
Almost makes me wanna get preggers....oh never mind. It doesn't.
But WOW what a great thing you did.

AnneMarie said...

Can I be the president of your fan club? Or if you already have one, a member of it at least? Where the heck did you get the decoration for this - SO CUTE!! The spread looks divine!

margie said...

YOU are a Rock Star Gladdy...this is beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE...too bad I'm not in the baby mode...or even grandbaby...Crap!
love it!
kiss kiss

tammy said...

Fabulous as always. I laughed at your comment about not wanting it to look like a ward party. You found the perfect solution.

april said...

Seriously ridiculously cute. Where were you when it was my turn for a baby shower?

Mindi said...

holy shit.

that banner is to DIE FOR.

another fabulous party thrown, amy-style.

LACY said...


Brandy said...

What a great party!!!! I think that MAMA BOLERJACK was on cloud 9 the entire night... I am so lucky to have such a great supportive big sis.... Thanks your the best!!!

Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Amy, you are so talented. This is adorable and the banner is G,G,G,GORGEOUS!! :D